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  1. I don’t like these articles as, he didn’t lose a million as it appears he still got a return on his initial stake. At best his experience is that he didn’t make a million, which is pretty common and maybe not worth an article.
  2. So that would put the market cap of bitcoin alone at $6 trillion, greater than the GDP of Japan. Approaching the capitalisation of gold, which has a number of uses outside of a store of value. Where is this money coming from?
  3. First response on this thread but I suspect the opposite. Basically crypto is way too high risk for most. I regret not looking into crypto in 2013 but that is true of any value achieved in 2017. Basically for those not already in it the downside risk is too high (in my opinion). It’s not realistic for bitcoin to hit 20k again, let alone 200k, no doubt I and others will be disappointed if it does but I couldn’t see anyone being very very upset at you becoming rich.
  4. Developers might start building decent quality homes for second steppers instead?
  5. I don’t think this place is saleable as a house. Also what is going on with the tap in the kitchen. No basin for doing your dishes? I feel it may have been rented out at one point though as I checked up earlier in the year.
  6. bobbo

    Chicken Licken the sky is falling thread.

    So the value of the total housing stock fell £1.2b while the number of houses increased by 217,000 to 23.9m. so a loss of 50k each. With this in mind, the fact £23.9b was given to £4.3m households in 2017, really highlights the fact that the market is rigged.
  7. bobbo

    St Albans

    A friend recently bought and it looks like prices have stabilised over last few years - see previous post. I'm now getting ready to emigrate and having handed in my notice, my house is back on the market. 350pm. more than when we moved in and 150 higher than recently negotiated rent I'm paying now! I don't even think they are expecting to do any upgrades. most other nearby stuff if priced even higher.
  8. Off topic, but this has been done to death on here. -Cash transactions are likely to include debt withdrawals from existing BTL, -Not sure about Norway / Sweden but other countries suffer all of the same issues as UK Australia for sure has a worse BTL issue as tax advantages are significantly greater. -Foreign investors don't buy up Victorian mid terrace houses that would otherwise be the preserve of young families and first time buyers. -Sure they are not the only issue, nor are they the main issue (cheap credit), but they are major contributor to Britain and many other countries housing price crises. This isn't the correct thread so please start a new thread.
  9. You don't always know you are going to stay for years. It is not economic to buy for less than 2 years. If you make a short term decision you can easily end up in it for the long term by accident as the goalposts shift and life moves on.
  10. Remember when oil was projected to hit $200 per barrel. I think Germany is suffering similar as the uk now, but it used to be that although renting was pretty much the norm, buying was also affordable.
  11. Good luck. It would resemble the NZ/Aus free movement arrangement. Limited recourse to public funds, no pension, not available to people carrying a conviction. There are stories of guys who spent 20 years in Australia having to return to NZ without access to a state pension.
  12. bobbo

    The war on cash heating up?

    Remember when they tried to get rid of cheques? New Zealand had been largely cashless for transactions for about 20 years, smaller denominations are gone but notes survive. Cash jobs are largely on the wrong side of law anyway so how is making them illegal going to affect anything.
  13. Does anyone else remember forward guidance!?
  14. Assume you'd have to be a cash buyer? Would a bank lend against that?
  15. I do hope the economist responds, although I don't think it's written well enough to make the letters page.

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