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  1. But one thing i do agree with you is that if there is a dip in the next 5 years then its possibly time to buy somewhere to live as its clear the central bankers of the world want hyperinflation.
  2. The 2008/9 was a minor correction, it was hardly a buying time for anyone using basic economic fundamentals. Of course if you knew that QE,0.5, FFL, H2B 1 and 2 were going to come into play it was a cracking time to buy. I'm staggered anyone on this site can say otherwise.
  3. But this could all change with the social housing give away that is about to happen. Now i know many won't be able to afford the repayments on a 200K mortgage should they get the place half price, but you can be 100% certain the financier friends of the LABCON party will conjure up something for them.
  4. I've no doubt he will change his tune to the party line and such comments will be made out to have been misreported, he truly is a loathsome creature. Boris is the man who has been major of London for however many years and has managed to delay the building of a new runway airport in London. Unless for somekind of global crash we are in for 5 more years of the same as the Tory party slowly bring down the deficit (not at the speed they claim) and the markets see this as being prudent.
  5. The Tory party were offering more socialism to people in social housing than the Labour by giving them their rented house at a huge discount, could well have been enough to enable them to keep the swing seats. As for Millipede and Balls i can give you the equally incompetent and disliked Gidiot and Top Table. But the English press pretty much all back the Tory party and played a good hand at scare stories.
  6. As the Tory party see HPI as a way of winning an election, can anyone see them letting some air out of the bubble over the next few years only for them to reinflate the bubble in 2018 in time for 2020. Not saying it's feasible for them to have such control over the property market, but as they've managed to control it in the last 5 years they surely have the arrogance to believe it is.
  7. In the context that if the props were not in place house prices would crash and renting would be cheaper.
  8. So you are happy with what is currently happening. "We" don't seem to have done very well at pressing the reset button since they've bought, in fact we the plebs are paying higher rents and more in taxation and getting less in savings so our Chinese rentier class can see the value of their asset rise.
  9. I've had patience for 10 years, i truly has gone beyond patience to the point i feel like i'm Winston Smith in Orwells 1984 and i'm the only one who can tell the difference. I'm happy to carry on making money(self employed), but i need to know the score with putting anything more i earn than would stop me getting housing benefit and full working/child tax credits into a pension For example if i make £30K and pay myself £10K then put the remaining £20K into a pension would it be seen that i only make £10K thus winning the benefits lottery. (i do have a young kid) Dave and Gidiot have beaten
  10. Take your pick http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/dont-let-boris-johnson-distract-you-from-his-awful-record-on-housing--heres-what-he-doesnt-want-you-to-know-10026891.html http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/10/if-he-thinks-2800-month-rent-affordable-boris-johnson-must-be-planet-zog http://www.standard.co.uk/news/mayor/boris-johnson-9813200.html
  11. I'm kind of giving up in that im giving up working in the rat race as it gets me absolutely nowhere, and im looking into going the self employed route in the next few months to get tax credits and housing benefits for the next couple of years. If anyone knows how to play the system via this route i would be grateful for some advice.
  12. Quite clearly the Tory party believe that a housing boom prior to the election is the best way to win an election. And they know that housing is the most unaffordable it has ever been (esp in the South) thus could they let some air out of this bubble for the next few years with the intention of blowing it back up again sometime around 2018. Maybe i'm clutching at straws but they are sneeky rats governing wholly for power and self interest.
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