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  1. I live not too far from Fleet in Hampshire... It's an area full of 30 - 40 year olds who think they have money, but in truth they are maxed out on credit. I can see loads of asking price drops in the area. Looks like this one was a desperate seller: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-33361443.html 16/01/2015 - £865,000 03/02/2015 - £800,000 10/2/2015 - £795,000 25/02/2015 - £775,000 07/03/2015 - £750,000 It's currently showing as Sold STC... Still way to expensive in my opinion - But I think these price drops are a sign of things to come! Andy
  2. Hi All, I run a certain business which means I visit the same customers at their homes every X amount of weeks (I know what you've thinking, and no its not that type of business )... Anyway... Last week 4 of my customers informed me that they are moving... They are all well established owners having all lived in their homes for years and years and so each of them surprised me when they told me they are moving. Each of these houses have been sold for between £1m and £1.5m. The interesting thing is... They have all said that they are downsizing... I checked one of them out and they sold up for £1.2m and they are buying their next house for £750k. Something tells me that each one of them smells a housing crash, so they are selling up, buying somewhere slightly smaller and pocketing the cash. Has anyone else noticed anything similar? Andy
  3. It's because most "run of the mill" new builds are poorly built and horrible to look at! Andy
  4. Hi All, I'm a long time lurker on the forum, but this is my first post. Hello I can see a crash coming ever closer... We currently rent (me, wife and 3 kids)... Over the last couple of years I've been trying to sort our finances so that when the next price crash happens we can buy a family home to live in. However... I can't help thinking that if another bubble starts in years to come that naturally I would try to profit from it - after seeing what's happened this time round. Does anyone feel the same? Andy
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