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  1. 26 minutes ago, Ghostly said:

    Good luck to them. Fully support another vote and if they want off then so be it.

    We'll have to have a hard border between England and Scotland. They want to join the EU, but the EU aren't going to let them? The 2014 vote was a once in a lifetime decision. It was settled in 2014. End of. Just like the EU referendum. Boris is not going to give them another referendum. They will have to just keep moaning. SNP are not doing Scotland any favours at all.

  2. 15 hours ago, longgone said:

    Lol visit your eu friends while you can.

    Had a nice breakfast in prague this morning shame we are leaving really, I'm glad I have my eu passport these czech girls are too hot to leave behind.


    How do you think we have always travelled to the rest of the world outside the EU? Or to Europe before the EU was dreamt up. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the intelligence of the pro EU voters. No wonder they are dying out

  3. 14 minutes ago, Kosmin said:

    MonsieurCropperCrutch was right: you are a moron. Do you really think there weren't 4,000 of those 11,624 Labour voters who were remainers and could potentially have voted Lib Dem?

    The SNP are as opposed to Brexit as the Lib Dems, so that wasn't why Swinson lost. 

    I'll answer that though. You forget that a lot of Scotland voted leave, because Wee Jimmy Krankie and her cronies Ian and co make out that none of the country voted to leave. But they did....

    Corbyn is anti EU and Labour campaigned on a leaving the EU manifesto. Therefore you cannot claim that these Labour 11k votes were for remain. It's all pie in the sky for you and mickey mouse calculations and wishful thinking.

    The Lib dems performance so far tonight shows that their cancel brexit policy is not what the public desire. It was the same in the last election too. Wake up face facts get on with your life, sometimes you do loose. Accept it.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Kosmin said:
    Conservative Nickie Aiken 17,049
    Labour Gordon Nardell 11,624
    Liberal Democrats Chuka Umunna 13,096


    Hard to escape the conclusion that this was terrible tactical voting fail.


    As I said to the remoaners on here bitching, they can try to tactically vote as much as they like, it won't make any difference because the amjority want brexit, more than in the referendum, so it will fail. And it did and Jo Swinson out now too. Great night. I laughed so hard to see the back of that undemocratic cow who was so sure cancelling brexit was a vote winner!

  5. 3 minutes ago, Dave Beans said:

    What a shame...


    Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahah:-) Justice has been done. Lying weasel snak,e party flop flopper, sad excuse for a man and MP. That really makes my morning. It hasn't gone very well for the undemocratic lib dems has it or any remain parties really

  6. 18 minutes ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    No you forget that these thickos who voted Brexshit said their vote was nothing to do with economics and being finacially poorer. 

    Just wondering how your remain alliance is going? I think the people who were 'thickos' are quite obvious, not brexiteers thats for sure. But I expect you not to take the economic benefits or jobs that were created by brexit because you don't believe in them

  7. 10 hours ago, spyguy said:

    Just picked Barclays, as its the first bank that came to mind

    Our Standard Variable Rate (SVR)for mortgages in Pound Sterling is4.99%

    Hmmm. My 4% figure. Maybe I should have researched that. Market is distorted with loads of low teaser and fixed rates. If the low fixed rates disappear then game over? I admit I have no clue what is going on in mortgages at the moment. Anyhow a base rate hike is going to be thing that does it. But we are talking about a collapse in the £ and runaway inflation that will bring about that, like the 1980s or 70's even

  8. I agree that if mortgage rates get back to 4% or higher there will be a bad HPC in the SE and probably the whole country to an extent. If we have a global recession then that could also cause a HPC. There could be one in 2-3 years time.

    Spyguy raises good points about Leeds etc and the north. Prices there are still falling. They have been falling for the last 10 years. If you buy up there, what if in years to come the rest of the country rises and you are stuck with an even cheaper house in 10 years time and costing you much more to move south as the gap between south and north is even wider again. All the jobs could disappear from the North in years to come.

    On the other hand in the next HPC perhaps those northern towns will escape the crash as they are already fair value.?

    But where is the safest in order to ride out the next crash, or not be priced out of the south in years to come, should you want to move. In the meantime I need to buy a house now I can't wait. Too old etc, STR fund in bank doing nothing etc.

    Some places I have been looking at eg Stoke on Trent was cheap 6 years ago, now look overvalued - have gone up a lot. I see a place like that ripe for a crash in the next downturn...


  9. 10 hours ago, Si1 said:

    Mind you it will be interesting to see that council's finances blow up, its services reduced to a thread bare minimum, the quality of the area fall and local house prices suffer. That would be diamond.

    Its a very well to do area there well some of it. Used to live in Surrey. This is unbelieveable. Councils have no business investing our money, or borrowed money in anything. They are councils not property or money speculators. Why is this not all over the mainstream news? Why is this not being discussed in the PMQs (when not suspended)

  10. On 02/12/2019 at 19:14, zugzwang said:

    Roger Bootle was held up by HPC.co.uk as one of the major voices predicting a HPC before 2007, and his forecasts were always on the main home page. He is still of the opinion that interest rates are too low and house prices are rtoo high. I don't see your problem with this man, he is on our side.

  11. I rented out my house while I was working away a few times. One agent was next to useless and failed to class clear tenant damage and would not make good. The tenants as is often the case, left without paying the last months rent, so there was no deposit. These days the deposit is more like 6 weeks rent to stop this. The tenant had many debts to her name and no way would have she have passed a credit check that they always claim they will vet the prospective tenants well. She also had a violent boyfriend who beat her up and broke windows with blood being left on the walls. The boyfriend was no on the tenancy agreement I only found this out afterwardsa snd from talking to neighbours.

    The other agent was nearly as bad but at least did compensate a bit for some of the damage but I had to complain a lot and write letters to get it.

    Tenants will almost always cause damage of some sort to a house in some way, be it flooring, walls, worktops, you name it

  12. I stayed in an air BnB flat in a block and it was a nice flat and good area. The only problem was a neighbour playing extremely loud music until 3am when we were trying to sleep. After reading this maybe the neighbour was fed up with the flat being an air BnB with less than considerate guests they have had to put up with. I am always mindful of noise to my neigbours, therefore I'm like a mouse

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