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  1. 19 hours ago, Sour Mash said:

    I think house prices may well fall but would expect strong inflation in the consumer economy generally.


    We KNOW that the response will be zero (or even negative) rates and money printing.  Plus there will be a big shortfall in goods produced.  That only means one thing - fast rising prices.


    How can they cut rates if inflation is rising rapidly in the first place due to supply chain problems in China?

  2. 23 hours ago, prozac said:

    Last night i went past a few pubs to collect my Saturday night pizza, same places i go past most saturday nights they all seemed half empty, normally they are packed, but it was very cold last night so that may also be part of the reason.

    Out in around Barnsley Friday and Saturday night.... pub absolutely packed out. Standing room only

  3. 19 hours ago, frye said:

    What about those leaseholds on old terraced houses you seem to get up north. The ones where its 900+ years and ground rent of £5 a year.

    If I saw a house on the market like that, I'd be tempted to buy the house, then buy the leasehold afterwards (or get the seller to buy it beforehand). But new builds and flats, I wouldnt touch at all.

    An estate agent in Liverpool was trying to sell me a leasehold house with a 'peppercorn rent'. In Kirkby. Has anyone been there? It's a dump. The town centre is like Beirut. Even the Mc Donalds drive thru is like a war zone. They are supposed to be regenerating it. The council have bought up the entire town centre. Judging by the sense of the Loony Labour council in its current achievements of continuous very high speed bumps on all main roads (2 mph or you damage your car), it will be like polishing a turd

  4. Above, agree. Climate change? whatever

    Mark Carney was slagging off pension fund managers invested in fossil fuels the other day, what a prat, the sooner he goes the better. Not only has he blown up our housing market, he is not neutral politically making stupid comments like these and even getting involved in brexit with his made up reports against it that proved to be pure fiction.

  5. Used this for years. I also notice that many sellers houses on the market are at values far detached from what LR values say they should be. They seems to vary a lot area to area, street to street and even the same houses on the same street, if you look at http://houseprices.io

    I wish you a happy new year with this gem I just found https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-61345212.html

    content speaks for itself and really is quite annoying

  6. 10 hours ago, Social Justice League said:

    Flying the globe is hugely wasteful.  It's only since the 1960's that the masses have flown anywhere, but now the fun is coming to an end.

    Boeing building planes that hit the ground like a f*cking dart is a good way to put people off flying.

    Keep up the good work Boeing.

    Hugely wasteful in what way? Global travel of goods, services and people are good things. Happy new year

  7. Country and government office region Price Monthly change Annual change
    England £248,939 -0.7% 0.5%
    Northern Ireland (Quarter 3 - 2019) £139,951 2.3% 4.0%
    Scotland £153,692 -0.9% 1.4%
    Wales £166,245 0.7% 3.3%
    East Midlands £194,134 -0.7% 1.3%
    East of England £293,928 -0.1% 0.3%
    London £472,232 -1.7% -1.6%
    North East £129,360 -2.3% -1.1%
    North West £166,134 -0.6% 1.4%
    South East £323,438 -0.8% -0.3%
    South West £258,372 -0.8% 0.6%
    West Midlands £198,345 -1.6% 0.2%
    Yorkshire and The Humber £166,904 0.9% 3.2%
  8. On 15/12/2019 at 13:24, Bruce Banner said:

    I neither know nor care, but I think the only way they will get retired Brits to pay higher prices than they're already not paying, for mass market apartments on the Costas, would be to make it worth their while with Spanish / EU citizenship and access to the Spanish healthcare system. 

    It's not though. Spanish tax is high for Brits who are Spanish residents, even retired. If they own property more so. To be autonomo it's bloody expensive even before you earn a cent. And this is during EU membership. (What EU benefits does the UK have?) Salaries are low there, and living costs high.

    You need residency to have access to the spanish healthcare. You can only roll up with your EHIC while visiting /holiday. Even then they are not keen on treating you. You can only stay for a period of 90 days on tourist entry. I think the anti brexit protesters have never actually tried staying in the EU outside UK and are mourning percieved EU benefits that don't actually exist


  9. On 16/12/2019 at 21:25, Kosmin said:


    Starmer, Thornberry and Phillips are too metropolitan.

    Long-Bailey and Rayner are too Corbynistic.

    Lisa Nandy seems to be one of the favourites who isn't ruled out as being unable to represent the northerners they need to try to win back.

    Lisa Nandy has big boobs so that might help her. Mind you, it didn't help Jo Swinson.

    As for Boris, no because I think we are 2 years away from any recession, and his election and Brexit is going to boost the economy

  10. On 15/12/2019 at 17:19, jiltedjen said:

    Never left the last one.

    hence why the right is doing so well, we are entering a nasty decade. 

    where the is less to go around, and less empathy to those without.

    if anything I don’t think labour will be a threat to the conservatives, the way the wind is blowing is that the conservatives need to worry about those further to the right of them taking power.

    At least the beaten back youth will eventually have a charismatic leader, but this time around the targets won’t just be immigrants etc, but the old also.

    i guess the oldies will reap what they sowed. all well and good crushing the young economically, but a repressed generation will only become even more heartless 

    Economic data and just about everybody else says otherwise

  11. So whats going to happen when these shopping centres fail to attract tenants (shops) or the retail rental market gets so low that the council can no longer service it's loan? Taxpayers take the hit?

    First they do help to buy underwriting the housing market, now they are underwriting the retail property market.

    They are even building shopping centres in some places where site owners have not proceeded with the plans. I guess that is because they are not sure of the return on the investment. As it is government backed it is sure to go over budget and take far longer than planned. Bottomless pit of money. It's council that killed off high streets with their high parking charges. I hope they aren't planning on doing the same with their own investments or should that be our investments. This is like something out of Corbyns socialist fantasies. Are these Tory councils doing this or Labour, surely must be.

    All this at a time when commerical property funds are falling I'm glad I moved my pension out of that while I could.

  12. 2 hours ago, slawek said:

    There is no logic or consistency in the Leaver's position. 

    Don't expect they will admit they were wrong either if Brexit ends up badly. They will blame whatever they can to avoid responsibility. Tories were running the country for the last 10 years  but they still frame Labour as a main culprit of the economical situation we are in.

    That's because they were. The country was bankrupt when Labout left office, like it always is when Labour leave office.

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