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  1. I have idea what a red brick is but I really do think you may need to step away from the keyboard for a while for your own sanity.
  2. I may be missing something but I really don't understand what you get out of this. Is it revenge for being bullied at school or other childhood trauma? I really do think you need to try and get some help.
  3. No. Nothing I learn is of interest to anyone. Because listening seems to be something that this thread seems to deem unnecessary. I'll revisit in another month for another dose of groundhog day.
  4. The question was aimed at hairy. But I am not sure he knows what he is on about anymore.
  5. I've been away for a while. Can you explain what this has to do with Brexit?
  6. Bloody hell. I don't visit for a month or so and nothing changes. Keep up the ad hominem attacks guys, I think you have reduced the readership to pretty much zero. But if it makes you happy carry on.
  7. This will be another beautiful nail in the coffin of letting agents.
  8. Oh sorry. I thought that the new method of posting was to make as many outrageous assumptions and insults against those that did not hold your views as possible. I guess you borrowed your debating method from James O'Brien.
  9. Yes. If you run a business it is easy to take on another 100 employees and increase turnover. Increasing profitability is a different matter entirely.
  10. Well I guess your last few posts are aimed at winning you the pompous **** of the year award. I think you have every chance of winning by a landslide.
  11. I did that a couple of years ago. Was the only person in the room to put up my hand in favour. If looks could kill. I am moving in a few months to a new area. It isn't easy being the only non-nimby in the village.
  12. I think it's what they use to put the rent up despite no increase in cost of supply.
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