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  1. “We had a black out in our village the other night. It it was a terrifying couple of hours until one of the villagers shot him.” boomer humour
  2. How much “growth” in the U.K. “economy” is accounted for by the black magick accounting trick known as “imputed rent”?
  3. No such thing as a good DEBTjunkie scumbag, they’re all vermin who would benefit from a touch of compulsory euthanasia bit like the difference between the good and the bad aids
  4. Yep there’s a certain haggered weathered run down look to Londoners. Defo look a bit dirty and tired to my measured eye
  5. Defo need to at least buy a train ticket (£200) and a hotel for a night (£195) in London so I can get a free meal. Or or buy a house (cool mill) free stuff is is free stuff at the end of the day, I got a NOSE for this sort of thing
  6. Gonna buy a million pound pad in London then learn how to use the internet!
  7. Free alcohol in London if you know how to use the Internet
  8. It’ll be nice for me and my family and millions of others.
  9. You need to chuck that infernal idiot box out Bruce it’ll turn you into a sour old git...
  10. What’s with the 2R sign off? Can see who you are by your post header regards Wig
  11. Just been texted the front page of the evening standard: BIGGEST HOUSE PRICE FALL FOR TEN YEARS
  12. Blame the Brexit racists and the flat earth nutters also I saw piss drinking yoga has made it to the MSM what the hell is happening
  13. New builds are the only thing joe pleb can “afford” ie they are told to go and take on a big old DEBTpile for one of these hellholes and the govt give em a cheeky interest free DEBTloan on top of their DEBTmortgage. all about the DEBT innit
  14. Eight months? I’d have just banged the rents up on the scumbag internet controlled lights and curtains after three months tops.
  15. Man up and get your own home ffs my mother actually said the words to me recently “if you ever get your own home” Its the great British disease imo if being a DEBTowner is important to you get on with it if not rent somewhere much nicer and go with the flow the rest is detail
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