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  1. Thanks for this extension. I used to manually go onto the land registry calculator to check this. Saves a lot of time. The calculator gives a general idea but is not infallible though. It does show how asking prices are detached from the reality of sold prices around the house though. Deluded sellers
  2. I couldn't have said it better myself. I was shouting at the radio about this. Disgusting policy. Why should the taxpayer pay 25% interest to people to join in the ponzi. I shall NOT be voting for these crooks again. Trouble is, Liebour will not cancel these schemes and probably join in with them!
  3. That depends which country and from which point they are rising. Some have said Spanish property had still some correction to go but this was before the weak Euro. Expect johnny foreigner to pile in now and buy Spanish property. I am thinking the same myself --- buy a house in Europe. The only risk would be a eurozone breakup and a return to the DM, Punt or whatever. Even if that doesn't happen how klow can the euro go? All those brits who bought abroad at 1.25 so recently must be annoyed. Is a Euro house worth the risk? Less of a risk then London if you take the currency risk out of it. What will happen to sterling of the SDP/Lab get in?
  4. Doesn't bother me. The more they build the more surplus houses around when the crash comes and the bigger the crash will be. They know this, thats why they have these planning restrictions, Tories are not stupid, just liers.
  5. When I looked north all I saw were South of France type sky high prices
  6. That advert annoys the hell out of me! Nationwide used to be a great BSoc. Free visa/debit card use worldwide, low or no charges for things banks charge, tagline was: "To avoid banks charges avoid banks" Or something like that. Now they are behaving exactly like a banks and they have played a large part in ramping hpi. I now detest Nationwide and always make a point of voting against all resolutions and reelections of the board
  7. I had a look around Spain with the idea of buying a house there instead of the overpriced UK. I was put off by the barren desert like countryside, and amount of country houses (fincas) that had no mains power or water. The only bit I liked was Catalonia where is is green and not as hot but there the houses are not cheap. No such problems in Ireland, just too windy and too cold. Anyhow at the moment buying a house that is dominated in Euros could be a bad idea? If the EU breaks up your house could be devalued by about 20% into the new currency. Plus the locals who were being paid in Euros now earn paesatas or whatever again--- but they still have a euro mortgage to service. I think that would cause a big problem in the economy and lots of bad loans again. Again how likely is it that they will just keep kicking the can down the road to keep the EU going.
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