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  1. In terms of budgeting, any fool can create the appearance of being wealthy by simply spending more than they earn. A bit of deft cash flow management together with ducking weaving to borrow from Peter in order to meet repayments to Paul gives the fool the chance to buy all the fancy bling; (in terms of a foolish government, "regeneration" projects, new hospital buildings, new school buildings, an army of social intervention jobs etc). Unfortunately, there comes a point where it is necessary to repay money that has been borrowed and no one will continue to lend to the fool because they have
  2. It is an odd thing. Planners have words for people who live in the environment; "Vulnable" "Deprived", "Homeless". The rest of soceity just call them tramps. We recognise that homlessness is a major cause of ill health and deprivation, yet planners try and find every excuse to prevent building. In reality, the so called planning system has let down the people it is supposed to serve.
  3. There does seem to be an ongoing move to squeeze cash out of the economy in this country.. contactless payment, No cash at Dartford....
  4. I am a member of a boating forum... This lot is awful... The puns are a load of rowlocks
  5. I have always suspected govenment will go for BLT landlords as they are an easy target..However I think the mechanism will be increasing regulation rather than overt direct tax. BTL landlords will be made subject to licensing and inspections with very high anual inspection charges by council workers.
  6. I rather think the problem is the plannig system You can't build without getting past the council worker who looks up a rule book on layout density and highway standards. Redult is policy compliant development rather than attractive places to live. Consider thqt all the conservation areas in the country were built before planning. Yet none of them could be built today as all the features that make them attractive are contrary to adopted planning policy.
  7. I studied economics at first degree and came to the conclustion that it is no more than fancy arguments to support political objectives. Marxism was invented to support someones idea that the difference between rich and poor is bad. The Corn Laws were artificially adding to the price of food... invent market economics to argue for a reduction in tax? Monetarianism was invented as an antithesis to high levels of government spending..? Keynes invented govenment intervention to address the percieved injustice,,.. (political idea that) of the great depression. Yet no economics theory could pr
  8. Hello. I am, as suggested by my forum name, a qualified town planner. However unlike many members of the RTPI I think the whole process driven system is a failure. It delivers everything it says it wants to prevent and fails to deliver most of what it should provide. Odly enough I had to stop working in the system because it was bad for my health.. Finding this firum is most interesting..
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