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  1. I can quite see how writing eff you all on the paper now feels like a better alternative to having actively chosen any of them.
  2. Whatever you think of the coronavirus legislation and the various politicians, Graham Brady is quite right here. That's exactly what's happening. Parliament has been sidelined. It's piss-poor governance, and foolish for the executive to expect the legislature to be up for it.
  3. Correct. I'm not saying there are no scenarios in which a state could potentially be trusted not to misuse an ID card scheme, but we aren't currently living in one. Nobody with any sense would want this current shower anywhere near a project like that. There would also be widespread abuse, as there is now of passports, so the idea that it would do anything much about people working illegally is fanciful.
  4. Yeah, of course Tory MPs aren't going to be stupid enough to rebel against a policy that props up prices. Why would they?
  5. Yes, I hardly think a small house in Eccles is an unreasonable ask. It's hardly a desirable area, and the fewer kids being driven around in the morning, the better.
  6. That thread is hilarious, several posters clearly panicking about having overpaid for cramped shitboxes are yarning on about how dreadful the provinces are and how awful it must be not to live in Central London. Bit too much protesting going on there, methinks.
  7. From the more affluent areas yes, it can certainly take a while. There are thousands of family sized houses within walking distance of the city centre, or a couple of met stops if that's more your thing, and certainly many of them have seen price increases on this basis. But the people who are earning the bigger salaries in the centre tend not to want to live in them. Again it's really different to London in that respect.
  8. That's exactly what they do and it's ridiculous. Manchester city centre is equated to Central London, you can tell from the tone of the article. But the two are completely different beasts. Google tells me that Zone 1 in London, which seems a fairly strict definition of what constitutes Central London, is 4 miles long and 6 miles wide. Greater Manchester is actually not that much smaller than Greater London, but as GM includes lots of areas which aren't really Manchester in any sense, let's be conservative and say anything within three miles of the city centre constitutes the equivalent
  9. The legislation is incredibly widely written. They don't define severe distress at all. Any half decent lawyer would drive a coach and horses through it, even if it were possible to enforce the face covering rules. Which it is not.
  10. Of course they will. I'm in Greater Manchester. I won't abide by regulations that forbid me from hosting or visiting people I know in private gardens, whilst the government simultaneously encourage me to get out and about alongside people I don't know in establishments whose cleanliness I can't vouch for but that have a card reader present. And in the unlikely event the police take an interest, I'll be bringing Cummings all his excuses up as I play dumb.
  11. Like with a lot of things, it's luck. Some people end up raising suspicion and being looked at with a fine toothed comb for whatever reason, others not at all.
  12. Yes. The will is still clearly there in the same way, because the Tories know they need the votes of the homeowning classes and the priced out generally don't go for them anyway. But the range of devices available to achieve this is not. I believe they'll want to, I feel much less confident that they'll succeed.
  13. I found it convenient for a couple of years in my footloose and fancy free early 20s: didn't want the bother of caring for a garden, had a balcony which was fine for the washing and saw no benefit to living in and thus being obliged to keep clean a larger space than I needed. Common enough view for people in that life stage, I suspect, but I'd had enough of it by the time I stopped. It has a shelf life.
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