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  1. No my reason for posting here is house prices, and then a see a stupid post from a few people such as yourself about brexit and BJ which I have to respond to because you have been brainwashed and are simply wrong. You need to wind in your extreme political views or leave it on the brexit remoaner bitching thread only.
  2. I agree had he have broken those rules, but he didn't. Going to your parents to drop food off is not an issue.
  3. So this is GCHQ floating the electronic money policy to the HPC sheeple. Well I suppose we ought to be flattered you picked this site
  4. Exactly! Yet they can't see it. They don't know what nasty is
  5. My posts are quality it is you that is drivel. Most of the other quality posters on this forum from the first 10 years have left ... because they threw in the towel... and bought a house... and got on with their lives
  6. Do any of you know that you can't just move to Spain like that. You need a resident VISA and you have to pay a lot of tax to have access to their healthcare system.
  7. Some VI's are saying 20%, so that means 40%. I ummed and ahhed about completing but it's only a cheap Northern house and I needed a place. It's going to be London and SE hit the worst at least I hope so. Maybe I should have pulled out and started again when this is over but sods law would say had I done that prices would not drop. You know how governments hate falling house prices and they may throw the kitchen sink at it
  8. Poor Knowsley Council (Liverpool) They bought the entire town centre of Kirkby. They wondered why no commercial company would start building... the investment too high the risk too great in a place like that. But the Labour council knows best, let's borrow and build it ourselves, its only taxpayers money after all. Idiots.
  9. Then we are agreed then. housepricecrash.co.uk was always Tory, still is apart from a few very loud obessive lost souls
  10. Here you go again, using this crisis to try and smear the government that you don't like. Using it for cheap political point scoring at the expense of the dead. Using it to promote your anti brexit pro EU bias. Loads of EU countries have PPE shortages. Going to blame the EU for that? I thought not.
  11. Blimey you lot are all the same. It's over 30 years since Thatcher was in power and you are still going on about her, not getting over it, in any case your blinkered views about the great lady are incorrect anyway. 13 years of a Labour government but you still go on about stuff which is mainly imaginary. Brexit? The majority voted for it 4 times each time stronger than before but it doesn't surprise me that people that are too blind to see the damage that Labour will do to the country cannot see the damage the EU have done to the UK and the benefits of leaving the dictatorship. NHS privatisation? another imaginary policy which only exists inside Labour nuts heads. This government is too socialist to ever consider that.The NHS is a waste of money badly run. I would privatise it, this government haven't got the guts. They waste enough tax payers money as it is without having to pander to your crazy ideas. This forum was an intelligent place 10 years ago. In the last few years it seems to be getting infested by entitled socialists
  12. I moved into my house.The solicitors both worked, so did the estate agents from home. Travel to your home is essential and that's what moving house is.
  13. If you are going to try humour at least make it feasible. I am way too old to have been any child of Boris's.
  14. It was down to €1.05 the other week, don't know how it managed to get back to €1.14
  15. People go on about the MetroCentre being this great shopping place, I went there once, very unimpressive. Whole place looked very dated. Milton Keynes it is not. Best shopping centre in the country
  16. No, but I only have managed it through older age, lots of work, sacrifice and moving many hours away from the SE for value. However , that could have been a stupid idea of mine.
  17. Not at all. They are far nicer than any of the alternatives. As for trying to use the deaths by COVID as political point scoring you should be ashamed of yourself. Have some respect for the dead. Inflation has always been understated including in Labour days.
  18. Depends if you want council tax benefit or mortage interest relief, then you lose for anything over 6k up to 16k
  19. Well that is obvious, but those in reciept of furlough or government handouts will not have to pay it back, but perhaps everyone will eventually in future taxes.
  20. And anyway, the government advice is flawed. You have 2 homes you could even have 10, it doesn't matter. You moved out of lockdown in one home, jump in the car, and drive to house 2 and go straight into lockdown there. Tell me what risk there is to the public or virus spreading from that? None. Repeat for any number of houses.
  21. Re. Jenrick.... total non story. He goes to bring food to parents, big deal, totally reasonable and permitted. As for the number of homes, no more than most MPs.
  22. Yes. It shows that really, when a government really wants to do something, they can... quickly, expense no object, the biggest thing since Brown bailed out the banks. Promises of house building are just those - promises
  23. Tell me, what have Labour contributed of any use since this started? The most long running leadership contest ever that nobody is interested in and Corbyn - why are you still here, saying nothing at all of any use in PMQ's, most people ignoring him apart from Boris who has to reply to his idiotic questioning
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