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  1. 13 hours ago, Kosmin said:

    He scraped a second class degree! Maybe you only have a few O Levels, but other posters have firsts, postgraduate degrees and professional qualifications.

    On what do you base this claim? 

    Many factors are more important and Johnson isn't the first to demonstrate this.


    Oh I'm sure you would much rather have the thickos that are Rebecca Long Bailey and Diane Abbott in charge. God help us

  2. Reminds me of a time in the 2000's when I viewed a vacant house in Nuneaton. One bedroom had a bed in it just an unmade mattress. Had the viewing then drove off. I drove by again 5 mins later after doing a reccy of local surroundings. I saw the agent going into the house with one of the fit girls from the agents office branch who had just driven up in another car. Oh yeah I thought.....know wat they are up to

    Few days later when I went into the branch seemingly empty when walking in - both appeared from the back of the office eventually very guilty looking and dishevelled, definately an affair going on there... Best not name the agent chain...

  3. 16 minutes ago, Peter Hun said:

    UK to ban mass gatherings in coronavirus U-turn

    Measure likely to come into effect next week after sporting bodies and others act unilaterally

    Mass gatherings are to be banned across the UK from next weekend, the government has announced after Boris Johnson’s cautious approach to the coronavirus outbreak was overtaken by care homes, sporting bodies and even the Queen taking matters into their own hands.


    Typical Guardian spin on it. That is not how it played out. That 'news'paper is only fit for wiping ones **** with when we run out of bog roll.

  4. 5 hours ago, Peter Hun said:

    Cummings I guess, it would fit his crackpot ideas. BoJo the Clown would be clueless, he's thick.

    I'm sure that our Prime Minister had a far higher level of education than most if not all of us here and his level of intelligence is very high. You would expect that of a prime minister. He also can speak other languages. Again I say leave out your anti brexit remoaner bias

  5. 2 hours ago, markyh said:

    I am curious how long china can lockdown for, and what happens when they fully relax. We can easily tell by their Skys, blue skies are back, once they resume they will be back to smog and grey skies within weeks. 

    Will they then have an explosion of cases again within a month. Do they have the capacity to lockdown for a year? And 100% any outside infection reentering their country, impossible I would say.

    Interesting. Surely the time for us to lockdown has passed, by the time they try to do it, everyone will already have/had it or be carrying it with no sympthoms, so it will have no effect

  6. 33 minutes ago, Habeas Domus said:

    Something a lot of people are missing is that many people catching Covid Ni Ni Nineteen and then recovering will still end up with respiratory problems and other medical issues that may linger for years, putting yet more pressure on the health system.

    Absolutely, and it could kill them months or a few years down the line. In health there is often a cause and effect downward spiral.I saw it in my late mother as soon as she got into hospital... The often repeated don't go into xxxx hospital, as you don't come out is very true

  7. 50 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebenstein said:

    Not as severe, but I had an abnormally heavy cold after my US trip late November and i've now spoken to a second person (a customer) who like a colleague also got pneumonia on the same trip.

    At the event there were numerous Chinese technology companies. i am wondering if another strain of this were circulating earlier than suggested.

    Sounds like it, it was covered up in china for ages

  8. Quote



    Imagine if you'd just paid WAY over the odds for a shiny HTB newbuild.



    I'd personally be gutted, but 99% of home buyers have no thought about finance at all, and wouldn't understand the magnitude of the amount of money they have spent, let alone the current situation on the economy and future of the mortgage debt

  9. 17 hours ago, neon tetra said:

    Wise folks, I need some talking down. I have an offer accepted on a house. Process started. (I’ve been on this message board for about 11 years, so I am very cautious...)

    But... 20% of my fairly chunky deposit is in the FTSE. I am about to realise some nasty losses.

    Then there is what will happen to house prices. This seems like the start of the crash.

    Should I be pulling out / renegotiating?

    (open for being talked down, or comforted, or both)

    Depends on the house and if you think it is already fairly priced or not relative to others you have seen in similar condition and area. Whereabouts is this house, if in SE I would be cautious

  10. 4 hours ago, iamnumerate said:

    Yes but getting rid of the benefit cap and having a minister who thinks that rape victims should keep quiet are prices far too high to pay.  I wouldn't vote for a party that has Naz Shah as a minister if I were going to be paid 10 million pounds.

    Also although the current situation is bad  - not all alternatives are better - as Venezuelans know too well.

    Exactly. Labour going trying to take us back to the 70s and blaming todays 'problems' on a dead woman who hasn't been in power for 30 years. 13 of those years were a labour government who created the 2007 boom and bust plus massive House price inflation, god people have short memories

  11. 29 minutes ago, rollover said:

    That's what is Russia doing right now.

    China dealt with it better than us. Singapore, South Korea etc. When it comes down to it, these days the UK seems unable to control anything. There is no closure of borders ever for anything at all, no air travel bans, no prevention of movement of people, even when they are criminals who are let out, they are tagged, but no prevented from moving about. Sucessive UK governments for years have lacked the will, resolve and organisation to prepare and manage anything like this ever since quarantine was relaxed (in the 50s?)

    Even a few weeks ago we had a Corona paitent in MK hospital on a public ward not isolated! Let's face it , its going to be a disaster here

  12. 22 hours ago, Smiley George said:

    If this doesn't cause a HPC, then you can pretty sure the chances of one ever happening are pretty slim.

    If the financial crisis which is unraveling before our very eyes doesn't cause a correction in house prices, I'd be amazed.

    I'd given up on a HPC so I'm actually buying in the North. About 2 weeks from exchange. Starting to wonder if it's such a good idea. It is a cheap house even for the (ok) area, owner selling cheap because of circumstances. Hmmmm but will there be many more better bargains after a year.... waited too long already though

  13. 21 hours ago, Smiley George said:

    Yep, I can see that as a valid outcome as well. 

    Boris has a perfect opportunity to remove the props and allow the market to correct and has a brilliant scapegoat in Coronavirus. He could say no more HTB we're stopping that and redirecting that money to the NHS. Keeping FTB's alive is a higher priority than propping up the housing market - and who could argue?

    He won't do it. He's a socialist. Part of the budget is housebuilding. Most if not all MP's are all into BTL and multiple property investment.

  14. On 12/03/2020 at 08:23, hurlerontheditch said:

    people wont be forced out. poor home owners got ill and will be bailed out, whether that is payment holidays or refinancing adding another few years to the mortgage. this is what will happen

    That will still add interest to the debt which must be repaid. What we need is a rise in interest rates over which the BoE have no control or alternative to implement.

  15. Agreed with the above posts. You'd think that this could be it for house prices especially in the SE. On the other hand this could be a 2-3 month blip once Corona is peaked. Nobody knows. It could linger on all year. Mutate even and come back next winter. As for the effect on the markets and economy well we all knew we had an asset price bubble from the last lot of QE and emergency actions 2007 onwards, those measures may not work this time, not so many tools in the chest? I don't know. Not after last time, they will try to prop it up at all costs, you can see that in the way they are handling the Corona crisis, trying to keep business going and life as normal as possible when they should be locking towns down like Italy

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