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  1. 18 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

    I was expecting that...  If you're going to take it seriously let's make it Stanley's love child :rolleyes:

    My real point is that your raison d'etre for posting on this forum appears to be to defend BJ and his handpicked "Get Brexit Done" band of incompetents, come hell or high water.

    No my reason for posting here is house prices, and then a see a stupid post from a few people such as yourself about brexit and BJ which I have to respond to because you have been brainwashed and are simply wrong. You need to wind in your extreme political views or leave it on the brexit remoaner bitching thread only.

  2. 5 hours ago, HovelinHove said:

    Interesting, I've heard different stories, but I guess people can interpret things according to their own. Either way, the market is complete toast. When VIs are saying 10%, it will be 20-30%. No one is viewing, unemployment is rising, people can't afford rents etc. The market is in nose dive, and the banks are already struggling bailing out businesses.

    Some VI's are saying 20%, so that means 40%. I ummed and ahhed about completing but it's only a cheap Northern house and I needed a place. It's going to be London and SE hit the worst at least I hope so. Maybe I should have pulled out and started again when this is over but sods law would say had I done that prices would not drop. You know how governments hate falling house prices and they may throw the kitchen sink at it

  3. 8 minutes ago, PeanutButter said:

    :D That's the spirit! See, you just needed to remind yourself how much you really do love them. 

    Harking back to the glory days of yore, a classic RW tendency. What you need is to start a house price crash forum specifically for Tories, because if there is anything that right wingers fully endorse it is 100%, definitely...UK houses prices going down. 

    Then we are agreed then. housepricecrash.co.uk was always Tory, still is apart from a few very loud obessive lost souls

  4. 4 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

    Possibly because the EU ordered their entire production? Edit: Just read your post again. Yes, they could have done a licence deal, even if the company was flat out fulfilling EU requirements, although they probably wanted to show how clever they were.

    This government's decision to tell the EU to shove their ventilators where the sun don't shine was a masterstroke in idiocy. Handpicked to "Get Brexit Done", utterly useless for anything else.

    Here you go again, using this crisis to try and smear the government that you don't like. Using it for cheap political point scoring at the expense of the dead. Using it to promote your anti brexit pro EU bias. Loads of EU countries have PPE shortages. Going to blame the EU for that? I thought not.

  5. 2 hours ago, steve99 said:

    No. They are not.  In the 40 years since Thatcher got in they have worked very hard to undermine the lowest -medium paid people alongside the disabled and sick. Destroyed social housing and let psychpathic private landlords run riot. Started the 'home as a speculative investment' scheme which apart from the one big collapse in the 90s has become impossible for new entrants. (Yes new labour carried on with it and should have known better).

    They are working on a scheme to privatise as much of the NHS as possible to opperators who are greedy and ruthless, never mind abandoning contingency planning for things like this virus.  Tories always thought their Harley st docs would take care of their kind and the rest of us can just put up with 2nd class and a USA style medical system, ie nothing for many people. And brexit? Zero hour contracts?  £9K per year for student nurses when even last year we were desperately short. 


    Blimey you lot are all the same. It's over 30 years since Thatcher was in power and you are still going on about her, not getting over it, in any case your blinkered views about the great lady are incorrect anyway. 13 years of a Labour government but you still go on about stuff which is mainly imaginary. Brexit? The majority voted for it 4 times each time stronger than before but it doesn't surprise me that people that are too blind to see the damage that Labour will do to the country cannot see the damage the EU have done to the UK and the benefits of leaving the dictatorship.

    NHS privatisation? another imaginary policy which only exists inside Labour nuts heads. This government is too socialist to ever consider that.The NHS is a waste of money badly run. I would privatise it, this government haven't got the guts. They waste enough tax payers money as it is without having to pander to your crazy ideas. This forum was an intelligent place 10 years ago. In the last few years it seems to be getting infested by entitled socialists

  6. On 25/03/2020 at 07:17, HovelinHove said:

    Er, where have you been the past week? Removal men won’t be able to come. Solicitors and estate agents won’t be able to work. Travel and being outside are only allowed if essential, and moving house is not considered essential.

    I moved into my house.The solicitors both worked, so did the estate agents from home. Travel to your home is essential and that's what moving house is.

  7. 1 hour ago, Snafu said:

    Intu owns (at least Intu branded) the MetroCentre in Gateshead (across the river from Newcastle upon Tyne ) and Eldon square in Newcastle upon Tyne. The MetroCentre had quite a few boarded up shops even before this. 


    People go on about the MetroCentre being this great shopping place, I went there once, very unimpressive. Whole place looked very dated. Milton Keynes it is not. Best shopping centre in the country

  8. 1 hour ago, dougless said:

    Inflation might seem low for house owners, its not for renters.  I would say that the UK Governments figures on inflation seem on the low side and I sometimes wonder if they are being totally honest with us..

    As for reevaluating political parties; well I do hope lots of people wake up to the fact that the Tories are partly culpable for the situation we are now in.  They were warned back in 2016 that the UK was poorly prepared for an outbreak like the one we have now and they chose to ignore the advice.  I have spent my whole life being astonished that anyone who was not exceedingly wealthy would vote Tory as its really not in their interests to do so.  I do hope more people wake up to the fact that they really are the Nasty Party.

    Not at all. They are far nicer than any of the alternatives. As for trying to use the deaths by COVID as political point scoring you should be ashamed of yourself. Have some respect for the dead. Inflation has always been understated including in Labour days.

  9. 1 hour ago, PeanutButter said:

    Meanwhile, mortgage and rent “holidays” and guaranteed loans for small businesses require people to take on private debts that they will have to pay back when the crisis is over. One way or another, then, the bulk of the costs will still eventually be borne by ordinary people.

    Well that is obvious, but those in reciept of furlough or government handouts will not have to pay it back, but perhaps everyone will eventually in future taxes.

  10. 9 minutes ago, crumblingcon said:

    In short


    To have done so would have diluted the wealth of those making the big decisions for us.

    Yes. It shows that really, when a government really wants to do something, they can... quickly, expense no object, the biggest thing since Brown bailed out the banks. Promises of house building are just those -  promises

  11. On 10/04/2020 at 13:53, Si1 said:

    It seems notable how boris has rotated towards privilege in his current cabinet.

    Whilst he was voted in to do brexit, I think in the aftermath of the pandemic Labour should win the next election.

    Tell me, what have Labour contributed of any use since this started? The most long running leadership contest ever that nobody is interested in and Corbyn - why are you still here, saying nothing at all of any use in PMQ's, most people ignoring him apart from Boris who has to reply to his idiotic questioning

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