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  1. Oh I'm sure you would much rather have the thickos that are Rebecca Long Bailey and Diane Abbott in charge. God help us
  2. Reminds me of a time in the 2000's when I viewed a vacant house in Nuneaton. One bedroom had a bed in it just an unmade mattress. Had the viewing then drove off. I drove by again 5 mins later after doing a reccy of local surroundings. I saw the agent going into the house with one of the fit girls from the agents office branch who had just driven up in another car. Oh yeah I thought.....know wat they are up to Few days later when I went into the branch seemingly empty when walking in - both appeared from the back of the office eventually very guilty looking and dishevelled, definately an affair going on there... Best not name the agent chain...
  3. Typical Guardian spin on it. That is not how it played out. That 'news'paper is only fit for wiping ones **** with when we run out of bog roll.
  4. I'm sure that our Prime Minister had a far higher level of education than most if not all of us here and his level of intelligence is very high. You would expect that of a prime minister. He also can speak other languages. Again I say leave out your anti brexit remoaner bias
  5. Because its the UK medical professionals who think they know better than WHO
  6. Interesting. Surely the time for us to lockdown has passed, by the time they try to do it, everyone will already have/had it or be carrying it with no sympthoms, so it will have no effect
  7. Absolutely, and it could kill them months or a few years down the line. In health there is often a cause and effect downward spiral.I saw it in my late mother as soon as she got into hospital... The often repeated don't go into xxxx hospital, as you don't come out is very true
  8. It's kicking off on mumsnet https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/3846794-To-be-amazed-at-how-many-people-are-making-excuses? people worried about kids being off/losing jobs/losing income and people not self isolating due to money hits plus people who think its just mild flu
  9. I'd personally be gutted, but 99% of home buyers have no thought about finance at all, and wouldn't understand the magnitude of the amount of money they have spent, let alone the current situation on the economy and future of the mortgage debt
  10. Depends on the house and if you think it is already fairly priced or not relative to others you have seen in similar condition and area. Whereabouts is this house, if in SE I would be cautious
  11. Yes indeed, its not going to end well for these councils meddling in retail that they know nothing about. Who is going to bail them out then?? Serious questions need to be asked, the mainstream media have not even challenged this policy just reported it as good for the local area etc
  12. Exactly. Labour going trying to take us back to the 70s and blaming todays 'problems' on a dead woman who hasn't been in power for 30 years. 13 of those years were a labour government who created the 2007 boom and bust plus massive House price inflation, god people have short memories
  13. China dealt with it better than us. Singapore, South Korea etc. When it comes down to it, these days the UK seems unable to control anything. There is no closure of borders ever for anything at all, no air travel bans, no prevention of movement of people, even when they are criminals who are let out, they are tagged, but no prevented from moving about. Sucessive UK governments for years have lacked the will, resolve and organisation to prepare and manage anything like this ever since quarantine was relaxed (in the 50s?) Even a few weeks ago we had a Corona paitent in MK hospital on a public ward not isolated! Let's face it , its going to be a disaster here
  14. I'd given up on a HPC so I'm actually buying in the North. About 2 weeks from exchange. Starting to wonder if it's such a good idea. It is a cheap house even for the (ok) area, owner selling cheap because of circumstances. Hmmmm but will there be many more better bargains after a year.... waited too long already though
  15. He won't do it. He's a socialist. Part of the budget is housebuilding. Most if not all MP's are all into BTL and multiple property investment.
  16. That will still add interest to the debt which must be repaid. What we need is a rise in interest rates over which the BoE have no control or alternative to implement.
  17. Twice the risk of a mortgage default, and a bigger one if both loose their jobs.
  18. Agreed with the above posts. You'd think that this could be it for house prices especially in the SE. On the other hand this could be a 2-3 month blip once Corona is peaked. Nobody knows. It could linger on all year. Mutate even and come back next winter. As for the effect on the markets and economy well we all knew we had an asset price bubble from the last lot of QE and emergency actions 2007 onwards, those measures may not work this time, not so many tools in the chest? I don't know. Not after last time, they will try to prop it up at all costs, you can see that in the way they are handling the Corona crisis, trying to keep business going and life as normal as possible when they should be locking towns down like Italy
  19. Metro Bank.... any others ? Who is likely to need a bail out if there is a house price crash due to the Corona recession, anyone have any figures
  20. Love it. And it did go back into the red. Carnage, GTFO back to Canada
  21. We all knew the markets around the world were due a correction after such a bull run and this is with the UK and much of Europe on life support still from 2008. We just needed something to trigger it, Corona is it. And yes the virus has been underestimated by many "Flu kills more mentality..."
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