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  1. 59 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    Funny how this was only apparent to our governments high powered advisory team today. The very simple underlying maths was obvious a week ago from the public information coming out of Italy.

    NB Even the claim 8 times bed capacity massively understates the problem as +80% of those beds are already in use for patients with other conditions.

    Delay will only work for countries like Germany with vastly more IC resources than the UK. For the UK it is implement effective suppression or give up. Yesterday Johnson realised the population won't accept a give up policy.  

    Yet there are pub landlords and others complaining about the lockdowns. The government are damned if they do and damned if they don't. The people moaning and screaming about the governments handling are Labour party anti Tory activists sadly trying to use this for political gain to further their own agenda. If anyone has to get this virus I hope that ironically it will be them... Karma

  2. Listening to Radio 4 earlier I heard a lot of people bleating for financial support through this, some guy who owned or was representing a load of pub owners. Radio 4 talking about these people wanting benefits through this period. It annoys me because I haven't worked for 3 years and I'm supporting myself through savings, I can't claim anything and don't expect to. Welcome to my world of no income. It's amazing how many people live pay packet to pay packet with barely a month of savings if they aren't earning. Also the amount of bills they have, which I'm sure are non essential items, which is why they have no savings in the first place. Complete lack of financial sense and its tax payers who will pay for them and the prudent.

  3. I'm fed up of looking to be honest. Yes I might save 10K if I waited til next year but will the house be in the same/as good location etc? Was listening to Radio 4 tonight, I have never heard the BBC be so bearish. The presenter said to the commentator, "It's not are we heading into a recession, it's how bad will it be, isn't it?" . The guy agreed and then lots of blah blah about it feeling like 2008 except the banks are in better shape...

  4. Just now, regprentice said:

    That's my experience of working in Central Government. I'm there right now. 

    I agree with your comments abut government red tape. And how difficult it is to get production of ventilators. I have been a civil servant. I don't agree with the rest of what you said about the government. A lot of the remainer MPs have gone. It has been said that 40% of the civil service need clearing out to finish the job because their attitudes make it it difficult for us to finish the job of being out.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Kosmin said:

     But now maybe all they have to do is point to the disaster of the pandemic response*, observe the Tories policies in 2010-19 hampered the response and the only difference after Johnson took over was a cavalier attitude taking by "weirdo and misfit advisers" like Cummings. Enter safe, competent, centrist Keir Starmer. 

    * Pandemics and natural disasters lead people to vote for the opposition even if they don't think it had anything to do with the government. So even if most people think the government handle it well, this is likely to be bad for incumbents.

    I think you are in another world. Most of the electorate don't think like you, thank goodness. Another person moved across from the brexit thread who can't see beyond their anti brexit tunnel vision and obession with people like Cummings. Its quite dangerous really -

    1. that they still have accepted and moved on

    and 2. they are letting it cloud their vision at a time like this, regarding things that have zero to do with brexit

    * On the other hand in times of crisis some leaders can boost their popularity, eg Falkands War - Thatcher.

  6. 8 minutes ago, thecrashingisles said:

    You're forgetting that Britain is an island, so with most flights grounded, there isn't a border to close.

    Did you forget the ferry ports, and the channel tunnel. I've not heard about any control happening on who is coming in via train, car, lorrry etc. That's always been the problem regarding migration, absolutely no checks or border control. Piss up, brewery when it comes to stuff like that in the UK, I have absolutely no confidence in any government since the 90s regarding this sort of stuff.

  7. On 15/03/2020 at 08:54, regprentice said:


    There isn't a hope govt could turn around that kind of effort in under a year. I've Dominic Cummings will be sitting there saying 'it's worth holding the ventilators back 2 weeks to give us time to work on the branding so we can increase the user engagement from 93% to 95%.

    I think you need to stop confusing Channel 4 anti brexit fictional movies with what actually happened and is happening now in reality

  8. 45 minutes ago, slawek said:

    What some experts thinks about the government strategy

    The direction of the UK Government strategy on theCOVID-19 pandemic must change immediately to prevent catastrophe


    That is scary shit. I keep telling people that it affects younger people too - they tell me only the old and/or people with other health conditions will die, younger people will recover at home. Really this report suggests they need hospital treatment. Would the authors of this report have us in lock down for 4 months though? That is a big ask as Bruce says

  9. 4 minutes ago, slawek said:

    I think they want to keep the schools open to get all the kids infected so they become a part of the population immune to the virus. This is a very devious plan.    

    Talked to a friend who is a know it all teacher. (Miss never wrong - don't even try to argue) She says more people die of flu and there is no cure for flu either, we just become immune to it, so there is no cure for Corona either. Couldn't get a word in to ask what is the flu jab then...

  10. 6 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    An instruction aimed at protecting others from me is perfectly justified, but an instruction aimed at protecting me from others is not. Hence my earlier question "Are the over 70s more likely to spread the disease than younger citizens".

    Schools will be locked down soon as well, it will all be locked down or should be and this debate will become irrelevant. End of the day you should just do what the government say in times like this - regardless of if you agree with it or not

  11. 2 hours ago, MARTINX9 said:

    Exactly how are we going to enforce the coming lockdown including closing pubs and nightclubs and cinemas etc. All shut in France - from tonight - Spain and Italy now.

    We have a generation of millennials many of whom don’t get the concept of being told no - they will consider it a micro aggression and retire to their safe space or at the other extreme throw abuse and start a tantrum.


    That is the problem, I was thinking the same thing. How will it be enforced. How are they enforcing the not going out thing? Will the only people on our streets in London at night be rebellious young morons?

  12. 1 hour ago, Bruce Banner said:

    "all people in Britain aged over 70 will be instructed to stay in strict isolation at home or in care homes for four months."

    Fortunately, my wife and I are under 70 as we don't respond well to instructions.

    Are the over 70s more likely to spread the disease than younger citizens.


    No but they are more likely to die from it. So you would ignore this intruction because of what? You are selfish and irresponsible. And very obessed with your hatred of BJ to the point of being dangerous to yourslef and others

  13. 37 minutes ago, DarkHorseWaits-NoMore said:

    Wow, looks like the Airlines are squealing, if their share price drops to near zero, the gov't could pick them up for pennies. Could be a renationalisation wet dream. Now, what if this could be engineered for the railways... It's not too much of a stretch to imagine the gov't owning a lot more businesses before too long.


    When has the UK government ever owned an airline. Would you want to fly on it? If it was run with the efficiency of civil servants you are talking a loss making airline costing the government billions to run each year.

  14. 5 hours ago, regprentice said:

    I believe the calls they are getting are along the lines of 'this teenager sneezed on my child on the bus then laughed. What are you going to do about it.


    I can believe that. Kids are horrible little shits. One random kid I walked past the other day in the town told me he had the Corona virus. Quite what the police are supposed to do about kids coughing on other kids on purpose and thinking it's funny I don't know. I blame the parents, and society.

  15. 5 hours ago, Peter Hun said:

    It is true, however.

    That the Guardian prints crap, yes. If you are going to read news, get it from a quality source, or at least use a quality reliable unbiased source of news to link to on this forum for us to back up your points. This is HPC, not the socialist worker magazine.

  16. 3 hours ago, regprentice said:

    My sister in law is a police 999 operator. She's been ranting this week about 'idiots' getting panicked about the virus and she's been sternly telling the not to waste police time and it's just a bad cold.

    You'd imagine if there was going to be some government recognition of the severity of the illness then 999 operators would be amongst the first to know so they could get people help they needed. 

    So no medical training or background then? This is irresponsible behaviour. If I was told that, I would be complaining to someone in charge of this operator. There ought to be some training coming down from management about the situation, to stop people like your sister in law talking crap.

  17. 5 hours ago, slawek said:

    They are dishonest or incoherent about their arguments.

    Otherwise they would have said: we don't know if the herd immunity will work, it will cost 1m lives but it will likely have less impact on the economy than what other countries are doing that is why we recommend it.

    Instead they BS about schools, flattening curve, timing, scientific evidences etc, without mentioning costs and benefits of different options. I haven't heard them saying that about 1m people, mostly old and vulnerable will die, if we follow their strategy.

    It is up to us to make a call what is more important human lives or the economy. They are playing Gods manipulating gullible public opinion.

    Its timing to not overwhelm the hospitals. But if they take the other approach of few weeks lockdown eg Ireland, then more could also die when people catch it after this period and a sudden overwhelming peak of cases will be stacked up at the hospitals.... too many to treat. The way they are doing this could be the best way of saving more lives.

    Which one do you choose gun A or gun B..?


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