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  1. Especially if they can drag it out longer than the actual mortgage term. Very nice money indeed for the banks.
  2. I don't think most people do, but rather a sufficiently critical mass of those who vote.
  3. Let's not pretend we actually know what market rent is anyway. That would require leaving the market to set it rather than government interference to prop up prices, and it's been some time since we had anything resembling that.
  4. Yes, it's this idea that there's some moral right to at least not lose money. The number of people I've seen and heard talking about feeling they shouldn't sell for less than they paid. The fact that property can go down as well as up has been forgotten over the past decade or so, in some areas at least.
  5. I think this is the likeliest outcome. The commonest being two days one and three of the other, either way. Plus the reduction in business travel, conferences etc is likely to be permanent and also more training courses will stay online. Or at least offer online options. I'm not saying everyone will be able to negotiate flexibility around wfh, but for those with skills to offer an employer it's going to be part of the package.
  6. Indeed. A cynic might think the police orders were given by someone who was hoping to provoke a reaction in order to shore up support for the Tory's horrifying protest criminalisation bill. Obviously it backfired when demonstrably peacefully protesting individuals were arrested. I say this as someone who is gender critical, as posters may have guessed from my bringing up Karen White the rapist earlier in the thread, so I've no sympathy with the Sisters Uncut organisation.
  7. For some people. If you've got a late 90s-early 00s era loan, it's when you're 65. One of the reasons I have two part time jobs and stay under the threshold for both.
  8. Why on earth do you think any of this pertains to the questions of whether the woman should've engaged in the perfectly legal action of speaking outdoors without a mask, and whether there should have been a disclaimer?
  9. No, it is a situation quite unlike the one being described for multiple reasons. One, illegality. She would have broken the law drinking in a pub right now. And given that she's five two and maybe eight stone, a few pints would almost certainly leave her over the legal limit to drive. Take it from someone who's had a fair bit of experience getting drunk whilst being that size. In contrast, being outside without a mask and talking is not (yet) illegal. Secondly, societal views on driving whilst wasted are clearly negative, whereas there is evidence of no such consensus on either being
  10. Then it would be a situation quite unlike the one being discussed.
  11. Perhaps those of you who are sufficiently concerned about people in this situation speaking without wearing masks (as they're perfectly legally entitled to) could establish that. As for disclaimers, I'm very sceptical that there exists a way in which the women being arrested for protesting could conduct themselves without people who don't agree with their actions finding something to complain about. But no, personally I don't see any reason to provide disclaimers about staying 2 metres away, outside, when there's no obligation whatsoever on them to do so. Maybe I am less attached to the
  12. She was wearing a mask during the protest, the only time we actually know she was within 2 metres of anyone, so you're making an assumption. Although if I were her I don't know that I'd have bothered anyway. We've had numerous examples of outdoor gatherings, not all of them particularly masked, and no documented increase in cases on those attending. There comes a point when it's worth asking why bother.
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