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  1. 7 minutes ago, dugsbody said:

    Why are you at all surprised that voting for a populist party who used lies to stir up really base emotions and hatred of "the other" has resulted in a polarised society? Where do you think all those emotions go? Do you think there are no consequences to this?

    It happens every time.

    Take a look at yourself if you want to understand what is happening.

    That didn't happen. There were no lies. The only people who claim there was lies was the losing side. There is no polarisation. There is a strong decent government voted for by the majority of the people, and then there are the lunatic labour voters and lib dems

  2. 1 minute ago, Peter Hun said:

    Brexiteers are more than happy for millions to lose their job to get what they want, now its happening its exploding toys out of pram times. You people love Bojo, enjoy the result of put idiots in charge.

    Where's the popcorn?

    No no no. Brexit is only going lead to millions MORE jobs that has always been clear from the start. Again this is nothing but another remoaner bitching thread

  3. 1 minute ago, Bluestone59 said:

    Labour is currently a one man show. Disposing of Boris at PMQ is NOT an achievement, I could do it. Sorry Bruce.

    From what I'm told 1940s Labour did a good or very good job. What since?

    Wilson not getting sucked into Vietnam and trying to keep the banks under some sort of control.  Blair, minimum wage a dog could barely live on but ok in principle and ban on smoking in public.

    Democracy dictates the need for a decent opposition which we don't have. Starmer's main attribute is that he isn't Corbyn. 

    I loathe the Tories but as per a colleague who says the same but still votes for them, "the alternatives aren't worth the risk". 



    That is basically it. So you are all wasting your time and energy spoiling a great forum with an these off topic ranting threads. Why don't you go and do something useful with your life, like learn a language, like Boris.

  4. 33 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    We live in hope.

    Will it enrich your life? No. This is some kind of obession by remainers such as yourself. I think you think we would still be cosy in the EU if it weren't for him. If he goes it makes zero difference to anything. We voted 4 times to leave the EU and we would again. Do you really want to be bailing out all te EU's failed countries as well as our own at the end of this covid period? Do you even pay tax>? Perhaps thats why you aren't worried about it. Benefit scrounger perhaps?

  5. 54 minutes ago, Peter Hun said:

    I see you have confidence in that ridiculous prediction....

    Of course he has because its true. You however for some reason would like the UK to fail. Why so you can have a cheap house? Someone on here was bitching that they were losing their job. I replied so its ok then to wish everyone else to loose their jobs then so you can buy a cheap house as long as it's not your job then. He went quiet after that. Period of reflection. Which is what some of you need now. Take a long hard look at yourselves, what is this pointless bitching on here going to achieve?

  6. Just now, Bruce Banner said:

    I will not and never will support this decisive and deceitful government.

    Back on topic, Starmer is making a fool of BJ in PMQs :D

    There is no hope for you. You deserve all the poverty and suffering that you will get if Labour get in down the line. I don't believe that they will get in, the British public are not that stupid. Sir Starmer is a bent lawyer and very much like Cameron, someone that you socialists despise.

  7. 1 hour ago, Killer Bunny said:

    Never looked at this thread and I have no intention of doing so.


    1500 comments ... on something that has NOTHING to do with HPs or money.  WTF is this doing on the main forum??? @moderators

    KB. I don't know what has happened to this site. It has been looking like the Labour Party Conference for at least a year now. Most reasonable debate and interesting intelligent discussion has been rare for at least a year. Threads such as yours were a refreshing change. I think most of the original crew bought a house in the last decade and moved on with their lives.

  8. On 02/06/2020 at 10:50, pig said:

    Lol yes your hapless Dear Leader has seriously injured himself but not on life support - yet. 

    Its an irrelevant whining party ! 

    All the pair of you are demonstrating is that you do not have the capacity for critical scrutiny. Only a kind of reactionary one-eyed spouting.

    They fecked up, death with it disgracefully, insulted a battered and grieving UK (yes that means Left and Right) and their only defence has shrunk to this kind of sh1te.

    You are simply plain wrong. Go back to worrying about not being able to afford a house. If Labour were in you would have help to buy X200. Think us lucky.

  9. On 01/06/2020 at 13:28, Confusion of VIs said:


    This government's inept handling of the crisis seems to have managed to maximise both the death rate and economic impact of Covid.   

    Don't you find the idea of the public getting behind the government who achieved this rather depressing.

    You weren't talking to me but I will answer it too. No because C19 is going to affect a large amount of people anyway, all the lockdown was for was to flatten the curve and take the pressure off the NHS. That, the government and we (us who did the lockdown - not the teenagers) achieved. The NHS was not overwhlemed. I don't like this socialist Tory government but they are damn sight better than any alternative party bar the brexit party.

  10. 2 hours ago, Sour Mash said:

    Coronavirus as a novel, highly infectious, asymptomatic-spread, novel virus WILL eventually go on until about 70% of the population are infected no matter what we try to do.

    It WILL kill a small proportion of those it affects - more, if medical treatment is not available.

    The whole 'flattening the curve' policy used to justify the lockdown DOES NOT mean fewer total infections - it means spreading the infections over a longer period of time with the intent of stopping serious cases from overwhelming the medical system which would be the only thing that would lead to substantially higher casualties.


    It's time to ease up - people are already going with treatment for serious chronic illnesses that are going to cost lives longer term.  Economic damage will cause more.


    Agreed. I have been thinking this for over a month when I was injured and could not access hospital or GP treatment. Also added on are cancer screenings that are not happening and other ops that have been cancelled plus cost to peoples mental health. This could kill more people than the lockdown saves by the flattened curve, especially since the NHS was never overwhelmed in the end.

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