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  1. I think there is some merit in landlords selling with tenants in situ. I wonder how many properties are vacant given that the landlord needs to issue a s.21 before they market the property. If that property then takes 3/4 months to find a buyer and another month for completion that is a lot of time empty. Multiply this across all sales of BTL properties and you have a significant number of rental months being taken out of the market. That reduction of supply must have some impact on price?
  2. You seem to be antagonistic towards me from your first post suggesting my son is thick - is this some sort of initiation ritual for newbies that I don't know about? .
  3. Surely this is true of any job that has a nationally negotiated wage scale - IIRC someone tried to challenge this but the unions went into meltdown?
  4. Frozen Out - not sure why I should bother to reply but here goes It is, and always has been a state school. Fees are 6k per year. We wanted a tutor. we were lucky to find one that could also do some 'life coaching'. He was born abroad. Studied in UK for some years. Was invited to the US for two years because of his sports achievements. Came back to UK and sat A levels. What part of that is inconsistent with any previous post? Think I will go back to lurking.
  5. Mr Xxx - yes, I think that is a large part of how we see it. You have put it well. Frozen Out - which 'shit' exactly am I making up???
  6. Agreed - but most people don't have unions telling us they 18 hours a day, 6 days a week. Was just asking, not necessarily stating an opinion.
  7. And to MrXxx - I agree, the time management stuff is extra support and not necessarily the responsibility of the school. The tutor was primarily for the academic side but we got lucky with this young man actually being what mine wants to become - hence it is a better mix and more relevant and inspirational than some crusty old maths teacher.
  8. Moving on from that - my main point was why are there so many teachers with so much spare time for tutoring when we are led to believe that they spend all the spare time planning and marking etc? (not that I blame them - for an extra £40-£50 per hour I would be free every evening as well!)
  9. To an extent you are correct - but only to the extent that there is an effective catchment selection criteria for any good school via the house price mechanism. Just because daddy's got money doesn't mean the kids are bright though!
  10. Yes, it is a state boarding school that has 'day boarders' (i.e. they start at 8am and can stay until 7pm) - however it is not selective - that would be a grammar school which we don't have in my neck of the woods. It is also free if you don't earn enough to pay the fees though I have no idea how they work that out e.g 40k per year income and 60k mortgage - poor and doesn't have to pay. 45k per year income and 2k per month rent - minted and can pay.
  11. Mr Xxx - Not entirely true. My son plays a sport at a national level and struggles to fit this in with his studies. He wants to go to the USA to continue his education with a sports scholarship. The student we have located has also played sport internationally. He has studied in the States for two years and was not born in the UK (we are using him as a language tutor) so he is not entirely a product of the current UK system. As well as the normal tuition he is providing motivation and also time management skills. And the league tables aren't everything. The school offers a whole load of
  12. Nope - some state schools are allowed to charge. I happen to live virtually next door to one of those. It is, however, a pretty good school. Fees for 2 kids is a large chunk of (after tax) cash
  13. I have just been looking for a tutor to help my son with his GCSE's (why the F I need to hire a tutor when I am paying £6,000 a year for him to attend a STATE school is an entirely different question!) Searching on a tutor hunt site there appear to be well over 100 teachers in a 7 mile radius that cover a wide number of subjects. Pretty much all of them state they are available 'any evening after 5pm' and any time at the weekend. Several that I contacted had 8-10 students working with them at the moment but had room for another. Perhaps these are just the organised ones? In the end I opted
  14. That's not a tree - just taking twigs to a new level!
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