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  1. CrashingIsles...is there a shortage of property at the tope end in London then?....I would think that at this end of the market a few extra houses is going to make little difference (but no, I don't have any figures to support this opinion :-)
  2. Which would beg the question BB, why didn't they use the money for all of the nonsense schemes i.e.HTB, FLS etc to start a building scheme for social housing and getting a double whammy...reduction in housing benefit and a boost to the economy/jobs....seems so obvious that they must have a good reason that 'they' are not sharing with 'us'
  3. Hi Count, so putting London and the SE aside, could you say that now is the time to buy as even if London/SE does crash its impact on the rest of the UK prices will be minimal, 'as the rest of the UK is at nominal values of ten years ago (let alone real values)' If this is not the case what are peoples view on what will happen price wise in the next 5 years and when do others think will be the right time (I know, I know crystal ball etc) p.s not being sarcastic above, just trying to get others thoughts/sentiments.
  4. Good points CBWB....x number of extra houses is irrelevant if they are luxury penthouse in Mayfair. Also, why is it they only ever talk about affordable housing now rather than social housing?.... .....perhaps because 'affordable' can mean a completely different thing from one person to the next (and so cannot be seen to be 'wrong') and perhaps also that social housing means that rent (read profit) would not be available to their 'friends' in the private sector (and their own BTL empires)....... ...or perhaps I am just being cynical again!
  5. Those bloody smileys....it was means to be
  6. So what does 'Banks would be encouraged to fund 125,000 new homes for first-time buyers in England under a Labour government' mean?....Perhaps I am a bit jaded but the banks appear to do what they like and will only be drawn to something like this if a) The government takes all the risks/potential hits or screaming ...as in the Funding for lending that was meant to go to SME's and as for the Conservatives calling the scheme 'ill thought through'...blimey, that's 'rich' coming from them!
  7. So it looks as though we are into a massive housebuilding scheme if we vote in Labour...but how many are we talking about? Well if we read the Daily Mail (rather than use it to wrap our chips) it seems that it is 200,000 per year upto 2020 ..... yet if we look at todays Guardian it seems that it is part of Labous aim to reach a TARGET of 200,000 per year IN 2020... ....and if we look at The Independent (is this not a misnomer in the world of UK media?) they report that Labours plans are to build 150,000 by 2020... ...one thing they do all agree on though is the cost £5 Billion ....well, the cost at the moment (but as we all know things don't always go to budget when you are using the Tax payers money)... ...either way, the need for housing in the last decade has been running at 250,000 per year to stand still, this hasn't been achieved so we have fallen even further behind, and the best case scenario doesn't even meet this value! Methinks this is just electioneering....or perhaps I am just one of lifes cynics?!
  8. Blimey, lot of words for a simple concept...so to summarise: 1. House price is dictated by two forces AFFORDABILITY (this can be made up from such things as interest rates, salaries, loan to income rates, willingness of lenders) and AVAILABILITY (this can be made up from such things as how many properties [and types] are available in an AREA, DEMAND in this AREA dictated by job security/transience of workers etc). 2. How the above forces are working in a MACRO and MICRO economy i.e. monies available locally versus monies available from an outside source (foreign investors) that can be used LOCALLY. To view the system simplistically with factors in isolation is naïve...It would be the equivalent of trying to understand the natural world (biology) through a simple law based system such as chemistry of physics.
  9. I 'third' SP and Satch above...I was in exactly this situation as it suited me to have the flexibility of moving quickly with work (or only having to pay for a 1 month notice period) YET having the security of a two month notice period.
  10. Quote: Do hostels rent the beds out during the day? Well they rent them out for a fixed period of time...In fact some 'hotels' I have stayed in overseas rented the rooms out by the hour,,,,but that is another question!...although it wont be long (if it not too late already) that we start 'prostituting our souls on the altar of finance'.
  11. Couple of points:- The Y Cube reminded me of the prefabs put up just after the last war, where people tolerated what were meant to be temporary accommodation (although many stayed for 20+ years) for the sake of having gone through a 5 year war....seems as though physical war has been replaced with financial war! Its interesting that the sharing/renting of beds is portrayed as something that is untenable but is this any different to youth hostels?...I have travelled extensively, stayed in hostels and met many workers working away from home and staying in hostels...just a though.
  12. Simple solution, council issue licences for you to rent your property. Like with cars, if you are caught in breach of the licence (or without licence) you have to pay all costs (courts, local authority admin, repairs to bring up to standard, temporary housing costs of tenants) BEFORE you get repossession of property. Like with impounded cars if you fail to pay (collect) within a timeframe (say 12 months) the property is sold at auction, council gets first take from monies, the mortgage company (if its mortgaged) gets second take and landlord gets whats left....OR council can compulsory purchase property for council stock at remaining mortgage amount minus 20%. This would soon result in:- a) An increase in property standards and/or obeyance of the licence by the landlord. Potentially increased council housing stock. c) Focus banks/building societies BTL policies....I.e. you would probably pay a premium just in case the property was compulsory purchased as the bank would not be happy about losing 20%.
  13. The workhouse?...this was inspired by sPinwheels last statement :-)...although they say 'never a truer work said in Jest'
  14. Just looked at the photos above and that's the problem these days with 0 size models...everyone wants their girls to look like boys...I prefer my women to look like men!....especially the one on the left ;-)
  15. This is not true and is left wing propaganda put out to harm the Tories chance of getting an outright majority in the forthcoming election. Everybody knows that you could get 12 Danes (on zero hours contracts) for the price of 12 Bulgarians (on an 80 hour week)...and whats the difference?...nothing, they are both in full-time employment...well according to Dave anyway.
  16. Dead without debt?...unless of course you believe in reincarnation!....and if you have been a really naughty boy/girl you will come back as at BTL landlord rather than an insect...one moment, they can both be parasites! :-)))
  17. Think you have done the right thing, especially as you have to consider the kids and how settled they feel....oh and the amount of grief you might get from your partner if you had to move suddenly! As for feeling 'screwed over', look at it this way:- 1. Although you have been living in a tatty place for x years, you have also been saving x pounds for x years; this saved money is going to benefit you when you buy. 2. Hopefully you will still be paying below market rate and so saving. 3. As your accommodation is now secure you are back in control of the situation (rather than having it forced upon you), and so can decide when you want to buy/move. 4. As you accommodation is now secure you can 'broach' the subject of repairs and /or refurbishment...when the landlord/lady sees the costs of these they may not be so quick to put up the rent in the future. Remember always better to 'lose the battle and win the war!'
  18. Another Third World country?...Greece?....but perhaps by then the Greek economy would have rectified itself, as their politicians would have allowed it to correct naturally (at the expense of the ECB).
  19. But the problem is Macca the Tories played on and encourage human greed! At one time (about 60-70 years ago?!) we had a Labour party and those with Socialist principles voted for them, Thatcher changed the UK for good (bad?) and encourage the 'I'm all right Jack' attitude...once society (and its values) changed it is unlikely to change back....for example, I have friends who bought their council house but complain that their offspring cant afford to buy and are being 'screwed' by private landlords BUT they cannot 'see' that the part they have taken in the demise of their own offspring.
  20. Miliband would be interesting......oh no, he's the 'other' party...or is he?....I get so confused these days who who and whats what!
  21. Anybody know what qualifies as a 'first time buyer' within this scheme?...i.e. is it actually somebody who has never (ever) bought a property, somebody who has not had a property for x number of years or somebody who currently doesn't have a property?
  22. But we have a free market where something is only worth what people are prepared to pay for it..... .....the only problem is when the market is about to go in the opposite direction we find out it isn't so free, as in somebody uses my (your) taxes to 'redirect' the economics...to win votes...oh, and to help their 'friends'!
  23. Demand-Supply equation...all depends on how we define each of these AND the factors that influence them AND the scale that we use:- Demand?...More/less jobs in the area, Fewer better/more worse paid jobs, number of permanent/short-term contracts, number of people/couples/family units, age demographics Supply?...Number of houses to buy, number of houses to rent, total number of living spaces Scale?...National (UK), regional (South/North), sub- regional (London/SE, South-West etc), local (Stoke Newington, Tottenham, Edmonton). Its how these interact and at what scale you observe them at...to look at averages is meaningless
  24. Are you sure about that?...I thought that if you were in breach of any of the terms of the lease he/she had the right to serve notice.
  25. So his work legally concerning HMO's i.e. fire alarms etc....... landlord doesn't want to follow/bother with HMO laws so he rents to a single individual who then sublets to others....who is responsible legally regarding HMO law?....landlord simply says 'Not me Gov (t)...here look at the tenancy agreement, I am only letting to a single individual'.....also what happens if the rental is including council tax, landlord gets a single person discount but house is HMO?
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