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    House Prices And Mental Health

    Where has hech123 s post gone?Even though hech was probably a ministry of plenty plant, I do believe in free speach. Even if it's not what you want to hear, he or she has a right to their opinion.Well maybe not ,I couldnt give my opinions which were far more sound than many on mnet. What a messed up world eh
  2. roneik

    House Prices And Mental Health

    The economy is being stifled and held back by HPI . What a burden having a massive mortgage and in the back of your mind worry about technology taking your job. We are coming up to a stability budget and the rabbits pulled out of the hat may not be fluffy In fact the cuts to come could quite easily be the trigger mechanism for a crash. All that benefit money removed from the economy and probably tax credits could for many mean cant pay the mortgage. I sam suprised it's all held together for as long as it has. I do believe times are about to change soon
  3. Thats what annoys me about the system, anyone who has been through what you have should be getting enough help so that you are living at simular level to when you were working. Instead masses of people that play the system do all right.I know of a few that do very well even claim mortability allowance . Every now and then they forget to put on the disable show. Up ladders standing on porch roof. Laying under cars and pulling out beemer exhausts that weigh a hell of a lot.
  4. Give me a dysfunctional fckheads.any day better than being a souless number. I reckon I amust be a defdunk sometimes, but what the F'ck do I care
  5. I would sooner be in a room full of dysfunctional fckheads, than be back doing repetative work and night work. Lovely sunny day here walked the dogs miles early. Been cycling, and burning rubber off the wheels of my quick mini
  6. I had a mild stroke aged 47 , thats one of the reasons I got out. Not wanting to be specific but does not exclude you from working for yourself at your own hours and pace. Always have more than one feather in your cap .
  7. Call me crazy but we are in the new phase of untruth speak. Those that are in control, like Ian Douglas Smith at the ministry of plenty will be out with sound bites better than Saddam Hussiens war spokes person.Lets face it if food sales are dramatically down and food banks are feeding millions, there has to be some that are sceptical when they hear it's just chavs taking advantage.Also we are a prosperous nation, tell that to scores of millions on low pay
  8. Yes I do, when I was kid there was public assistance no social security as is now, and believe me they came to your house and after checking you had nothing of value to sell, they gave a few bob to tide over for a few days. It caused my mother to have a complete nervous breakdown.If the absent father worked even if awl , they would tell her to get money from him.My nan at the time was a widow and got so little in pension because not many stamps paid she lived on Lintels.She was so thin she looked like someone out of the Belson death camp. Yes I certainly think more so now it will go that way. Public opinion for those that are ok is in favour of cuts. Let's face it as an economy our true status is at the point, one big problem and it will be very messy
  9. roneik

    Rush To Buy

    Yeah but, no but lol the mumsnetters will calculating all that imaginary wealth. The will be dribbling and drooling so much threy might start wearing hoodies. Propagande the plates aint gonna spin much longer
  10. Crash monitor those are wise words "plan your escape early" work is not all it's cracked up to be. I got legless the first day I was a free man at 55. You only expierience freedom twice in a lifetime . Once when a child and then in the gods waiting room when you retire.
  11. I do apreciate that 12k for a couple in not a lot. I am single and on about 16k with state pension after tax, because I have no rent It is more than enough for me. Here in the north it's cheaper cost of living too. I was born in the south and the way it is now I am glad to be here. Housing is cheap too in decent areas if you know where to look
  12. At the time in 2000 you could buy a nice one bed house with garden and private parking brickweave stand for 30k in a good street, those same houses are now 100k. Tennats paying 100 quid a week rent. I know somebody that bought several amd now has a really nice guest house from the proceeds. Tennants have bought it all and sales proceeds. Whilst some may argue it's business I dont agree. We dont have the resources to allow multiple ownership. I am not a comunist but someone who believes everyone has the right to a decent home. Or a least a chance of getting one. The chance part is very imprtant in my world opportunity for all before greed
  13. Just to make a point about HPI and buy to let , I also got a lump sum, and could have if I had been prepared to have chop off my pension at 65 been in the position 2 buy 2 small properties in Suffolk and let one out. I have always been of the opinion that only one property per person unless a large tax is extracted to contain human greed in times of house shortages
  14. I cant understand that, as unless all your partners and your pension is being paid into one persons account there should be no tax to pay. From memory it's 10.5k before tax is taken. I was luck took early retirement at 55 before he who saved the worl got his mits on final salary pensions.I get a couple of hundred quid a week indexed linked. If I had worked till sixty five it would have been about 16k a year I decided that life is to short to work till that age and have enjoyed the freedom after doing night work for donkeys years As I have been drawing that since fifty five, I think I am getting my monies worth. I apreciate many will never enjoy the same. As I said earlier union power was the sole reason for my pension. Every 2 years they haggled hard and that's why I am pro unions Forget the ******** from the ministry of plenty, it's only a blunt agressive stand that works if you are up against p takers.

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