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  1. Someone i know rented from them (around ancoats) and these dirtbags pulled the exact same trick. Now him and the wife had already decided they were gonna leave so they said it was a good feeling basically telling them to do one and theyre leaving at the end of the tenancy anyway. I'd like to say grow some balls manchester council, but when you cant even empty my bins properly, what hope do I have you taking on agents taking the p*ss.
  2. Interesting. Also how did you get the price reductions showing. I used to have propertybee, but doesnt seem to work anymore. Cheers
  3. Looks like the same house in Didsbury going for 2 different (quite vastly) prices. Its either 899k (6 bed) https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-60149911.html or £1,000,000 (8 bed) https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-68973847.html either that or tu sais, moi je reve.
  4. I saw this this morning on bbc news and thought hmmm something is dodgy here (as the presenter beemed giving this report).
  5. I've been looking around South Manchester and its on another level at this moment in time. As you say, Didsbury etc is crazy. Doing the same as you, waiting to see what October brings then take it from there. Although Fromage Frais said a good point, the longer the wait the more I save, and the fussier I get!
  6. I still look every so often on RM etc for Manchester but it (in my opinion) seems still quite bubbly. Just have to see what a harsh brexit does. However there are times at work when I feel like just jacking in the UK and move to mainland Europe, France maybe.
  7. Cheers Sammersmith for the links. Its frustrating in Manchester at the moment, all the agencies I've listed seem to be the ones offering the most properties but I wont be touching them. Ill try M.E.N also for private landlords ads, but those days seem to be long gone.
  8. Thats gold dust that advice. Cheers I'll remember that for the future. Also if you know a LA are a joke, how can you usually find the landlord's details direct. The last place I had, I'm pretty sure the landord's details were c/o the LA. Same for the current one
  9. Evening So I may be moving soon however I need some advice on what letting agency's I need to avoid in Manchester. I've seen some very bad reviews for Philip James, Thornley Groves, Ascend, Manchester Life (common theme is they rob your deposit at the end for "cleaning", let properties in unfit states and generally dont answer their phones / carry out maintenance) Are there any others out there?. Alternatively any decent ones out there you'd like to mention?. Its such a shame the last landlord I had before doesnt have anything going, he was sound, sorted everything out quickly and easy to speak with. cheers!
  10. It does boggle the mind, however you cant expect such information to be present in the Sun or Daily Mail and as such these leave voters will get a nasty shock
  11. So the crash is coming on 31/10/2019?. Seeing that Johnson (well his masters) are hell bent on trashing the joint, what happens now? Do I get myself to the bank sharpish and stock up on cash. Foodwise I'm easy to please so could if i need to survive on beans and toast. Just imagine if the cash points are locked down should we leave with nothing. I'm just sick of this c*ap, but I suppose its not too long now one way or the other
  12. Well that last link from when I saw it on Saturday to today has now gone STC. Hmm really, at 160k+. I looked on land registry for that house, it was bought for 112k in 2015 and god knows how much they've offered now. The maximum for that street is 131,500 in 2016. Mental
  13. Well just this Feb/March I was in Moss Side looking to buy and saw a house that was decent enough but the vendor was being a "connard" as we say. Wanted 150 for a 2 bed. Anyway I had enough of dealing with him so moved on and havent looked at rightmove sine then. So made me both laugh and be shocked that prices now for a 2 bed in Moss side are £170k!. Since when? Oh thats right, since our dear friends JP Brimelow decided to pluck figures out the air and smash an area. Gentrification by stealth sadly. Now, we're looking more North Manchester now, still reasonably priced. However what with Brexit on its way and her being french, do we wait until March and save or take the plunge (at a sensible price) Crazy Moss side prices https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-54865086.html https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-56238543.html
  14. Well have a look at this, unbelievable. http://www.vebra.com/details/property/link/70308/3/6128 for a house thats effectively 1.5 bedrooms. Yes south Manchester is definitely a bubble.
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