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  1. I couldn't believe this when I just heard it on the radio...that 10 B would be better spent on social housing, reducing rents in the whole market place by reducing housing benefit, making more property available for sale as btl,s give up and sell and thus reducing prices....but this then means that it wouldn't go to their friends the bankers or feather their own nests/private interest!
  2. But do you think it is good news for savers Bruce?...I can see the banks being very slow to raise rates for savers if we get the rise....they won't need the savers money as a) demand for mortgages will reduce and their higher mortgage rates from svr will provide additional capital.
  3. So LB, In your example the `fortunate` who only pays 10% gets the princely sum of £7740 `enjoy`...can't understand why your top 1% aren't rushing to enjoy such a good deal?!....and as for who pays?, it's the other 49% who pay the remaining 63% of the taxes as the ones at the bottom get benefits and those at the top get the tax breaks on their investment vehicles that everyone is too poor to afford!
  4. The new normal is not the same as the old normal....well how do you know it's the new normal until it becomes normal then?...unless you are fixing the markets!...so much May`s forthcoming `free markets` speech today...the free market that offers banks my/our money at below market rates!...do these people actually believe what they are saying, or expect us to?!
  5. ...and when credit dries up the desperate will go to loan sharks...this time though they will have a lot more than high interest rates to pay when they decide they don't want to be responsible for their debts!
  6. Gd, couldn't agree more, and it's everyones taxes/money the Govt is using (read `giving` to the banks/their shareholders) to do it...the same money that could help the services we have to pay taxes for...as The Count has pointed out on other threads, they are literally stealing our money and we are letting them do it!
  7. Errol, very much they did in the 60,s/70`s with the C word...but they are our `friends`/the ones we have a longstanding friendship with!
  8. Do you think they will Bruce?...I do the same as you, but the impression I get is that they really couldn't give a toss...very much like the large (and some small) retailers...we need a real recession so that they are reminded who pays their wages/dividends!
  9. Very true Dyson, the difference is though that an employer is paying for it...if they have 'skin in the game' they will ensure that what the apprentice is getting is worthwhile..and alongside this the apprentice will a) get valuable practical work experienec and b.) no £50 debt after 3 years!...unless you are wealthy and studying for the passion of the subject I see no real advantage going to university and many disadvantages!
  10. Modern apprenticeships is the way to go, and that's from someone on the inside...and as for unis just recruiting more overseas students (lostinlondon), the U.K. unis are now living on borrowed time, this is evident by the massive recruitment of staff by the Chinese and development of Tertiary education in their own country AND the reduction of overseas student numbers due to tightening immigration policy in the UK in the near future.
  11. `The seller has put the portfolio together and let them out so the hard work has already been done!`....ermm, I think the hard work is just about to begin...trying to get your rent and then serving eviction notices!.....makes me laugh, the director of Savilles says its the best opportunity that he has seen for ten years yet he is prepared to let it pass him by...what a generous fellow he is...there you go HPCers, they aren't all bad!
  12. Agree 100%...likewise I have a job that I enjoy and don't want for anything (as I live a very non-consumerist, clutter free life style), but part of that is not wanting the 'crap' and probably knowing that if one day I didnt enjoy my job I could move on. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people allow themselves to be conditioned/costrained by what society deems 'normal' and so end up on the mousewheel where you NEED that fortnight in Benidorm to recover (and the retail 'pick-me-up' therapy) before you jump back on the wheel!
  13. Was going to sell all my miners, tlt and ftse100 trackers and invest it all in M & S shares but I can now see where all my dividends would go!...DB is there no end to your talents?...Warren Buffett one minute, Martha Stewart the next! So nice to be amongst kindred spirits who view frugality as a badge of honour rather than akin to having an STD :-) :-) :-)
  14. Brexit may be the best thing that has happened to the dwindling UK manufacturing base for a long time...Thatcherism and the unions of the 1970`s reduced it dramatically, the strength of current employment law is dictated by and driven by EU law that we are a signatory to...if Brexit `frees` us from the shackles of this to allow reduce workers rights we may become a popular close manufacturing base for the other European countries that will remain shackled by EU membership!
  15. So hairyorb, if Europe is the promised land and you have German citizenship what is to stop you moving your family there when the uk finally leaves the eu?....with your support they will then be able to apply for German citizenship if they want to OR stick with their UL citizenship.
  16. ' This whacks you in your treasuries...' Is this some sort of euphemism?! :-)))
  17. Either ask for a new 6 months ast where he has to serve notice to quit at least 2 months before the end OR just let current tenancy run into a periodic tenancy ( by doing nothing) where he has to give 2 months notice to quit but you only have to give one.
  18. So having followed this thread and read the article on the demise of fiat, the only safe option to preserve wealth (as its now about preserving rather than maintaining buying power) it to go pm...so why not 100% pm?
  19. It's interesting that the argument always appears to focus on the economic factors whereas this was not the issue for those that voted I.e. democratic governance...better to be master at my own table and be able to decide when I want to suck bones, than to be at anothers having to wait for them to throw me scraps of meat!
  20. So I've been following the discussion here and the other one started by DB on inflation deflation cycles...as gold is now on the up, if you are not in already have people missed the bus and are better waiting for a fall (as predicted by db) before joining the party OR is gold just going up and up and up...thoughts?
  21. Sancho, wasn't challenging your viewpoint, more trying to improve my understanding....your reply gave me the final piece of the jigsaw and I now appreciate the argument...thanks.
  22. Do you really think so whatapp?...the last time this happened was Thatcher a The Miners...post-Thatcher thought?...I really don't think people now have the collective spirit/courage nowadays, it's more `I'm alright Jack`!
  23. Count, on the day RPI was reported as 3.9% and it was announced that police would get a 1+1% rise, prison officers getting 1.7% and everyone else getting sfa, this suggests how the rioters views will be received if they ever do decide to do anything about their sorry state of affairs!
  24. Looks like applying a sticking plaster to a gaping wound...doesn't address the long-term issue does it?...and as for 'charm offensive of the local council' read bribe?
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