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  1. The BBC are painting a very rosy unrealistic picture of the lockdown on all TV and radio and I for one am fed up with it, and the lockdown.
  2. Just to add to my frugalness re my other posts today and related to this topic, I refused to buy a flat screen TV until 2015, because they simply were not as good as CRT's. I kept CRTs. I even had a £30 ebay used HD CRT made by samsung which wasn't bad. A mate gave me a plasma the picture was good on HD but with motion it was not as good as the samsung CRT. OLED is the holy grail but it is still way too expensive for a skinflint like me but maybe sod it as I reduce my capital to £6000 to get benefits like everyone else maybe I should buy it now
  3. I don't know. It's like a light bulb came on telling me I've been wrong all my life. Re. the Conservatives well they are being far more socialist than I would like but I know any of the other parties would have squandered even more tax payers money on saving everyone apart from the prudent
  4. I reminded my solicitors that it was a vacant property and they got on with it. Bear in mind you will have trouble getting removal men if you need them, and if you don't - buying things you need like beds, furniture, appliances and even getting a phone line connected. I speak from current experience! I would advise anyone who hasn't got their heart set on a house or needing a house to pull out and wait for the crash
  5. I just completed on what I thought was going to be a nice quiet area and it is far from it. Next door neighbours kids are running around stomping floors and screaming like a playground until 1am. Other neighbours and their kids are being noisy in the gardens all day and nearly every house seems to have a dog.Of course I heard saw none of this when I viewed on multiple times and dates. Be careful. Lockdown of course is making things worse and the brats are out of school
  6. I'm thinking exactly the same. I've always done everything in my life to save money, be prudent. From working all the overtime they gave me, to running a crap old car, to staying in, not taking expensive holidays, investing wisely, even not getting married and having kids and chucking any woman who wanted to..... I'm the mug, I'm the loser. Here I am in the middle of COVID sitting on cash and assets, not employed, sitting in my cheap cash bought house burning savings. And watching every other sod being paid 80-100% to sit at home. No help at all for people like us. It is really rather depressing. Might as well spend it ASAP, until 6k left then I can claim universal credit.
  7. the OP got wrong how quickly we returned 'to normal' from all that
  8. I'm talking about the magazines in his pubs. It started by saying here are the EU articles from both sides of the arguement so you can make your own mind up.
  9. Brexit has not happened because it has been held up by meddling remoaners abusing the courts etc and trying every little thing they could to try to stop it. So if it hasn't 'delivered' it is all down your remaining friends for stopping it. It's very surprising that you can't see that. As for your other comment, well that is no surprise that again your remoaners are now using COVID19 as an excuse to delay and ultimately try to cancel brexit. Not giving up still. Well guess what, 17.4 Million also haven't given up and democracy will always win.
  10. Sorry to be negative but won't the government just do the usual 'funding for lending' interference in the free market? And expand 'help' to buy?
  11. The newsletters have balanced articles both Pro and Anti EU in there.But his brexit stance or politics has little to do with the situation of wetherspoons jobs and shut down. Yet as typical remainers they are desperate to cling on to anything or any little thing because they still are not accepting brexit. It's really very sad, especially given we have more urgent things to worry their rather small brains about.
  12. He talks complete sense and is simply right, unlike a lot of our MPs. Straight forward, plain talking, sensible businessman who has contributed greatly to the British economy. He goes against the grain many of the big corps who are in reciept of EU bribe money, that they always give out, to buy opinion and support for their half baked existence. Ok you called me out, only for being right though.
  13. That is not what he said, if you could be bothered to actually read the news regarding Wetherspoons pubs you would well know that.
  14. No house moves can take place unless considered to be essential ..??? What crap is this in the Daily Mail. Of course if you buy a house you will want to move into it!
  15. Have to say i was knocked out by the beauty of these Czech girls everywhere in Prague. Especially the ones on reception inside the TV tower. You wondered if it went 'private' on the upper floor at night ?
  16. I'm not so sure that QE and low rates will help this time.
  17. There's a real difference on opinion here on A. If cash will be worthless or not, B, when that will happen and C. If it does happen how best to protect your cash against hyperinflation. I'm confused.
  18. It's unbelievable - 80% wages underwritten. Its like a socialist wet dream and carried out by a conservative government! They are putting the health of people and peoples debts above fiscal responsibility. We can only guess how this will end
  19. I see it from your side best of luck. Chaps this must be going on all over the place buyers pulling out. I'm about to complete on a house purchase simply because I need a house. It's only cheap less than 70k, had I been buying something 'forever home' and doubled the budget I would have pulled out by now I think, too much to loose. On the other hand if these inflation predictions are right I'm glad I am buying something if we are going 70s again.
  20. Is this their aim to create inflation? Because at the moment they are fighting deflation. Every time they 'inject' money into the system it should be inflationary. But they seem to be causing deflation. How does this work>? Do they really know what they are doing? Its not exactly stopped the shares sell off every time central banks do it
  21. Brown, Darling and Obama - they are all first class idiots. Thank god we have Boris and Co and a Conservative govenment. if you wanted us to go to hell in a handcart then Labour would have done the job- oh wait, they got totally pummeled and wiped out in the elections with the majority of the public voting for sense
  22. I know at least 2 friends who are scared of getting it. I also know another who is scared his parents will catch it and is very upset about people carrying on in pubs etc
  23. Reports from Dublin is that students have left, holiday makers have left, and immigrant labour has left, meaning that there is now a glut of rental property empty in the city. Bargains are to be had, rents are dropping and air BnBs a plenty. This surely will be happening in London now that the shutdown is getting closer.
  24. + UK housing now 10% cheaper for those in € compared to a month ago.
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