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  1. bear - I can't comment on that to be honest. I do know that 5 weeks after being listed on rightmove the house from the OP is still up for sale at the same price!
  2. The last link, 3bed end townhouse for 440k has gone SSTC as I type this. Be interesting to see what the sale price is if/when it sells.
  3. I'd expect the top two links there to actually sell for around £350k, can't see it being much higher or lower than that to be honest. The third house there for 440k is probably 25% over what it will sell for IMO.
  4. This is actually the case. Im not sure if both spouses have been informed, maybe just the one who is living there!
  5. Thank you for the replies so far. I thought it was a fairly generous offer and the consensus on here is that it probably was. Just to add to original post; it's only been on the market for 2 weeks, so it seems vendors are still happy to be kite flying. The area I'm in sees some proper junk being sold for £200-250k but it looks difficult to sell anything over £300k. Its noticeable how long properties over £300k stick around on rightmove then just disappear unsold.
  6. Anybody bought/bid on a nearly new house? What was your experience? Went to view one recently. They bought it brand new 14 months ago, done nothing to it. Selling due to divorce. I offered approximately 102% of their original purchase price. Rejected. They're wanting a 15% uplift on the price they paid 14 months ago! This asking price is 10% more than anyone on the estate has ever paid. Do new builds go down in price initially? My experience is they do, albeit not this one.
  7. Apologies, didnt see that
  8. Highlighting that physical shopping space is not as desirable because amazon sells everything now?
  9. Must be putting IRs up soon to protect Sterling? Nearly an all time low and the current trend is most certainly not our friend!
  10. Fed about to lower interest rates. Crash aborted!
  11. Dominoes did very in the last recession if memory serves me well. As did durex. unemployed people stay in, eat pizza & shag.
  12. (Annual Rent/purchase price)*100% Ignore expenses in the equation Dont bother completing a tax return. Job done.
  13. Are you suggesting that they aren't charging the maximum rent already?
  14. Would be better if btl ll were made to pay monthly fees to HMRC rather than leave it to a tax return which is either not submitted or unlikely to be an honest reflection of reality.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47644267 If the yanks aren't doing it, we won't either.
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