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  1. If you tell people they can't do/have something then they will want it, when its back. Even if it means queuing for hours. Case in point, these sad people who queue overnight outside a shop to get the latest iphone.
  2. I agree with you partly. but the UK is not the sort of place that you can tell people to stay in your homes. The only way to contain this virus effectively is a chinese style miltary lockdown, and you know how that would go down here. Plus how do you effectively lockdown successfully and keep everyone working like Korea
  3. The man did what any other normal person would have done for his child and wife. I would have done the same EVERY time. And been proud of my actions. He is a government worker so therefore a keyworker and exempt from lockdown restrictions anyway. Not that he broke any particularly having been in isolation all the time.
  4. Interesting story Belfast Boy. You did very well selling up. If you study the crash of the late 80s/90s NI seemed to crash with rest of UK, but in 2008 - the crash seemed to mirror the crash in Dublin. Do you think Belfast will mirror London or Dublin in this crash? Prices in NI are too expensive yet again, I was going to buy quite a few times but held off due to Brexit, as Ireland was probably going to suffer from a no deal possibly hitting Dublin prices and a knock on effect on Belfast houses.
  5. It's down to immigration. The Brits hve moved out of London to the outer home counties. Labour voting immigrants moved in. Paradise for Diane Abbot and Stormzy loving Dawn
  6. COVID 19 - Will you shut up and stop posting nonsense about Brexit! Brexit at worst case projection would see only a slight hit to the economy, at best case massive growth. Brexit is a tiny blip compared to COVID19,. COVID 19 has already and will cause huge damage to the economy and house prices. I know you would desperately love to be proved right in your unhealthy brexit obsession, but sadly for you it is now totally irrelevant and more so since COVID 19. Nobody cares or interested apart from remoaners who need to get over it.
  7. Memories of 1991 repos talk..... Interesting.... renting them to the former owners? I don't remember that ever happening/ https://www.facebook.com/timpage001/videos/10158804359308646/ Also quite good to hear Radio Luxembourg again.
  8. Yes there is proof I wouldn't have posted any crap.. Search the internet and avoid the mainstream media who are not reporting it too busy talking aboout COVID19
  9. Churchill didn't spend a month off having possibly died from a virus for a start. Its not just our leaders, it seems that our entire government and civil servants are very unorganised and unable/refuse to deal with anything like this. I'm surprised that they managed to get those big hospitals built, it was only due to the army that it got done. Civil servants wouldn't have managed it. I'm talking about there being no restrictions on entry to the country by sea, plane etc. There are illegal immigrants still arriving from France by boat during all this and the government couldn't care less, neither do the media. They are entering with covid 19
  10. Just a bit of analysis from my amateur studying over this week, Gold led the fall in gold miner shares in March, and the recovery of the past few weeks, but now miner shares have way outperformed gold itself. Does this tell you the miners have been overbought? With the recovery in the FTSE this last week is gold overbought? I see the case for gold but now could be going in too high...
  11. We never had austerity! If they had have cut spending anything like as much as they should have done to pay back the 2008 debt then it would have been, but they didn't! Austerity was a fallecy, and mainly spoken about by Labour socialists. They managed to dent the defecit but not the debt much. This all pales into nothing compared with the debt that has been racked up this time. It's never been done before for any big disease eg Spanish flu, ridiculous to shut down the world.
  12. I also had a strange pain in my chest and a sore throat that never got beyond that for a few weeks, 5 weeks ago. Could have been it but with no tests available to us mere mortals, I'll only ever wonder. Just the knowledge and fear though of the disease can worry people and make them oversensitive to any new illness though, it's difficult.
  13. I'll give you one. In 1996 I bought a repo which had been empty a year and had a boarded up window. No demand for it at all it seemed and I wondered if I was mad to buy it, good area though. Buying property in the early to mid 90s seemed like a thing you didn't do... Contrast that with the demand when I sold it many years later I had 8 viewings in 1 day. Multiple offers. It's sentiment. Sentiment could go that way to early 90s again.
  14. Looking at the chart, the current level is because the house prices are falling since 2015 ish, gold is now rising and also the £ falling making gold look even better. Houses already look cheap or gold is already at peak. Take your pick?
  15. Council tax in Liverpool actually is not too bad compared to other councils like Sheffield. I've been comparing them. But Liverpool is getting better though there is still a element of its own little world detached from the rest of England. Heck, some scousers even went over to Ireland in 1916 to join the IRA against the English and they are still proud of that history.
  16. "Younger" people get deals that not so young people get, like the Lifetime ISA and other free government cash bribes to buy overinflated property. Plenty of 40+ people who are FTB's, or out of the market. I don't see why just because you are not a FTB but you don't own a house you get F all help from government. You may have had to sell due to divorce or anything and did not benefit from any previous house ownership, which may have been only a small time in your life.
  17. That isn't very nice. Well we'll see won't we. If it was not already the cheapest area in the country I would have pulled out. Pulling out would have cost about 1k in solicitors fees, survey fees etc wasted time and journeys and the possibility of not finding anything like it for this money if it doesn't crash. If we have a 40% price crash nationwide I'd loose 25K. But I'd guess the SE will fall the most as its the most overvalued. If this mother of crashes really does happen then I could buy back in the SE for 120K less than now (based on a 300K house falling 40%)
  18. Yes but the only buyer was a council who paid over the odds because they took a loan out. Nobody else would buy it to develop it, only a council taking a risk. Is there any moral hazard, no I'd say because they will be bailed out with our money when the scheme and council go bust, just like the NHS is getting all its debt written off. There is nothing more inefficient and wasteful than the state, you either fight it or get a job as a civil servant, and join the gravy train.
  19. Have you been to Kirkby? It's a frigging dump! Never seen a town more depressing even Coventry seems nice compared to that
  20. Interesting yet in some places doctors are encouraged to put COVID 19 down as cause of death when it was an existing medical condition instead. Is there a vested interest from the new world order eg Brown to make this COVID worse than it is
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