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  1. We have lived in Sydney, Australia for the last 5 years and have decided to make the move back to the UK towards the end of the year. We are currently looking at areas around Bristol, obviously there are some very high prices out there! One area that does seem cheaper than a lot of others is Shepton Mallet, does anyone know why as we love the countryside around that area? Is the commute to Bristol doable in the rush hour, any other advise would be greatly appreciated.
  2. After living for the last five years in Australia, we will be looking at returning home to England late this year. We have always loved the Bristol area, however would like to live in the country (something we have really missed in our time over here). Obviously prices seem very high around bristol, but places further out seem more affordable, one of these being Shepton Mallet. A couple of questions: Why is it it a lot cheaper than other areas? Also, is it a doable commute to Bristol, and what sort of time would you be looking at in rush hour? Thanks for any help you can give.
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