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  1. 2 hours ago, scottbeard said:


    In a credit crunch looser credit is virtually 100% of the solution.

    Here it is clearly isn't.

    I look at it as more a measure to try and help make sure that when this virus goes away we haven't lost every piece of UK economic infrastructure in the meantime.  Right now people don't want pubs, clubs, travel firms or whatever. But in 2021, 2022 etc they will want them, and we don't want the whole lot to have gone bust in the meantime.


    Do you think that in their attempts to save the damage to the economy they have actually made it worse?

    Over a month ago Saddo Khan told everyone that the London Underground is safe and there is no need not to use it and he is still doing so.  I remember thinking at the time, Undeground, in London... where there are lots of foreigners flying in and out, first place to get it no thanks. Yesterday he advised not to use it, like that should have been the advice ages ago.

    Printing QE/ Bond buying / rate cuts, will not help anyway and are they actually making the economy worse by doing this?

  2. 15 hours ago, longgone said:

    think i will sit this out.  




    We are closely following official advice regarding coronavirus (Covid-19). Given the evolving situation, we have decided that our auction on Thursday 26 March will be held via remote bidding only.


    Anyone else absolutely hate auctions?  As soon as another buyer comes along, that cheap house gets bidded up to a stupid level. I just walk at the thought of them, some even have non refundable fees that go to the agent. ("Modern mehtod of auction") Load of rubbish

  3. 10 minutes ago, Neapolitan said:

    This government is still failing to understand what the situation is now. There are millions of people paying rents, mortgages whose jobs will be severely affected. These people will not be in the position to meet basic living needs in not just a month but weeks. These people need help. Rents and mortgage payments must be stopped, as well as bills. We need to understand we will need to live with this virus for months, and we cannot close countries. They need to build new hospitals new beds, thousands of them, test everyone everywhere and let life begin again. This could be done in 3 months. Europe have the industrial capacity to build hundreds of thousands of ICU machine per month, in not weeks. They need to act now, before it’s too late. 

    This country is pathetic. China built hospitals, well functional enough for the purpose in days. We can't do that. The UK is terrible at stuff like this. They have to have 20 meetings first. Or hold an enquiry costing loads and taking months telling us what we all knew and could have told them for free in the first place.

    Take roads. It takes 3-4 years to put a new lane in on the M1 and call it a 'smart motorway'. China / Hong Kong build whole new motorways in less than 6 months. With roadworks they are there for a month, could have been done in 2 days, but no its there for a months and 99% of time nobody is there working. Pathetic


  4. 32 minutes ago, longgone said:

    I have done this already years back but stopped going they want you to go in every two weeks even though i am receiving no benefits from them. all they told you to do was use universal job search waste of time. 

    The main issue now is i have to self isolate with my mother as i live there yet no one has mentioned this if i don`t too what is the point of her doing it.  No one is going to be recruiting now anyway so god knows what is going to happen thousands if not more are going to lose their jobs. 

    it`s not about the money really for me just fancied going back to work this year,  i was requested for a second interview already this year but the terms they stated to me in the telephone interview was ridiculous, you may may need to work in excess of 40hrs with possibility of time of in lieu.  

    anyway don`t want to change the topic of this thread. 

    I did hear on radio 1 that all those in the same house must self isolate together with the effected person. It does make you wonder if it will now get harder to find work. Good luck

  5. 35 minutes ago, Social Justice League said:

    Everyone who works would get it too.  At the moment if you have a job you can't claim benefits.

    It would be a safety net that everyone would recieve.  Working part time would be more common but imo there is nothing wrong with that.

    Anyone else think it strange to tax you and then give the money back through this Citizens Income.? A better plan would be to tax everyone less in the first place. People will get used to this CI payment if they are working and then it will go towards rent and mortgage, cost of living budgets etc. Then when they are falling on hard times with no job it won't be enough to cover their outgoings. People have no restraint and spend most of not all of what money thay have. They will then be crying for more benefits when they lose their jobs. Not convinced.

  6. 37 minutes ago, Dorkins said:

    Land value tax would pay for it, compensation for the theft of the commons which the vast majority of us are still suffering from (work like a dog for decades to have basic shelter).

    I heard the arguement for this tax but what effect will it have on house prices and home owners present and future?

    Regarding CI again if all it will pay for is a HMO then is it a low amount based across the UK , or are they just living in London?

  7. 2 hours ago, scottbeard said:

    That’s why setting the level is so tricky - it has to be high enough that those on CI alone don’t die, but low enough that almost everyone would choose to work to top it up.

    The brilliant thing is there would be no “16 hour cut off” or people who say “no point working as it just cuts my benefits” - every single hour of work would add to your income.

    What you’d end up with i suspect is more part time working but fewer people doing none.

    Of course you restructure the tax system so that every single hour is taxed too - no personal allowance (but then why do you need one? You have CI).

    This is basically exactly the same system we already operate for those over State Pension Age - CI is extending it to everyone over 18

    You may sell it to me on that basis as long as it is not means tested at all. I've seen plenty of people lately that are lost causes. No way will they ever get work, they have been on drink/drugs too long and can barely string a sentance together that makes any sense. They need help, not more benefits. I agree that all these working tax credits should be scrapped and so should child tax credits since all it does is encourage people to make a career out of dropping sprogs. All paid for by us.

  8. 57 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    Of course it was the Brexit budget. We have Boris because of Brexit. The additional borrowing mostly comes from the 3% Brexit related drop in GDP, the rest is from the need to give his new Brexit supporting ex Labour voters something.

    Hard to imagine that we would be stupid enough to compound the unavoidable damage that will be caused by Covid19 with the entirely avoidable damage that will be caused by leaving the single market and tearing up all of our trade deals; but on past form we almost certainly will be. 

    In January will will be out and into a new more protectionist world trying to do new trade deals with countries still fighting the virus with far more important things to do than spend time and effort on a UK trade deal.


    No we have Boris because May was useless as PM and barely won the election before. Brexit is the best thing for this country and we will thrive while the EU suffers.

  9. It wasn't the 'brexit budget'. It was the Boris 'spend loads more than we should while rates are low budget'. He looks and sounds more and more left wing and I don't like it.

    If people get the bail outs and support they are asking for, on top of the increase for the NHS to get us through this, we must be looking at a Trillion more. Easily. If rates go up we are defaulting. Maybe we best buy gold. Greece anyone?

  10. On 14/03/2020 at 22:41, reddog said:

    Gold might drop a bit in the short term, but with the amount of money/debt that is going to be splurged to fight this Corona induced situation, I don't see how it can lose in say 1 or 2 years time.

    Forgive me guys as I am a Gold amateur, but I see that in the 2008 crisis, the gold price did not really go up until 2 years after  (2010). I am thinking of getting a bit of Gold or silver I suppose as a token as we all say we should have to diversify. Are gold miner shares a worthy alternative?

  11. 5 minutes ago, longgone said:

    Indeed when you are prudent and actually save something you are penalised 16k being the claim limit.

    I doubt I am entitled to anything. No one has mentioned in those meetings those living with a 70plus adult and their quarantine arrangements.

    They should pay a careers allowance for the forced quarantine Time.

    Carers allowance is pittance I agree and the 16K limit should be 100K +

  12. Hats off to you for starting a business. If you go bankrupt at least you will be able to claim benefits. Starting a business is a risky affair, if it goes well you are sorted, if it doesn't, well that is your risk. You can't expect every failed business to be bailed out otherwise there is no moral hazard and nothing to seperate the good businesses from the zombie inefficiently run ones. I sincerely hope you won't go bankrupt though.

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