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  1. it's her house at the end of the day and her job move behind it. just like our last two moves. I've let her decide where we go since they told her she couldn't have kids so she went from prison service to immigration to HMRC so I don't expect to win many arguaments and just go with the flow. so back to houses - solicitor agrees with our side of things and reckons the price difference is due to persimmon/charles church having to show a profit so both lots of estate agents and other fees have been lumped on it - which is where the extra 40+ comes from so its worth a good shot at it seeing as ou
  2. A pair of what?, neither of us want to move to birmingham full stop. she wont man up and commute is the main problem. 2 years and the govt would pay our move and sell the house for us. when we decided on which office she was going to retrain at she agreed to commute for the full term, that then dropped to a year then six months then she was looking at houses 3 months in. if it was my job I'd be stuck on the commute every day like I used to. birmingham housing stock new and old is truly awfull. I did manage to get her off wanting to do help to buy and a some really awful new builds though. sh
  3. update on the domestic front - explained it to the missus expecting the usual dribble about conspiracy theories, why can't you just believe the estate agents etc.. but she's taken to this and being a tax inspector has gone at it with that head on this morning. mind you I did point out that the difference in prices was a new kitchen and the garden room she wants so she is now picking the valuation report to pieces and pointing out that just because we already secured a mortgage does not mean the house is correctly valued and here is our evidence to show his lack of comparable property and why
  4. Hya - the missus is going through the motions of us moving to birmingham. basically the house has been a trade in to persimmon and is unfortunately also a persimmon so the build quality is shocking. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-50513243.html anyway we said it was way overpriced at 220 so she mistakenly put in a bid of 205 because the estate agent said that when it was revalued persimmon would have to abide by that and reduce the price. in reality I reckon 190 is more than fair. we are now stuck with the valuation saying 194-205 but seeing as we offered 205 we are stu
  5. sounds like you have our problem, birmingham housing has been a wierd affair viewing wise. I think too many have been watching 'pimp my house' and think that 5k of improvements mean you can add 50k to the asking price. they also seem to think that tearing out the garage to make an odd shaped reception room 2 is a good move. we've just sold ours in gloucester to move to the south west of brum, I could have redone the kitchen but I wouldn't have got anything back for my investment.
  6. currently looking at property in birmingham, its an 11 year old persimmon which has been a part ex with persimmon and they are asking 220 for it. I offered a generous 160 as it was a persimmon and the agent thought I was joking. she has decided she wants that house even though it probably needs a good 10-15 to tidy it up and sort out problems from when it was built in the first place. we offered 188 refused and upped to 194 but the agent is refusing to pass it on, so we found the other agent and have put it to them. to me 187 is nearer the mark and generous going by what we have been looking
  7. they stole my idea - for the past few years on the papers comments sections I've been saying that parliament needs moving to pop the westminster bubble which is ruining politics and also the country by making everything london centric. a massive amount of the cost of the refurb to fix the roof, remove the asbestos and fix the damage caused by building an underground car park is the cost of moving the lords in the QE2 conference centre. My idea is to build a new town in barnsley (near the M1/A1/M62) or take over an raf base which would be big enough to house MPs. so they get standard quality
  8. zero carbon homes need no services which is why they don't like them just like electric cars there is no money to be made.
  9. My favourite idea is for someone to bankroll a 'none of the above' party with neither candidates or policies - based on polls last time they would win a landslide victory. belgium showed up how to run a decent govt with no one in power. I gather it caused no end of upset in the EU as there was no one to ratify all those laws and statues they were handing down by the van full. I don't mind diane abbot so much when she isn't talking carp but labours 'end to boom and bust' created the whole mess we are stuck with along the runaway city created by having the fsa staffed by exbankers, both sides a
  10. interesting that it is 'owned' by one man with 30% held by a US commodities broker. I wonder how much of the income has been sidelined like every other oligarch.
  11. not such a good idea going by argentina and zimbabwe. I did actually do a somewhat larger post but wasn't sure how it would go down as it covers the ukraine problems, history and meddling. I was trained to fight wars by understanding that the origins are usually laid down in the past. ukraines current problems go back to the US backed orange revolution which like most of the decommunising ones were flawed from the start producing a govt that an african dictator would be proud of, this set the rot in with yanukovich following and the current coup was no better in its intentions, helping no on
  12. TA - sorry to be on such a downer and it is somewhat compressed. I've taken to listening to real world people on you tube, the kind of people max kaiser asks for advice. there are some very interesting theories using simple statistics for example we have had an economic crisis every seven years or so since nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. seeing as the last one was 2008 this is the year. and my missus is wants to go up a notch on the housing ladder. needless to say I am hesitant to the say the least, she keep saying we can stay three years and then move on, I am pointing out that
  13. I think the public are finally getting around to the truth out there, the state of greece and the EU/IMF shenanigans the constant racking up of US and UK debt to levels which can;t be repaid are all hitting home to all but those who will never lose out and so rise above it - namely the top 1% as it is known. the people know that recapitalising the banks and QE helped no one but the bankers and bond traders at the expense of the many. just like current anger at tax avoidance where the bulk of the population are not in a position to avoid tax like those who tell us what a good thing it is to on
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