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  1. simon49

    FTSE down 2% reunion thread

    It has the potential to be the big one, especially with a muddled brexit behind it.
  2. simon49

    Social housing - how would you do it?

    Instead of building more houses, there is an easier, quicker and cheaper way. Why not offer immigrants a fixed cash sum for vacating their house and returning, permanently to their home country. If you paid say £5000, that would be enough for them to buy a house in a lot of poorer countries. You cant build a house here for that ammount so it would be win win. There would have to be an end to freedom of movement first as the vacated house would just be let to other immigrants.
  3. simon49

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Poundland going to go soon, some suppliers are taking ther goods back apparently, which isn't a good sign.
  4. simon49

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Poundland wont be around for a lot longer, a good source tells me a lot of peoplecwont supply them now.
  5. simon49

    They just wont stop....

    I'm sure the stamp duty changes will give a sales to the sub £300,000 part of the market, but I wonder if it will have the opposite effect to houses priced at say £400,000, will it not drag the price down to the £300,000 level if things get desperate. Could the same thing not apply to a house priced at £600,000, dragging the price down to the £500,000 threshold. If the cheaper house have to compete with better properties heading downwards will they not head downwards too. Perhaps this could actually work in the opposite way to what was intended.
  6. simon49

    Petition to stop Help to Buy

    Signed, the countrys credit rating has just gone down another notch according to the news. Perhaps that will put an end to HTB.
  7. simon49

    The Gilts Thread

    The government loosening its grip on public sector pay, combined with the statement from the BOE has made investors think a rate rise, or series of them, is coming. I also believe it this time.
  8. Perhaps this is a more acceptable way of saying that wages are going to fall rapidly.
  9. The only way is down for agricultural land for the short term.
  10. simon49

    Farmland down over 10% from peak

    Agricultural land has started to fall considerably, from a peak of up to £10,000, to about 7 or £8,000 per acre. It has a lot more falling to do in my opinion. I paid over the odds in 1997 for a parcel of land at £4,000 per acre. I think in the not too distant future it will fall down to £3,000 per acre or maybe below. Cheap credit has ramped up land values in the same way it has for housing.
  11. I don't think that raising the minimum wage will help, as it will only push housing/ rents even higher. If they reduced all wages then the bubble would deflate itself.
  12. -0.2% in a month is good, but it needs to go much faster, like about 10 times faster otherwise I will die from old age before I can afford a decent house.
  13. Yes I agree totally with you on that. Giving the BoE the job of setting interest rates has caused the whole collapse of the country.
  14. I've watched a few films on the 1929 stock market crash, isn't that what happened then, the market dipped and all the wise money bought and then it crashed.
  15. A headline like that is always good to see, but the Express always does that with the weather, predicting the coldest winter on record last October, when in fact it was the mildest.

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