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  1. Right in front of the Wood HQ on Justice Mill lane. Maybe they'll ge more work. Isnt the travelodge around there supposed to be getting converted into student accommodation? Was in Aberdeen for first time in a long time today. Lots of To Let signs and closed shops. 08.30am, drove straight down to city centre. Zero delays.... changed days indeed. Rumour has it Worley are shaping up to completely withdraw from ABZ and North Sea region by 2023/2024.
  2. Last Scottish election results..... 21.9% of the vote, above Labour... The only reason the SNP get so many Westminster MPs is because FPTP. SNP 1,291,204 47.7 1.2 62 3 1,094,374 40.3 1.4 2 Conservative 592,518 21.9 0.1 5 2 637,131 23.5 0.6 26 Labour 584,392 21.6 1.0 2 1 485,819 17.9 1.0 20
  3. Its not in great shape just now while Aberdeen dies a long slow death. A slo-mo car crash. The fast forward button will be pushed not the Greens are in government! Remember the last referendum? Didnt the SNP predict $120-140 per barrel was going to be the norm and we (Scots) would all be rich and factored that into the forward fiscal projections for an independent Scotland? Oops... The Green party: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9916325/Pavements-Brighton-Hove-overrun-WEEDS-council-banned-use-herbicides.html
  4. Second this above. Just sold house in Aberdeenshire. Nice place when working in Aberdeen, but now im not working in Aberdeen (full time in the office), no point being there. Where i was the broadband was shocking though. Had to use a 3 mobile MiFi thingy to get any connectivity. At the end of the telephone line from the exchange. Tried satellite broadband too, not that great TBH. The WFH revolution seems to be being embraced by the O&G lot. maybe 2 days in the office (i have a part time gig for a smaller EPC). So im in Fife (im a Fifer). When i had an injury back in 2010, i used the train to get to Aberdeen and back (and did work on the train). No amount of students, renewables, decommissioning or other happy thoughts is going to bring Aberdeen back from the brink.
  5. Used to be a poster on here. Oldies will remember him. ?...! He was insightful and inspirational. Oh i do miss him......
  6. My buyer was upsizing and from the 'Turra' area. His buyer was a downsizer from a 5 bedder in Huntly area. So both from 'local' area. Neither in O&G. However last year 2 sales (as ive mentioned before on this thread) of friends properties were bought by incomers from down south. Neither in O&G. More bang for your buck, sell a 2 bed semi in Englandshire and get a 4 bed with outbuildings and 10 acres in Aberdeenshire. If your looking for the quiet life, the 'Good Life', then its not a bad place to be. Id not been in Aberdeen for quite a while with the AWPR and WFH. No need to go there, but it was quite depressing last time i did.
  7. My anecdotal to add to the mix. I have sold my house in Aberdeenshire. Country place with some land. I dont work in Aberdeen anymore so no point staying there. I got a call out the blue from someone asking if I was selling, as they had had a knock on the door from someone asking if they were interested in selling. Neither of these two properties on the market. The locale is east of Turriff. From what im hearing, there is quite a few cases of this happening. Cutting out the middle man (estate agents) As for Aberdeen and the O&G industry, well, i dont think itll ever be the same again. Oil is 'riding high' but yet hardly any projects being sanctioned. Contractor rates abysmally low (compared to the last 10-15 years). WFH being embraced by most of the big and small EPCs and Oil companies. W00d and Petr0fac talking about 2 day in the office weeks going forward and theres chat of downsizing and more hotdesking. Decommissioning - which was the future 'lets get rich scheme' - dead in the water with the Allseas Pioneering Spirit chopping legs off and sailing away with the topsides.
  8. I went on ASPC to see what 136k would get me. Put in 2 bed flat, Aberdeen..... some of those prices are eyewatering!! Do people actually pay those prices. (1024 listed when i looked). Some at 175-199k!! Prices still mental.
  9. Noone knows whats going on with IR35 changes,rumour has it they are all waiting for mid February to wait and see what everyone else will do. Its likely that the 'cartel' will announce the same thing together with a united front saying the same thing. That was the opinion of KBR at a recruitment fair today - used the words the industry will present a united front. Take it along with most of the banks, Subsea 7, Xodus, SSE all stating no PSCs contractors inside IR35, think we know where thats all heading. Unless of course contractors can find a nice gig in a company under 50, or restricted turnover so they can still self assess their status. News from recent house sales in aberdeenshire from folks i know. 3 properties all with land. They all sold between August and November 2019. Place 1 - 5 acres new pitsligo area. had it 5 years, and paid 200k. wanted o/o 215k. Sold for 220k. On market around 5/6 months. Flurry of interest and offers. Didnt take it to closing date. went quiet then few more offers came in. Sold Place 2 - 11 acres new pitsligo area, bought in 2016 for 205k, wanted 285k. sold for 285k in october. on market for about 2/3 months starting in July. Under offer by August after closing date. They said that there was lots of interest, and majority were from down south. Place 3 - 17 acres banff area. Owned for quite a while. wanted o/o 385k, sold for 365k. On market for quite a long time. None of the above sellers work in Oil.
  10. Been talking about this for a while https://www.canzukinternational.com/category/free-movement whether it happens..... that’s another thing
  11. Shape of things to come. All the kids now want to be YouTube bloggers and reality stars.... where’s the engineers coming from. Add the fact that it’s not about investment it’s about maximising shareholder dividend.
  12. Anecdotal update on what my eyes see. Houses in my vicinity on the road. Aberdein Considine house fell through. Back to For Sale. One of the Stewart Watson homes the sign has gone and the other is still showing under offer. friends house with land. 3 notes of interest and 2 offers. Both rejected. I’ve been lead to believe they were offers over around 8%. But they are expecting >15%. Unfortunately that was around 2 weeks ago. And now it’s went very quiet for them. Safe to say they’ve missed the boat I think. The novelty factor has worn off and in it for the long haul now...
  13. My input anecdotally. Unbiased as I’m not buying or selling. Just some info from a seller and what I see. Aberdeenshire to the north of Aberdeen. In a radius of 5 miles from me on the road I take to get to Aberdeen. 3 properties. One Aberdein Considine and 2 others Stewart Watson. Under offer or sold on the signs. One has land. 2 don’t. One has been on the market ages, two came on and under offer/sold in about 1-2 months. Friend who is selling. Small house. 6 acres with stables. On market 5 weeks 3 notes of interest and 2 offers. The the vast majority of houses on ASPC must be flats/apartments and other smaller houses? Anyone done the number crunching analysis?
  14. Interestingly. I bought in Aberdeenshire in 2011. Needed a house with land for horses. When looking on the usual sites if I remember ASPC total was around 1500? And places with land was in the 110 mark. with ASPC at 5711 today. By filtering on the word ‘acres’ yields 249 properties. And that includes some houses with postage stamps and or in street name with acres in the title. so this has remained largely stagnant and the places with land, the good ones, in the shire are moving quite quickly.
  15. Yes. Late starter after an apprenticeship. Studied engineering at Edinburgh.
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