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  1. Hi Allme Just satisfy my curiosity - are you American by any chance? Thanks LL
  2. The new world order of the Rentier Economy becomes more apparent. The top 1% of the population is becoming fabulously wealthy by finding ways to exploit the globalised economy. The remaining 99% of us oiks will live out the rest of our miserable lives slaving to keep our masters wealthy. At best, you could view this as evolution at work (i.e. survival of the fittest) and an inspiration to strive to become one of the chosen people. Personally I think this would hurry along a major rebellion by the masses if only they knew it was happening - but they're too obsessed with celebrity boob jobs and VI spin from Krusty Hips Allslop to see this. :angry: LL
  3. I was just wondering what you might mean by a 'reasonably secure job' ? I take the point that not everyone will become unemployed for a long time if a recession occurs, but surely those that do continue to earn decent wages will be in the best position to benefit from HPC. I get the feeling that a lot of the bears on here assume that their jobs will be safe and so they will do well (i.e. be able to afford the house they've dreamed of). I'm just not sure that many jobs can be insulated from a serious economic decline, given how crap our real economy is even now. So what types of jobs are 'reasonably secure' - other than a seat in the House of Lords? Cheers LL
  4. The affect that a rise in Japanese interest rates is likely to have on other (e.g. UK) economies, described by many posters on HPC, seems very credible to people like me who don't know a great deal about economics (but I'm learning!). In addition, all the other fundamentals (affordability, unemployment, oil, Iran, etc.) seem to reinforce the doomsday scenarios painted. So why isn't everyone panicking and battening down the hatches? I can understand that the 'sheeple' are insulated from the awful truth by the VIs, but surely there are plenty of intelligent, well informed people in places like the Bank of England, the BBC (Humphries, Paxman, et al, not the property reporting clowns) or even seemingly trustworthy, famous people like Richard Branson who see what's going to happen. Is it credible that these potentially loud voices are silent on the issue? Tony Blair is getting savaged from all angles now in his lame duck phase - he can't have enough control over the media to stop voices being heard on this topic. I can't help feeling that people like me (generally Bearish in attitude but a bit too cynical to believe much of anything these days) won't really believe in HPC in our hearts until we hear these voices speaking up? Take for example the dollar. A few days ago some HPC posters were shouting about the exchange rate approaching 1.70 and this being the clearest sign yet of an impending HPC with more falls to come at an accelerated pace (somebody even spoke of parity with the pound). Now a few days later it's going back up. I'm finding it harder to believe in the imminent HPC with all these false dawns being trumpetted so loudly. It's like a Manchester City fan at the start of every season - this is our year...... then it all goes the way of the pear. I know we need to look long term and ignore day to day trends, but if things like the BoJ IR rises and Iran Oil Bourse are so critical, then we should see some real reaction in the mainstream media. Am I being naiive here? LL
  5. Hi FrozenOut As everyone else has said, if it works for you then it sounds like a good idea. Just a couple of points on some of the replies - if you're building an annexe / extension to your parent's house then you won't be able to claim any VAT back (as the once-only refund only applies to new houses, I think). On estimating your costs, there's a couple of definitive books available which I believe are the 'de facto' sources of information used by most self-builders. Obviously, I'm not going to plug them directly, but a quick Google or Amazon using the keywords 'housebuilder' and 'bible' should quickly get you to a book that is very useful for costings. One other thing. You mentioned the greenbelt. I've noticed that many people make assumptions about where the greenbelt actually is. Some of the green and pleasant land surprisingly isn't. As another poster mentioned, make sure you've looked at the council's Local Plan which defines these things accurately as well as areas zoned for development (or not). I found just talking through my ideas with a planner before doing anything official made getting full planning permission for an extension to my last house (overlooking a SSSI) was pretty straightforward. Anyway, best of luck. LL
  6. Hi Marina Your comments make you sound like an old fart - but, unfortunately, I feel exactly the same. Probably has a lot to do with 'txting' on their infernal mobile phones - why say something in three seconds at a cost of 1p when you can spend several seconds typing it out (admittedly at great speed) on a crap keyboard and spending 20p into the bargain! Also a lot to do with grade inflation in schools. I left a famous old grammar school in the eighties with a handful of O-Levels and three A-Levels, then got a Desmond in Engineering at a 'red brick' university - I think I did OK to get this and I've had a decent career as a result. These days, this haul would be laughed at - you get fifteen 'A triple star' GSCEs for turning up more times than you don't; an A at A-Level for getting your name almost right; and you get a degree in 'Ar$e Scratching Studies' as long as you don't mind going into massive debt. One thing they miss in all this self-congratulatory, NuLab target exceeding glory is that the kids can't string a coherent sentence together! God I must be old - can I borrow your hearing aid? Cheers LL
  7. Great point Europa - Blair basically gave 'Q branch' to Carlyle for way below market value. Perhaps, when he leaves office, he will set up a company that makes massive BMV bids for parts of the UK infrastructure (NHS, Defence, Man United - oops, that's already been done) on behalf of secretive American companies? This could be his future role at Carlyle - Chief Extortion Officer! Surely, when history looks back and analyses Blair's actions in office they will note the huge influence that Americans have had over many of his key decisions (e.g. Iraq, war on terror, extraordinary rendition, UK prisons run by dreadful US companies, trade barriers, God into politics, etc.). Unfortunately, I can't see Brown or Cameron being any different. LL
  8. There probably have been some examples - Hugo Chavez in Venezeula immediately comes to mind. He's resisting the takeover by US corporations of his country's utility industries (water, power, etc.) as demanded by the WTO, with the real long-term interests of his people in mind. He has the benefit of having some pretty impressive oil reserves. Not surprisingly, the US is trying to undermine him. I guess the concept of having a genuine, uncorrupted socialist in charge of some oil is pretty scary to them. OK, I know this is probably a bit of a utopian viewpoint, but I think Chavez is about as close as you could get to the politician BillyShears is asking about. Sad that I can't really think of any others. Cheers LL
  9. These people, with their close links to the US administration, are the ultimate examples of a vested interest. They (and Halliburton) are a driving force behind US policy re Iraq, Foreign Affairs, Oil, contracts for contributions, etc. You don't need to be Tessa Jowell's husband to see the possibilities of links between this company and the UK government - especially with the possibility of them entering the UK housing market. We can only hope that they invest massively at the top of the market and then see HPC take a huge amount of money off them. However, I think this would actually be a threat to HPC happening. I can see B & B taking even more ridiculous decisions to prevent the HPC in order to protect their chums (future employers?) from losing. For example, in direct contrast to the actions of the rest of the world, dropping UK interest rates to further boost HPI (in the short term, long enough for Carlyle to get out) even if it brings on a massive recession / depression. I don't think we should underestimate the sway that corporations like these have over our lives. Worrying for us bears, I think. LL
  10. I think I read recently that the new German government is expected to follow a much more Blair/Brownish path in many areas, including huge relaxation in the controls over credit. If this is true, then rampant HPI for Germany seems a likelihood - how could anyone turn down the offer of an instant 'miracle economy'? LL
  11. Surely this is Colditz castle! You get the revenue from the tourists and the royalties from the board game thrown in for the price! Shame about the ghosts though. Cheers LL
  12. Who does this guy think he is? He can't even be honest about having his own teeth whitened. Before he had horrible stained (smokers?) teeth - now they are gleaming. It's not even illegal any more for dentists to give out bleaching kits. For god's sake, you can buy them in Boots. There's no shame involved - other than accusations of vanity, I guess. He managed to spin the answer to the question - 'I have not been to the dentists for two years .... though I know this is naughty ......' - you don't need to go to a dentist to buy a bleaching kit anymore. If you can't rely on him to give an honest answer to a question as harmless as this, how can you rely on the guy to make decisions on national security, the economy, etc.?????? LL
  13. Hi DrBubb Followed your explanation until the last bit - can you help me understand the 'Debt pmt' figure and how it impacts on the final 'Net CF'? Many Thanks LL
  14. Something strange happened half-way through this 'new series' of Relocation Relocation. Suddenly, 90% of each episode was a repeat of an old episode with a bit of 'what's happened since' tagged on the end (ala Property Ladder Revisited). I wonder if they abandoned the new episodes after just a few (which, by the way, seemed to have a heavy bias towards commercial stuff - hot tubs biz etc.and foreign stuff) because they couldn't find any more stories to back up the usual VI spin line of 'all is rosy in the garden'. Or perhaps Krusty and Fill had a Road to Damascus moment and realised they'd been outed on HPC.co.uk and couldn't face it any longer - or sacked ??? (Here's hoping). Anyone know who to email at C4 to find out? Cheers LL
  15. Pretty much what I am doing now. I was 40 this year and I do manual work (plumbing, electrics, tiling, etc) - though the heat of summer is the problem here rather than the cold of winter. I do get those nostalgic memories of the eighties where I could shut down an entire oil blending plant by keying in the wrong command at my terminal - happy days - but you forget the tedium of working with self-important tosspots who think they know everything and have to constantly prove it! Pensions are a worry - I'm a 'preserved' member of three index linked final salary schemes with big names in the IT industry. I can't help feeling that in 20 or 25 years time all these schemes will have been raided and rendered worthless. Regards LL
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