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  1. Was thanksgiving not blamed / given credit for the boom in 2017?
  2. HMRC works on a guilty until proven innocent basis so they will send you a bill including penalties and it is up to you to prove you do not owe this. A friend had this on a property sale, he sought advice and that was to pay the bill.
  3. Sorry Jilted, I think you need to take a breath and a reality check. Certainly I could be wrong about the investment potential of bitcoin. But there is no way it will lift the wealth of anyone but a few early adopters and those that hold it. There might be a few that have made a few 100k but let’s be real that is not a life changing amount of money. By owning bitcoin you will not automatically be a major shareholder of Louis Viton or Audi or a member of the Hilton family. Even if we lived in some magical fairyland where you could pay for these goods and services in bitcoin the 1% would quickly accumulate bitcoin as it was spent on Handbags Lamborghinis and holidays and with only 21 million coins there would be very little left for anyone else.
  4. Quick google yields Netflix. It is the only one though, but that’s alright. It has a lot of comparable factors with bitcoin
  5. You said without huge risk. Any stock on the S&P is surely less risky than bitcoin. AMD’s 52 week range is 30.83-94.24, current price 79. Moot point.
  6. Investing in blue chip stocks maybe? https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/03/jim-cramer-breaks-down-the-top-2019-sp-500-stocks-and-their-2020-odds.html
  7. About the time property prices peaked and then crashed. It could be deflation or Marxism for the west...
  8. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how it works, so Sky and your employer are ok, but suddenly transfers to friends and relatives come under scrutiny, it’s how they get you in the real money world.
  9. December 2021 for Covid 19 to play out? That is your most optimistic forecast yet! Glad I’m in New Zealand, hopefully I can watch this from the sidelines. If things keep moving as they are, Q3 is when people will need to sell up to survive. Let’s see how stocks, gold and bitcoin are looking then. Japan had years of QE and deflation it is absolutely possible in the west. Keep your powder dry!
  10. So... is anyone getting into hard cash to buy essentials?
  11. That is a valid point, and one I can relate to but your previous point was probably not of the same tone. The key is, regardless how the people got there, it should be argued that no one in 21st century England, in social care, or otherwise, should be living in shipping containers.
  12. Ah yes, let’s blame progress. Once measles’s becomes endemic again and antibiotics become useless we could also enjoy mortality rates not seen since the Spanish flu...
  13. You’ll see the exact same girls in Tokyo I’m sure. (Literally not figuratively). It’s that kind of world.
  14. Tokyo has more Michelin restaurants than Paris... and more women than London...
  15. But new gold is minted every day and none is ever lost ...
  16. 100% (maybe not 2% but not that much significantly higher) as this would be matched by increased borrowing costs. How many people buy new cars without some form of finance? If it’s deflationary then new car sales would drop off the cliff, that could be a forever loss all the jobs associated with that from manufacturing to marketing would disappear. In a country that imports its food, again a potential disaster. What if people literally can’t afford to eat, it happens occasionally.
  17. Very few people get inflation beating bank rates. Look at Japan and what happened when their bubble burst or the US during the Great Depression, low growth, lower wages, that’s what you should be expecting from a deflationary currency, not a hodlers utopia.
  18. Except when everyone waits for the thing you are paid to do to become cheaper until they buy it. So you might need to wait to get paid and when you do get paid, you get paid less.
  19. My money is on all asset classes taking a hit and reward returning to genuinely productive labour.
  20. So relatively (except for housing) salary is much the same as uk, slightly more but more expensive too. Critical (to taking the car at least) was the relocation package and cost of reasonable furniture and clothes for everything else.
  21. All sorts. I managed to accumulate a small family in my time so furniture, clothes, toys and a car! Moved hemispheres so most household things are dearer over here.
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