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  1. Guess who's back? http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/landlord-offers-10k-purse-to-122757/
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-21/disappearing-buyers-spur-u-k-property-brokers-to-close-outlets Estate Agents Aren’t Having a Great Time in Britain
  3. Wonder why forums are suddenly so unprofitable. I've noticed some really active communities close recently.
  4. I can't remember the statistic now but I read something like 50 percent of homes built since 1800 no longer exist. Not sure if that's true or not but it would suggest that many homes built in times gone by were of poor quality.
  5. I suspect they'll start closing branches as part of a "restructuring plan" shortly.
  6. It really is ethnic cleansing on an unprecedented scale, the UK and Western Europe immigration. People quote that around 300k people a year come here, and about the same number leave. About half of people leaving are Brits, so natives are effectively being replaced to the tune of 500k a year.
  7. Not sure if too late now but here's my 2 pence having been in a similar position about 4 years ago. It really depends on your personality. £400k isn't going to last very long; a lot of people will never come into that amount of money and see stars, i.e assume it's a lifechanging amount - but it really isn't. It'll allow you to have a few wonderful years off - but what then? I know that if I sold my business when offered I would have deeply regretted it - look into Jo Malone's story for a good descriptor, she has written extensively about her 'loss' and regret. What does one do with oneself if not working at least some of the time? Do you have any other plans?
  8. Well you can get away with once a year. That's how often i do mine, in October time. You could just say you're growing them for privacy
  9. Life expectedly peaked about 10 years ago in the UK if i recall correctly. You only need to look at the replies to the 10 A Day thread in off topic to see why.
  10. Hedges need to be cut 1 to 3 times a year though. Did you consider asking the local farmer? mine tops mine or puts his rams in it.
  11. I'm pretty sure Mcdonalds are built with this method. one in town appeared overnight pretty much.
  12. Can't it be used for heating oil eg instead of kerosene too?
  13. That's fair enough. But mowing the lawn isn't that time consuming once a week. If you want a really nice garden then admittedly you'd have to hire either a gardener or a nanny!
  14. I agree with that - except for online shopping. That genuinely DOES make it easier than traipsing round a shop,
  15. Nobody can tell you what will happen on here or elsewhere. You pay your money etc. There are more worrying things than Article 50 going on.
  16. You are paying too much for gardening. I have had quotes from very respectable gardeners at almost half that in rural Kent. Also, not everything has to be about that extra bit of longevity. I wouldn't advocate getting wooden windows in the West Country as it's too wet but here in the SE they look about 1000 times better than horrid PVC ones. People should be more houseproud, I work 50 hours a week yet still find time at weekends to do DIY. The plan this weekend is to sand down and paint the guttering... It's all about priorities. Everyone is so busy working yet they miraculously have time to watch boxsets and average 3 hours of TV a day... riiight.
  17. Politically, I'm not sure that foreigners buying up land is that safe an investment when it concerns Eastern Europe (quite rightly imo).
  18. I've always found it difficult to comprehend the disconnect that a lot of farmers have. They claim to care about the welfare of their animals but then send them off to slaughter in the most inhumane way. As with everything, it's all about money. Try to buy some land from a farmer and you'll see how greedy they are. As for migrants, this place near me is becoming Mini Vilnius. Not a nice experience to walk the dog through here any more. https://goo.gl/maps/qdqDQHPuaJo
  19. A friend has just sold their slavebox. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-63816734.html Really not a fan, and leasehold too. You could buy these flats in 2009-2010 for £120k odd, but a few years earlier they were over £200k.
  20. Given the state it was in prior to the conversion, I wonder what sort of loss they're already looking at: http://www.winbrooks.co.uk/blog/entry/oast-house/0 It was originally at £1.8M which was a crazy price, probably egged on by a greedy EA. Assuming the developers originally priced it up in their heads with a 20-25% profit margin, let's say at £1.2M, take off the 25% and you're at £960k. Not sure how much they purchased the land at, but can assume (back in 2011) it was around the £300k mark, so that leaves £660k, which on a 3,200 sq/ft conversion and a Grade II Listed building (in that state) isn't too difficult to imagine... I'm also assuming they didn't think they'd have to factor in the current SDLT rates back in 2011... ouch A lot of assumptions but I think anything they sell at now will be a loss. Probably why the developers apparently haven't bought any more developments since 2013... To give them some credit though, it does look like a high quality conversion from the photos.
  21. ^ Hard to gauge because it doesn't have much land, given that it's a former agricultural building where you'd expect it given the size of the property. Plus it's in a cheaper (but scenic) part of Kent with poor rail links etc. EG you couldn't work in London if you lived there without a ~90 min commute each way. Too big to retire to as well. I'd say 600k would be the kind of price I'd pay for it.
  22. Long-term followers of this thread might remember this one: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-55901704.html Dropped from £1.8M, only another £50k to go and it's halved in asking price.
  23. agents and homeowners are clueless about value. you tell the agent the 4 year old range rover is worth 80k and they'll think it's worth 90k.
  24. ripped out the solid wood kitchen and replaced it with an Essex-style white gloss carbuncle for one.
  25. This isn't a game of skill. It's a lottery and the commission need to look into it. Looking at the website it's obvious why his work as a web designer has dried up as dgul said... That white gloss kitchen isn't in keeping either... edit, just realised he's asking a question to enter so ignore the game of skill thing.
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