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  1. Noone knows whats going on with IR35 changes,rumour has it they are all waiting for mid February to wait and see what everyone else will do. Its likely that the 'cartel' will announce the same thing together with a united front saying the same thing. That was the opinion of KBR at a recruitment fair today - used the words the industry will present a united front. Take it along with most of the banks, Subsea 7, Xodus, SSE all stating no PSCs contractors inside IR35, think we know where thats all heading. Unless of course contractors can find a nice gig in a company under 50, or restricted turnover so they can still self assess their status. News from recent house sales in aberdeenshire from folks i know. 3 properties all with land. They all sold between August and November 2019. Place 1 - 5 acres new pitsligo area. had it 5 years, and paid 200k. wanted o/o 215k. Sold for 220k. On market around 5/6 months. Flurry of interest and offers. Didnt take it to closing date. went quiet then few more offers came in. Sold Place 2 - 11 acres new pitsligo area, bought in 2016 for 205k, wanted 285k. sold for 285k in october. on market for about 2/3 months starting in July. Under offer by August after closing date. They said that there was lots of interest, and majority were from down south. Place 3 - 17 acres banff area. Owned for quite a while. wanted o/o 385k, sold for 365k. On market for quite a long time. None of the above sellers work in Oil.
  2. Been talking about this for a while https://www.canzukinternational.com/category/free-movement whether it happens..... that’s another thing
  3. Shape of things to come. All the kids now want to be YouTube bloggers and reality stars.... where’s the engineers coming from. Add the fact that it’s not about investment it’s about maximising shareholder dividend.
  4. Anecdotal update on what my eyes see. Houses in my vicinity on the road. Aberdein Considine house fell through. Back to For Sale. One of the Stewart Watson homes the sign has gone and the other is still showing under offer. friends house with land. 3 notes of interest and 2 offers. Both rejected. I’ve been lead to believe they were offers over around 8%. But they are expecting >15%. Unfortunately that was around 2 weeks ago. And now it’s went very quiet for them. Safe to say they’ve missed the boat I think. The novelty factor has worn off and in it for the long haul now...
  5. My input anecdotally. Unbiased as I’m not buying or selling. Just some info from a seller and what I see. Aberdeenshire to the north of Aberdeen. In a radius of 5 miles from me on the road I take to get to Aberdeen. 3 properties. One Aberdein Considine and 2 others Stewart Watson. Under offer or sold on the signs. One has land. 2 don’t. One has been on the market ages, two came on and under offer/sold in about 1-2 months. Friend who is selling. Small house. 6 acres with stables. On market 5 weeks 3 notes of interest and 2 offers. The the vast majority of houses on ASPC must be flats/apartments and other smaller houses? Anyone done the number crunching analysis?
  6. Interestingly. I bought in Aberdeenshire in 2011. Needed a house with land for horses. When looking on the usual sites if I remember ASPC total was around 1500? And places with land was in the 110 mark. with ASPC at 5711 today. By filtering on the word ‘acres’ yields 249 properties. And that includes some houses with postage stamps and or in street name with acres in the title. so this has remained largely stagnant and the places with land, the good ones, in the shire are moving quite quickly.
  7. Yes. Late starter after an apprenticeship. Studied engineering at Edinburgh.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-46370504 I personally have seen a huge uptick in agency emails, adverts and talk amongst people looking for new starts.
  9. Sounds like loads of contractors closed their Ltd Co’s.... as states it was professional, technical sector.
  10. Correlation with contractor rates? Employment? FRom the latest movers and info i have, there is some investment happening. The Finlaggan project which Worleys have, PDMS have won work from KCA in Baku (ok not north sea but work happening in ABZ), Woodies have won some more work and i know friends who are back there. From what Ive also seen, in the Aberdeen area, if your a driller, a structural engineer or piper, there are quite a few more jobs around to be had. OK, not the same in the heyday, but rates are creeping back up. Anecdotally, i know Lead Pipers rates have been moving upward. Also know a process engineer in a smaller operator, recently moved, commanding upwards of £80+ per hour and rising. Will this save the house prices from falling further, probably not, but the rates are rising, and the jobs are filtering through. Back to houses, i know someone who works on oil trying to sell a house in Kemnay, the one of 7 on the street, Stuart Crescent. Not going to say which one but go see ASPC to see them all. Been on the market for a long time. No bites at all. But there have been some distressed sales https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/15-stuart-crescent/kemnay/inverurie/ab51-5rz/31021761 Sold in 2013 for £399k, 2018 sold for £296k.... ouch. This has inadvertently dropped the valuations while these languish. If they dont get the price they want, they will just keep it, as they arent giving it away.....
  11. I’m hearing lots of tendering going on and should come to fruition end Q1 and in Q2 for the big EPCs. Lots of short term ‘bed hopping’ work for contractors. But not the big numbers as seen before and now deign long termed coming back into the fold. interestingly. An EPC which sounds like it rivals Ikea have given a juicy 3-4% pay rise for staff in already overpriced and overpaid Melbourne office...
  12. Particleman on the money as usual http://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/australian-economy/australias-economy-is-built-on-shaky-foundations-and-its-about-to-collapse/news-story/d924ef058941e0df3b8e4896e38db882
  13. I just had a quick look on ASPC at 2 bedroom flat prices in town. I'm not looking for a flat BTW but know quite a few folks who have them and rent them out. i saw prices in the selection I saw range from £92k to £280k! £280k for a 2 bedroom flat??? anecdotally one of them I know just managed to get the flat rented out again. Down from £950 at peak to £650 per month a few weeks ago. Flat in a reasonable new build. Ground floor top of Holborn area. Like so many others they bought a flat before, price skyrocketed from £40k to £100k. Sold that then fed that gain forward to the current place. Who on earth is going to buy these 2 bedroom flats. All 1093 of them sitting on the market? 1 bedroom flats. 660 of them all look like they're averaging the £100k to £120k.... highest i saw in my selection was £220k... WTF?? still madness...
  14. It all seems to have went flatline in the O&G game just now. From what I'm seeing and hearing the big EPCs have stopped haemorrhaging jobs. Wood Group are obviously buying Amec. Amec have won a Buzzard Phase 2 FEED and are manning up for that (or redeploying existing peeps). Petrofac seem to be recruiting too. Its the smaller companies who are cleaning up with the work. Companies like Apollo and PD&MS are recruiting. The latter for quite a few bodies lately. it seems that if you have a job now. The general feeling is that you're safe now and past the worst. Not saying it's on the up. But it's not getting worse. Some might say slightly getting better. How will this translate into the housing market tho, well that's a different story. Still lots of people out of work who did let go. I have heard quite a few anecdotal of offshore workers being out over a year and their parents are paying their mortgages! Another anecdotal is a friend has put his house up for sale on north side of Inverurie. Not looking good. In NE, on market for a while and competing with the new builds. Apparently there's another 416? New builds going up round the new school on the oldmeldrum road at Inverurie. More oversupply. Another anecdotal with a friend few days ago and a conversation with his daughter. House in Cove. Up in arms as the house was 'undervalued' by surveyor. Dad told them to challenge that. It's worth much more! They're not giving it away.... The mindset remains....
  15. AMEC town hall this week they were told it'll be done n dusted by November this year..... watch this space. WG confirmed their HQ will be the one staying.
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