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    If you read my post clearly (assuming of course your teachers did a good job?!) at no stage did I label you a feckless parent...but you know what they say 'If the cap fits, wear it'

    ...and as for teachers having a greater responsibility for to those without professional parents...why?...Does this mean that you should have the same responsibility (irregardless of what you do as a profession)?.....I thought the argument here is how teachers are paid to teach, not be social workers!...

    ...I think you post demonstrates beautifully what I was trying to allude to...peoples expectations of teachers, how much they get paid and what they should be expected to do for this pay can often be unreasonable/unrealistic.

  2. Parents claim they are parents (i.e. parenting) or do they just expect to provide a bit of sperm, an egg and about 5 minutes of fun..... and then leave the other responsibilities to others?

    I find it funny (no I don't in fact) when 'parents' are happy to quote In loci parentis when it suits them (i.e. babysitting their children), but quick enough to 'shout' when those charged with THEIR responsibilities try to 'guide' their children.

  3. Reddog..regarding £37K...hence my previous comment about surplus of some teachers 'Up North' but a shortage 'Down South'....£37K x 3 would buy you a 2-3 bed house up North, down South it would buy you a garage....if you were lucky!

    Bear in mind though that £37K would be a teacher with at least 10 years experience on top of their degree AND probably a second in or head of department...as a secretary/PA in London you could be earning £25-30K....would you be happy for a secretary to teach your son/daughter (nothing against secretaries!).

  4. Gryffindor...so perhaps your 'teacher' is not a teacher but a facilitator, helping your son to achieve his own goals with the ability that he has already through his own motivation...this will probably be more useful for your son (especially when he moves onto HE) than a 'crusty old maths teacher' (your words not mine :-)) teaching him verbatim to pass an exam.

  5. Gryffindor interesting post.

    So part of the reason your son may be struggling with some of his subjects is down to time management, motivation prioritization of his interests/subjects and language skills....are these (or should these be) the responsibility of his teachers?....I can see that you are a proactive parent that perhaps thinks not, and hence why you are getting him the extra support that he needs BUT this is extra support....Very often you hear the criticism of parents that expect 'The School' to be responsible for everything regarding THEIR son/daughter (including behaviour) yet forget THEIR responsibilities as parents.

    As for the extra curricular aspect, it is nice to see somebody who appreciates that education is about more than just the three 'R's).

    In reply to Douglass if you are still reading (and others), sometimes good teachers leave the profession not as a result of the salary but due to the conditions, interference fro government and lack of parental support.....perhaps this is why others are reluctant to consider such a 'cushy' profession?

  6. This is so true Moedo...I have seen so many university lecturers that are world class in their subject area but cannot impart their knowledge yet others at a more junior level that are 'natural' communicators...the universities are only just 'catching' onto this and are now insisting that their lecturers go through a period of training in educational techniques. As time goes on and the 'customer' (i.e. fee paying students) 'flex their muscles' by choosing 'with their feet' the quality level will hopefully improve.

  7. Gryffindor your argument above seems rather circular...'Why the F I need to hire a tutor when I am paying £6000 a year to send him to a state school?...from this I can only assume that you believe the 'system' is in some way failing you son?

    .....yet you employ a 19 year old student (from that same system) to educate your son...I can only assume from this that the system is working by producing an excellent 19 year old 'teacher' or that a compromise in being made at the quality/price level?

    I believe this is the mistake that parents make with league tables..they consider a school to be excellent based on its exam grades rather than on the 'added value' it can give to their child...the two are very different measures, one being quantitative and the other qualitative.

  8. Porca, generalisations of course....its a general post, not a thesis with specific hypotheses:-

    (a) Amount of Education Ministers that had any experience of the system...and then the next week were able to seamlessly move onto another specialist area. Your own post above.

    (B) The 'fad' has been with us for the last 20-25 years, does this mean that before learning was useless....Also, what is the cost of this 'fad' to those currently going through system?

    © Demand/supply can be regional (salaries are same North/South so much more beneficial to work in North HENCE more teaching jobs in South) AND subject specific (i.e. English/PE lots of graduates but fewer other career options to go to, Maths/Science/Engineering, fewer graduates and more career options...oh, and better paid options in the 'real' word to 'seduce' them)....Ask yourself 'Why are the government putting ads to people to come from other careers into teaching....supply/requirement?...unless its some for of party political broadcast.

    (d) Look at the posters above...most seems to be able to write coherently...specific example look at SpyGuys comment above '80% bad teachers'..well, his 20% must have been really good as he seems literate :).

    (e) Have you not seen the TV ads recently?

    As for xswampy...you little devil!...advocate?!....although I kind of agree with the school-university-school....but it hasn't stopped out political leaders has it?...your point © demonstrates why nobody really wants to look at teaching as a career and why the political class can get away with treating it like a football and your point (d)..well, it wasn't completely useless then?!

    RK...yes, I should have known better...I will get back to the Daily Mail so that I can become more informed on rational public opinion.

  9. An interesting range of opinions including the usual Daily Mail reposte (based on headlines rather than real facts)...so here are mine:-

    a) Why do people feel that they know 'best' on how to teach based on the fact that they have attended school...do these same people tell a surgeon how to operate on them because that have used an Elastoplast before?

    B) Why do the current government justify the use of Ofsted to maintain high standard yet allow the employment of unqualified teachers in Free schools?

    c) Why if teaching is such a 'cushy' job do we have a shortage of teachers?...surely its not human nature to decline such easy work for amazing pay/holidays/pension?

    d) Why are those who argue that their schooling/education/teachers were so useless able to argue so eloquently?....or are they/was it?

    e) Why do politicians treat education/teachers like a political football one moment and then wonder why nobody wants to join their recruitment drive into the profession (?) the next?...

  10. Interesting point Byron, in 1946 the UK had a massive war debt (that it has only recently paid off), now I don't know how that debt compares with what we have today (in real terms) but it would be two questions, the first you have already highlighted I.e.they seemed to be able to solve the housing issue then so why not now and the second, what is the Tories urgency to pay off our debt so quickly through austerity measure (and its effect on the economy/growth) whereas previous politicians were happy to pay off our war debt over a much longer period?

  11. That's an interesting perspective CBWB & LTL...so in essence we should rename this site to House Price Ppsssth (the sound of slowly escaping air) as we wont be seeing a crash, we will just see stagnation in house prices until wages 'catch up' through inflationary pressure....it would seem to fit the rest of the UK (excluding London/SE) where from what I can see prices have stayed pretty much the same since 2004/2005.....will the 'buy point' be when salaries have caught up to the traditionally accepted point where 'Mortgage to Income' ratios are once again 3 to 4 times salary?

  12. This article mad me laugh (no, in fact it made me livid!)...further down it mentions the new policy on pensions stating ' allowing people to have control of their own assets'....yes....my tax is one of my assets yet somebody decides to support FTB or FLS or even to give foreign aid to a country that whilst its own people starve they are sending rockets to the moon!...don't get me wrong, I don't think any of the other major parties are any different, I am just getting sick of being 'taken for a mug'

    and as for RTB from housing association?!...talk about 'cutting the final legs away' from an already wrecked social housing system...these people are either incredibly stupid (not the case...that's us for letting them get away with it) OR they are incredibly devious!

    Now, where is my medication...oh, no, I don't have any as its been spent funding £25,000 of anti-viral aids medication for somebody who hasn't contributed to the system!

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