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  1. DB/Sancho, unless I have missed it you haven't explained why this time we don't have to see an inverted yield curve as a guiding light to a forthcoming recession...great link by the way Sancho, explained what it is and why in a way even I could understand, thanks.
  2. GandP, you describe perfectly a new development I pass every day in Guildford. Sat right next to a busy roundabout and just across from the park...Although no crossing lights so I can see our OAP waiting all day to get there...it does however have the ambulance station next door for convenience thought!
  3. Thanks Dooah, seems so obvious now that you have explained it, helps you define the difference between short-term blips and long-term trends. This is what I like about this site, I learn something new everyday and people are so good at sharing/explaining things. So where do you get this software from and do people produce their own charts or are they imported from a provider?..also, is this what others I.e. DurhanBorn is referring to when he postulates his forecast for the looming depression-reflation-inflation cycle? Thanks once again.
  4. Not familiar with charting, can one of you folks in the know explain to me what I am looking at. Thanks
  5. My impression is that joe public thinks that being an estate agent is a special skill that has to be studied and that they couldn't possibly understand/do...just look at how many people that still pay thousands to ea simply to place an ad, do a few phone calls, and liaise with between a couple of solicitors...hardly rocket science is it?
  6. DB,Errol...would buying gold now and then waiting not just be the same as buying property, you have negative equity either way until the asset recovers so why not just wait in cash and buy once it has fallen or is on a declining slope? Likewise, is buying miners rather than physical just a form of higher level gambling where although the % return could be greater, so could the losses.
  7. Following this threat and just want to confirm my understanding is correct. If you hold equities (say with HL) traditionally you would have had certificates of ownership BUT now you make HL a nominee owner of your shares in the same way you do with your savings in a bank or bs?)...BUT unlike a bank/bs where if they go bust you are protected by FSA compensation, with the broker you get nothing...is this correct? If so, how do the pension companies operate, as I thought as an investor you had FSA protection with them?
  8. Well I don't know how the government are going to reach their house building targets now then!
  9. Although they are easy to see coming, unfortunately greed makes the investors blind...and the difference with this bubble is that they have gambled with my money and our childrens future!
  10. Venger, I think you missed my point YET made it beautifully at the same time...my post was in support of the good points/insights that you occasionally make but that can get lost or overlooked due to their verbosity; a point admitted by several others who said they skim read your posts now...in this latest example you `spent` 33 lines to cover my 3!....if this were a court of law and you were a barrister then it may be acceptable but the last time I `looked` it was a forum for discussion not the `trial` of an opinion...have you ever thought of tweeting?! :-)
  11. I like what venger has to say, I just wish that he would say it with less verbosity I.e. all the cut n pasting...venger, I only have 4.5 inches, it takes me vast amounts of wrist action....to swipe down! :-) :-) :-)....less is definitely more!
  12. Juice, just remember to be a little forgiving in twelve months time and to give him or her that pound for a cup of tea...can't see how else they are going to survive with such good business acumen!
  13. Or alternatively they can continue what they have been doing so far (through their 'bought' lackies [politicians]), pit person against person....whether its Socialist [Labour] Vs Capitalist [Conservative] OR Western European vs Eastern European OR Middle Class Vs Working Class etc...divide and rule/'play' to the self-interest card that now seems apparent in UK society today and their attention is deflected!
  14. Hence why the UK is 'the place to go' in Europe if you have some 'dirty' money to offset!
  15. Agree with all the above 'Talk is cheap'...the problem is I think the markets may get so used to this rhetoric (especially that from 'The Unreliable Boyfriend') that they will just start to ignore it.
  16. DB you mention a page ago that you have a PP that you can't move, (and so you have it invested in cash?)...so why not just keep it in shares (they seem to have a broad spread of UK/Oversease/Bonds) and 'weather the storm'...surely this would give you a better return that in cash?...OK some may falter but thats the whole idea of a spread?
  17. AST=2 months...notice of this is usually 'given' at the start of your tenancy so that the agent doesn't forget. IF you then do not sign a new contract you move into a Periodic tenancy where the landlord has to give you 2 months notice but you only have to give 1 month. Kibuc is correct on the other point.
  18. OK, I have now re-read this whole post for the second time (all 29 pages!) and I think I understand it. I do however have some questions base on TLT and currencies:- 1. I assume people are saying that a save haven (and goos return) would be TLT's but why not UK LT gilts?...OK, they may not give as much return as the US but would they not be another 'safe' option?...and I asume that this is what a lot of peoples company pensions are also traded in, so if they have the option to 'tweak' their DC pensions from a more 'high-risk' Equities-based one to a 'lower-risk' they could do this? 2. If (as someone mentioned previously) the Russians/Chinese get together to make the $ no longer the currency of trade (and so all the $'s returning trashing the US), would TLT's not be a bad option? 3. If gold is set to rocket in a reinflation scenario, why focus on assets/equities/TLT's traded in $ that are not 'pinneded' to a gold standard RATHER than something like the Swiss Franc that is? Some of the above may be complete and utter rubbish, as I may have misinterpreted (or understood) what has been posted previously, so please be 'gentle' with me...I am a Biologist, not an Economist! :-)
  19. I agree Wotsthat...it seems strange that the only Press covering this seem to be the BBC and the FT (the original article)...in IT searches the BBC seem to be continually running with it...something to do with 'Corbyns promise'?...The BBC...a fine, upstanding, independent broadcaster!
  20. Stormy Monday...you could argue that the USS scheme in in a better position than the British Steel one though, as with increase employment you have an increase and continuation of contributions that can be used in the market over a longer period of time, and do 'Weathering the Storms' and averaging out the peaks and troughs. As for whether these people 'deserve' their DB pension sums, of course they do. They negotiated it as part of a contract for which they agreed to provide their labour, to do likewise is wrong...imagine if I agreed a price to build a conservatory for some one, we had a contract and then once it was finished they said 'Sorry, I am only going to pay you half of what we agreed'...at lease with this job I can go around and remove the windows and bricks...you can't withdraw what you have taught someone! Finally, I am beginning to think the whole pension thing is one big scam, whether its Public (state) or a Private pension...what is to stop either from just 'winding up' the scheme and not paying anyone?...Does anyone know how DB or DC pensions are protected?..are they protected like the first £85k savings are?...and with autoenrolement, it looks as though the government is 'in on the scam' with the finance industry!
  21. So what do we do in these instances?...we don't like the way the government spend out taxes so we make sure we earn just under our tax limit...BUT this is local authority so its council tax...the only way to escape this is move to a different local authority or...give up on the UK and move overseas!
  22. DurhamBorn, can you point me in the right direction of an site that explains the cycle concept you are mentioning...I would like to have a read/better understanding before I start asking any questions. Thanks
  23. Should have never been allowed to happen in the first place!...If a property have shared facilities OK, if not its freehold...simple for everyone to understand...even solicitors!...
  24. 'Banks face action against reckless lending'?...the only action they should face is 'Facing the music' when it all goes 'ti*s-up' ...bets way to learn i.e. the hard way BUT we all know (and so do they) that they will get bailed-out again!...best thing to happen would be for the BoE to increase the 'insurance tax' on companies (the same as the one used for the FSA compensation), let the bank go bankrupt and then buy it for a nominal £1 and use the insurance to make it profitable (properly managed) again before selling it off.
  25. WICAO, I have looked at your site/blog on a number of occasions and have learnt a lot BUT can imagine when you start talking 100's of £1000's or even a cool £1Mil people find this intimidating and 'give up'. One thing I would suggest if you want to improve it and its footfall (not that you have to or should do), is to make it a little more simple or have some very simple articles, as I can imagine for a lot of people its not simple enough...yes, I know you may find that hard to believe (and so would perhaps the majority on here) but with 'Average Joe' you only have to mention shares and they panic or say 'Nah, don't understand those'; this is reflected by why BTL is so popular as 'Me pension innit' Suggestions could be a tab called 'Pension lite' or FIRE lite'er'...in this tab you could cover 'saving and the benefits of compound interest', ' Five easy tax savers', 'Isa inside out (cash and shares)', 'How to pay the minimum tax when you finally get your private pension'...etc, these would then be more accessible and less intimidating...OK, they may not make someone an immediate overnight FIREer or give them a massive FIRE budget, but even a little benefit is better than nothing (or ignorance). Just a thought :-) As for DurhamBorn, I have read this series of postings and am still an having difficulty understanding the finer details in this 30-40 year cycle...do you know of a simple source/website that I could look at to give me a better understanding (before I start asking questions)..and as for the story, great, a bit good kharma goes a long way :-)
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