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  1. I've been given the run around by the letting agency, or more so the agent managing the property. I've just fired this email off to the senior managers. // I’m hoping someone senior can help with the issue without the need to involve TDS. As it stands the issue is not being dealt with. I am disappointed that my deposit is being withheld at no fault of my own. Items were left at the property (xxxxxxxxxxx) for the new tenants in a private agreement. Both Nock Deighton, the landlady and new tenants were in an email exchange (14/11/2017) a caveat was placed stating I would ma
  2. My second post today! So thanks for reading. The letting agents want a forwarding address under the guise of "having a concise and accurate paper trail from start to finish" whilst dealing with my deposit. I've told them that they don't need a forwarding address and that I will collect a cheque in person from their offices. I doubt very much there's a legal requirement to leave a forwarding address. In saying that has anyone else done this or had issues such as this? Thanks
  3. Young couple came around with letting agents to view the property. We chatted and I gifted items such as dining table and sofa on the proviso the letting agents and landlord would not take issue with me leaving the items there. The agent showing the propery had no issues and we agreed to square it all up via email cc'ing all parties. I emailed the agency which included the lady managing the property, landlord and cc'd the young couple and asked the agency/landlord to let me know if there was an issue so I could make other arrangements. On final check out an agent came around t
  4. Thanks for the replies. I got an email from another person stating they had sent the bill out to the address (so I'm assuming they sent it early) I paid online and confirmed to them that I had done so :-) Now have issues with the letting agents, so there's a new thread for that :-(
  5. Hi, I've just handed in my notice for a rental. No issues all good. Nothing outstanding bills wise etc etc. I stopped my council tax direct debit and immediately got a letter. Just spoke to someone at the Council Tax office who kind of pee'd me off with her attitude. So I dug my heels in a little. Last paid Council Tax on the 22nd and I'm out on the 18th. Don't think there will be any arrears but I didn't want to give a forwarding address. She couldn't confirm and said she needed to send the letter. I said I will follow up with an email and for them to reply to that address.
  6. Trying to work out to make my first post!

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