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  1. bear.getting.old

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    Don't give them ideas.... By the way I view the help to buy ISA as age discriminatory since you can be any old age but still be a FTB
  2. bear.getting.old

    More than 30,000 UK retailers in 'significant' financial distress

    I know at least a couple of people who still say retail therapy and do it, mind you, both are stupid with money
  3. bear.getting.old

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    True, and what scheme will they dream up next time?
  4. bear.getting.old

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    I thought about it, nearly did, but I convinced myself that in 2009 the market had another 20% to fall. It didn't of course. I know a few people who piled in just as the US banks went bust, they were spot on at market bottom as it turned out. But at the time I thought they had gone in too soon.
  5. bear.getting.old

    Nearing the end of my sanity..

    I'm one of the original HPCers. I was studying HPI before this site even appeared. And apart from 2007-2009 the market proved me wrong. Many good posts here, I'm trying to respond to some without doing multiple quotes. One of the main reasons my ex and I split was about settling down and buying a house and I wouldn't because I was convinced they would crash. Fast forward to 2019 and prices are 100k further up. I still miss the lady, like there is a gap in my life and wonder that putting personal finance above her was a stupid thing. Some people are one in a million, and you wonder if you'll ever meet similar. In the old days of this forum the advice was from many that you are in charge, if the gf won't wait to buy a house, get a new gf. In hindsight to the OP, maybe the thing I've learned is don't put life decisions off trying to time the market if you want to stay in the UK. It's a lot easier to buy a house for yourself if you need one - then if you are still wanting to ride the market or short it, do it with a second home when the time is right. Re. moving abroad and giving up, well I did this and bought into the tail end of the Irish property crash, when I was advised not to. Prices seem to be going insane again there, looks like no lessons were learned and there will be another crash, but so far currently I'm up not only on value but exchange rate movements. This could all change tomorrow or when I managed to sell of course but so far that was ok money terms. But I'm not happy over there and miss the UK. Its an extreme length to goto, to avoid paying bubble UK prices. Is the south east crashing? Don't know but I've sold up there, only a shared ownership half rent half buy so not mega bucks but I'm glad I'm shot of it and that rent. "When the last bear turns to a bull".... We have moved beyond that now here. I've lost faith, all the die hards have lost faith or bought. Nobody knows what is going on. Is that a sign when even the HPC site consensus doesn't think a crash is likely anymore. I've also never seen the media so pro a HPC crash , which makes me think its not happening, they don't normally before a crash. Glasgow is an interesting idea as long as the Scots accept an Englishman
  6. You have no idea what you are talking about. 17.4 million people did not vote for a ''soft " brexit or any other consistency of it. We voted to leave and that was that. Soft and hard was a term put about by those seeking to undo and frustrate Brexit. It's Brexit, it means leave the EU and that's that, that was the decision voted for, not any deal, we just voted to leave. If you want to call it a hard brexit then that's your problem but that was the democratic decision made in this historic vote.
  7. bear.getting.old

    Next General Election

    2022, May will resign in 2019 and we will have a new PM from within the Tory party
  8. If May doesn't change course then the DUP could pull the plug on May. I wouldn't blame them
  9. They will vote for a proper brexit with no deal, as there are enough brexiteers in all parties to pass it
  10. bear.getting.old

    FTSE down 2% reunion thread

    Its still a bull market, don't believe the doomsayers
  11. bear.getting.old

    Farage quits UKIP

    He did no such thing. He's very much still in the spotlight and still an MEP rattling the cages of Junker and the other cronies in Strasbourg.
  12. For this you need a US / UK recession and there is nothing in economic data pointing towards a recession in 2019
  13. bear.getting.old

    Tenant Advice Needed

    Of course you should pay the rent in full
  14. I'm not going to repeat the obvious. I suggest you use google. But you should have done this in 2016. Its a bit late to be researching this now.

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