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  1. The only thing that is going to take this housing market down is much higher rates, and for that to happen it will be something big making us raise rates uncontrollably - like trying to join the ERM. No government is going to willingly put rates up. What is the level of personal debt in 2020, it must be at a all time high? If we have hyperinflation then I'm not sure what will happen. In the 70s you did well if you had a house then during that double digit bout, as houses rocketed

  2. On 07/03/2020 at 09:25, slawek said:

    I haven't said anything how the UK is doing relatively to other countries. My guess would be it is not the worst place but it is far from perfect, especially after Brexit, which emboldened some nasty elements in the society. 

    I've put it here as Leavers are still in a deny about racism/xenophobia in this country, which were/are one of the main drivers of Brexit.  

    Until remainers grasp the main drivers of Brexit you will never have peace. The fact that they didn't grasp it is the reason that remainers formed the view that we should not leave and still are mystified today about brexit as some on this thread demonstate. As for nastyness its very clear that the sour grapes, the bad behaviour, the bitterness, lack of understanding of democracy and the trying of any dirty trick that could be pulled to try to stop brexit all came from remainers. Really you should move on its not healthy for you to have such a chip on your shoulders

  3. I have to buy because like the other chap who found the site in 2003 as a 20 something I can't wait anymore. But to negate the risk of a crash I'm buying miles from my hometown in a supercheap depressed area. Nobody can underestimate what the government can do to underwrite the market after last time, HTB, FLS, QE you name it.... If they do crash, then bonus. I trade up cheap.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Simhadri said:

    Me buying 3 homes didn't kill anybody. .

    Oh I see. It all makes perfect sense now. You are a BTL leech and now guilt has trickled in, but you try to free yourself of the guilt of ruining peoples lives that you reflect it away from yourself and onto those who you have priced out who are just trying to afford an overpriced house by investing wisely. Such a kind moral soul you are NOT.

  5. On 06/03/2020 at 13:07, scottbeard said:

    Ugh this article is just dripping with all that's wrong about the UK property market.

    Firstly the title is "coronavirus hitting house prices" - when actually there is no data on this (yet) just evidence of people pulling out of sales!

    Then you get quotes like:

    No, that is NOT the question on everyone's lips!

    Most people are asking "are my elderly friends and relatives going to be OK?" or at the very least "is my holiday going to be cancelled?"

    Only 'property experts' are worried about the housing market impact

    I'm actually buying right now and I'm nearing the exchange stage. Yes it worries me - am I doing the right thing etc, should I stay out of England and wait for this virus to come and go.... Will I get a bargain if I pull out and wait? But I'm already getting a cheap house and circumstances are that I need to do it now , not wait anymore. If I was planning to buy in London though I'd be pulling out, well not buying in the first place either...

  6. 6 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    It a valid point not left or right wing.

    We have millions of people doing customer service jobs on zero hours contract with no entitlement to sick pay and probably without the means to fund two weeks self isolation. What are the chances of them taking two weeks off work because they have what is probably just a cough?

    Not very much, which is why they should enforce them to do so and pay them a higher rate than the standard SSP- ONLY if tested positive for the virus

  7. Big question I'm most bothered about is why are the UK NOT saying that the virus can be spread even if you have no sympthoms??? Everywhere else in the world is saying that it can be. EG those exposed to a person who tested positive for it, had no sympthoms but tested postive themselves in China and other places.

  8. 1 hour ago, sikejsudjek said:

    No. What's your point ? Its Tory policy to make people wait 5 weeks for universal credit which they're suggesting will be enough of an incentive to keep people self isolated. I know it wouldn't reassure me to stay off work as a self employed worker.....

    The loony left will even use a fatal virus to try to score political points, its very sad really

  9. Well 100% agree. I was lucky not to be taken out and I've seen these boarded up houses. Yes it has cheap housing, but look around enough and you will see why. Council in charge of regeneration because no private company would take the risk of investment. Kirkby Council borrowing a load for this. Councils running town centres, put a bunch of civil servants in charge of this - What can go wrong? 

  10. 1 hour ago, kzb said:

    Maybe but that is not the precise point.

    UK road fatalities are 3.1 per 100,000 per year.   In 85 years you have a lifetime death rate of 0.26%.

    This is seen as unacceptable.  It is described as "carnage".

    In the case of road deaths, virtually the whole population has the virus, because nearly everyone is a "road user".

    Unacceptable, but we still have roads that are in worse condition than third world countries.  Pot holes which cause accidents, blow outs and all sorts yet this government want to spend out 1.2 Billion quid on a new PC for the Met Office rather than fix these roads/  Even on fast roads even like the M1 and A1, its a worldwide embarrassment and a an absolute disgrace

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