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  1. If Trump does not get in then it makes a UK trade deal with the US less likely, so the UK suffers more. Either way you are looking at it its not looking good for UK plc post C19
  2. This is where it gets confusing because your money in the bank is also being inflated away. We need nominal falls in housing really.
  3. The NI bubble and popping of it was related to the bubble in Dublin. Unlike in 89. This time NI hasn't recovered like Dublin has.
  4. I saw this on the daily mail. I would have commented but I can't be arsed to set up an account. To me this is overstepping her role as Radio 1 DJ. To be off work because she was upset would be a breach of employment in most companies. I couldn't phone up HR and say sorry can't come in because I'm upset about the death of a man in the USA, and that would be if I was black or white. She does not even know the man! Time off work??? What about all the white men who are killed by police.? This is not just a race issue, it shouldn't be. I like Clara. She is a good DJ but she has overstepped the mark by going on air and getting all upset about it. Almost like she is using the mans death to push her own agenda Quite ridiculous. But thats the BBC for you
  5. So what. I'll have whatever it takes to defeat this virus
  6. In my experience, 'asking' prices are just that. They can ask but they won't get. When I was hunting Jan/Feb, 99% of houses were 20-30% above the land registry figure that they should have been, taking the previous sale prices adjusted for the land registry figures of current value. Agents are just putting them on for extra above and hoping they will get it. Not any more. This doesn't always work, as the previous price paid could have been over the odds, ie new build or 2007 prices, but more fool them. That is not our problem. But its harder to bat the price down. I went in chain free offered 8k below asking. Woman seller rejected the offer, she wanted me to come up 3K she wouldn't accept less. I walked away. Bet she wishes she wasn't so greedy now. House must still be sitting empty.
  7. There is no mess. It's the usual shit stirring in the fantasy world of the Guardian, but that's irrelevant as it is a socialist bog roll paper that nobody normal takes seriously. I really hope that the Corona recession will wipe out this so called newspaper. Plus it's about time, HPC members started looking at house prices, as the whole forum has gone completely off topic and is starting to resemble the Labour party conference.
  8. As someone who has 'fallen out of the net' because I have too much capital I can't claim a penny and to see so many people on a long holiday on 80 - 100% pay to sit at home, I find very annoying. I am applying for jobs but there aren't many out there. You would think from media coverage that there are loads of key worker type jobs, healthcare, supermarkets etc but not when I look. So I dismay as I see my savings disappearing every month. I worked hard to build all that up. I feel Ishouldn't have bothered and spent the lot on nice living instead.
  9. It's great to see you back here KB. Unfortunately as you probably realise, the forum has been taken over by socialists and leftie Labour supporters. They also seem to have an issue with brexit ( still can't accept the result even 4 years on) so much of the sensible discussion and debate about HP's has been replaced with futile bitching about brexit. They are also in denial about the massive Tory win. I'm no fan of the socialist lockdown, furlough, spunking unlimited tax payers cash on the NHS and phoney 'tough on immigration' policies of this government but they at least are a damn sight better than the alternative parties. Back to house prices you could well be right, depends on the numbers of jobs lost when the economy is actually fully open and it goes from being a C19 problem to an actual recession recession as businesses go to the wall/cut costs. It will take a lot of convincing some people that prices have fallen, for example was speaking to someone in St Albans the other day who thought it will never fall there, too popular outside London
  10. Everyones predictions? Only sad lefties. Who still can't accept they lost and now want to get behind another Cameron, yeah you couldn't make it up.
  11. Companies who have no less business in because people have to pay them eg.... BT, ISPs, Water, Gas Electric etc, Banks even... all are operating on reduced customer service on the phone, in some cases zero customer service, branches still closed reduced opneing hours etc...... have costs down wages bill down.... Now providing less service for the same revenue. Profit up. These companies think the lockdown suits them down to the ground employees of the books on furlough scheme. They can close offices too. Less rent... This government have dropped a clanger, with this stupid scheme and lockdown.
  12. I would have done in his shoes. You have a journey to do eventually down south and you don't feel fit enough yet vision blurry. So you drive to a park as a test run. All within rules. Not that he had to follow them anyway because he is a keyworker trying to get back to work. This really is such a pathetic witch hunt. Time to move on. What a non story. Go and watch house prices go down.
  13. But he didn't take the piss. The only people who think this think that he want for a day out at a castle or drove up to spread the virus and untruths such as that, because they have been got at by the MS biased media. It is not their fault they have been brainwashed because quite a lot of people still trust that the BBC reports accurately!
  14. He did not lie. I doubt you even watched his conference. All reasonable actions
  15. Why are you remoaners so dillusional? We all know that this all about revenge for Cummings being a vote leave man because you still cannot accept the referendum result from 4 years ago. That's why you don't want to talk about the Ian caught with his pants down 3 times. The BBC/ITV/SKY/CH4 are all remainer organisations some in reciept of EU bribe money, so they have stirred up the nation with their biased news.
  16. Correct. I see people sitting at home doing nothing no job for 2.5K. Whereas I have no job and cannnot claim a penny
  17. Never will happen. Sir Keir is just another David Cameron and Labour voters would not vote for Cameron.
  18. I think both of you may be right, especially if the virus comes back over the winter. Though that might lead to furlough v2
  19. Personally and this is a real putting money where my mouth is.... If I had been buying a 250K house in the south east of England I would have pulled out due to the C19, to wait. But seeing as the house was a lot cheaper in the north, I figured any fall would have been small anyway and less likely. I'm not convinced about this insane reaction to a disease that even now, has killed so little people who were not already ill. Many people will die due to the lockdown.... not be saved by it. People not going to doctors dentists etc. No cancer screening, ops cancelled, really stupid.
  20. So what is the consensus here then. Housing market to go up, stay the same or the mother of all crashes
  21. Yeah the NHS, not as great as private healthcare. The NHS is not free. And the government are chucking unlimited amounts of OUR money at it like its some kind of religion.
  22. You could always buy a house. Buying gold.... doesn't the inland revenue get informed by law when you buy gold? So they will still steal it from you? Regards charges from banks to keep money in there, most countries around the world have banking with a fee. It's mainly a UK thing to have 'free' banking.
  23. 99.99% of them were not in Cumming's unique circumstances. Plus even if one was, they would not be an MP. I don't suppose you want talk about Ian from the SNP breaking lockdown 3 times but no fuss from the media? Thought not. PS I know that you have missed me
  24. People who don't do their homework or people who get caught up in the bidding because somebody else was bidding against them not wanting to be outdone.
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