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  1. why would that stop anyone, id gladly live on crud avenue or tony blair rise if the price is right, i wouldnt however, ever under any circumstances live in a barrat hutch.
  2. butt talk can be quite effective, especially if accompanied by much sound and perhaps nasty whiffs, certainly can clear a lift or rail carriage in record time.
  3. disbursment into his overseas pension pot more like. No worries, they should mark the default date on their calendars, you know, for posterity.
  4. we are talking about house of fraser and not david hasslehoff yes? im easily confused.
  5. its a tsb moment, the very actions of the host cause to drive people eslewhere. Its sort of shooting yourself in the foot. James ratner, fantastic chap.
  6. ah, links, i think i know why i was moderated now, i did quote a link but was just a reply to another post that someone mentioned a topic but didnt put in a link, was not at all house related, but maybe the content wasnt liked by a moderator. Fair enough if its that i suppose. Cant think what DB would ever do to become moderated though, he doesnt even swear.
  7. i was moderated last week, but seem to have been released now, dont really know why i was moderated, assume it was some complaint or a broken rule i made, totally lost. Anyhoo, contingency in place i saw above. google sure works good.
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