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  1. All these 'spin' figures/reports from associations/bodies (read vested interests) are irrelevant....what counts is WHEN/HOW many have bought/completed their purchase and for HOW MUCH....everything else if white noise.

    Crashmonitors comment got me thinking (and supported what I have seen). Apart from London and the SE, it seems to me that the majority of properties in the majority of area seem to be at asking prices similar to what was paid in 2004. Be interesting for everyone to comment on their local patch and what the situation is locally i.e. say sub £250-350k properties, their location, a bit of history and how they see it panning out in the next 12 months.

    So, to start I am on London/Essex border close to tube line (Central). Prices here for a 3 bed, reasonable location are currently £350k, were moving upto £400k 6 months previously but really didnt quite make it/sell..what do I see for net 12 months?...stagnation.

  2. Nationalist, you 'hit the nail on the head there'!

    OK, I don't know much about share dealing (yet Osborne doesn't appear to know much about economics either!) but why are they going to sell the whole as a lump sum?....Surely it would be better to 'hedge your bets' and sell say half off (and lose half of the losses), in the hope that the price will get better and sell off the other half then?!...unless of course you are a distressed seller and need the money ASAP?

    Finally I saw the Finance minister on the National propaganda machine (BBC News 24) this morning blaming the others (when will the Cons ever take any responsibility?) and justifying their position by saying they have take independent financial advice and advice form the BOE...Christ, we are in trouble then, would have been better having a chat with the Downing street cat (and no, I don't mean Theresa May!).

  3. Thanks for your example 'Count'...

    I think it really highlights what the HPI forever brigade forget...add to that example, not only have you lost £550k of your original deposit until (if) the price recovers to what you originally paid, you are paying 2% per annum on the £550k (£11000) that you no longer have!.....mortgage rates may be at an all time low but when, as a result, they push-up prices the cost can actually be more expensive than when they are high.

  4. I don't know if this is going to side-track this post but I would like everyone to consider Vengers/CBWB positions...i.e. the advantages/disadvantages of buying a mortgage-free home for your retirement...

    ...whilst I can see the attraction of buying overseas with its better weather and lower cost of living, surely if you are a retiree then buying in the UK seems (to me) to be the better option as you will (likely) need access to the health care/benefits/social services system that is free (and that you have contributed to over you working life)...these things if available overseas would not be free and have to be paid for...

    ...comments anyone?...and please if you want to be specific about the part of the world i.e. Europe, Asia...and how these could influence your benefits.

  5. Can help but see the similarity between this and the sell-off of council houses...In this film the guy turns from a victim to being the opposite....Thatcher 'divided the people' (or played on their greed) by making them OO, these same people now have children who cannot afford to buy YET also cannot fall back on council housing as its been sold and if they are lucky may get a housing association place BUT these are now being sold off....what 'goes around comes around' I suppose...

  6. CBWB...I think you 'hit the nail on the head' in regards BTL being a poor investment...its the only investment (I am sure others will think of other examples that I cannot think of) where the price of the goods can be heavily influenced by govt policy...watches, cars, art (bulbs?) etc...no, its worth what people will pay for them but one change in policy and/or the ability (due to wage) for someone to pay for their rental will dictate BTL ceilings.

    As for the other two....'If something is worth doing, its worth doing properly'..elsewhere on the forum under a post title called 'Bitch fest' so that myself and the other 6k can come and read something on topic under the heading 'The brutal impact of MMR' rather than finding you two are still off-topic after x number of hours/posts!

  7. I think RandonFactor (with his list above) and some of the other specialists have made my point for me; I am not an IT guru, just a user (with a few badly learnt IT skills)...basically learn programming skill and the languages for these, keep up you training in these as the market develops and you will always have employment.....don't and your initial skills (my HTML example) become redundant either through software/website becoming more sexy/'clever' OR packages/webpages being introduced that allow muppets like myself to do what originally the HTML guru did.

  8. CNWB...see you point but to not train whilst those around you are makes you even less employable. As Spyguy points out above (so diplomatically!) Webdesign has been greatly simplified...you don't need to have HTML experience now as even a muppet like me can have/design a webpage BUT if you have some of the more raw skill i.e. programming (and keep ahead with the languages) then you are employable....Trade skills...OK, no longer the 'heady days' of the late 70s where I can remember a relation saying 'I wont get out of bed for less than £150 a day!' but you can still earn a reasonable living with these.....unless of course you are being employed illegally as the govt will then try to take it away!

  9. So what have we 'learnt' from this?....Crime doesn't pay?....

    ...so, if you are an underworld criminal come to London and buy up property with your 'dirty' money (although don't try to open a savings account with a BS as you will need three forms of ID....to stop illegal money laundering don't you know!)...

    ...if you are a commercial one come to London (but make sure you are registered in the Netherlands), trade, make a handsome profit/make and avoid contributing to the system....

    ....if you are a financial one come to London as well, and if you are lucky they will probably give you a golden goodbye when you are forced to resign....

    ...BUT whatever you do, do not work 'cash in hand' to avoid paying tax (or encourage these vermin...always ask for a VAT receipt) as otherwise will we prosecute you and you will go to prison if you refuse to pay your fines!

    So much for a 'developed' country eh?!

  10. Pras, when we have big multi-national shafting the tax system I think a few minor BTL scum (your words, not mine) is the least of our worries...but, our political class would feel proud of you for having taking their 'line'...whilst of course while you have been easily distracted they are 'protecting' their 'friends' in big business!

  11. Beautifully put Wonderpup, which is why I would never accept or apply to a zero hours contract....perhaps what might happen with the increase in zero hours contract is that more people will work on the black market, avoiding tax and using the zero hours contract as a legitimate 'front' to placate the tax man?

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