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  1. Just out of curiosity, its not DELF is it?
  2. Yeah I've seen recently on houses in certain areas I'm looking in (Manchester) where the price from Feb this year to last nights value has had around 10k - 12k put on them. Crazy. One agent has been sending a fair few emails with listings so maybe they want you to panic and pay way over the odd before furlough disappears. I do know of someone in the north of the city who sold within a week and around 30k over asking. This is madness surely.
  3. Not familiar with Sale, but those prices are eye watering. I've had dealings with Edward Mellor. They've not been as bad as certain other EAs in the south who operate more towards Moss Side way. Speaking of Moss side, just seen this on Rightmove. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71844774.html So added after the Stamp Duty "holiday" so whack on another 10k+ to the price. What is telling, the seller is selling with all furniture and fittings etc with no vendor chain. I lived down down this street many moons ago, the parking is dreadful and the house
  4. So if you're a FTB, you're basically shafted again? Its a weird one, we know we're going to get smashed with Brexit etc and unemployment. But this throw of the dice has made things interesting. So will the govt then put pressure on mortgage providers to make sure loans are approved / high LTV products to appear?. I'm just confused with it all, long day at work!
  5. That is very true, I think I've reached that stage. I have work colleagues who constantly go on when I should buy, or even the parents occasionally. I have the deposit there, but I've got used to my current lifestyle choice. Furthermore the old virus has caused a change in circumstances so now got more free time on hands. Weirdly enough, I was thinking ok this year ill do something and went for viewings etc and got the finances in order. Then we had lockdown and seeing johnson on CH4 news tonight saying there's gonna be an economic storm kind of makes me think yeah just hang fire.
  6. I don't know anymore if they'll be a crash. I'm just tired of the goalposts shifting each time you think something will happen. I'm still relatively young and have some form of a deposit saved but yeah its depressing. I suppose one good thing to come out of this, we can finally say goodbye to those stupid open day viewings. But yeah my plans for the year pretty much out of the window and ill just wait to see what happens between now and say 6 months.
  7. Had some time to think today at work and I just have that horrible feeling that come the end of this, nothing is going to change in relation to prices. My searching has effectively been suspended until july at the earliest and if it continues this lockdown then maybe winter?. If that happens and nothing has changed then god knows what ill do.
  8. So its going to be interesting seeing all those arrogant estate agents get through this shutdown. We've got this for the next 3 weeks minimum, no viewings for them and wages to pay.
  9. Well I'm definately holding fire for the immediate future. But with no Euro's now I suppose ill have more free time in the summer. Ill still look on rightmove in the meantime and see what comes up etc, but hopefully it will cause some form of correction but I'm not counting my chickens.
  10. What about those leaseholds on old terraced houses you seem to get up north. The ones where its 900+ years and ground rent of £5 a year. If I saw a house on the market like that, I'd be tempted to buy the house, then buy the leasehold afterwards (or get the seller to buy it beforehand). But new builds and flats, I wouldnt touch at all.
  11. Thought as much. Yeah Ive had the same nonesense from these guys. Ill see what the first brexit deadline at the end of the month brings before Ill deal with these idiots again.
  12. South Manchester by any chance?. Yeah common cr*p from the agents over there, theyre very arrogant. I do like ebull tactics, ill be commiting those to memory.
  13. Got to admit, it will be funny seeing Johnson and Cummings finally owning this sh*t fest of Brexit and messing it up even with a majority. It'll be even funnier when the North then realise that you should never trust a Tory and realise they've been duped again. The EU no doubt will treat Johnson for the fool that he is, which will enrage Cummings more because he isnt getting his way like the spoilt child that he is and the circle continues as Johnson (or Cummings) gets more desperate. Another thing i was thinking about today, how must you feel as a parent about shafting your child's
  14. Someone i know rented from them (around ancoats) and these dirtbags pulled the exact same trick. Now him and the wife had already decided they were gonna leave so they said it was a good feeling basically telling them to do one and theyre leaving at the end of the tenancy anyway. I'd like to say grow some balls manchester council, but when you cant even empty my bins properly, what hope do I have you taking on agents taking the p*ss.
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