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  1. Phones are not expensive, really. Houses are expensive
  2. Anyone else wish small businessmen would just STFU? Seriously. You're not clever, you're not smart, you just own *a bit* more capital than your fellow man which allows you to employ them. No one I know can afford to start their own business. If they drop off the PAYE radar, their student loans and debts start rolling up.
  3. I agree with you that repeated and cynical market intervention is preventing a correction and price discovery emerging. It's ridiculous. Meanwhile, the everyday meme is that the housing market is one of the few free markets left. They don't see the state support for secured credit
  4. It is interesting isn't it! This thread has prompted me to go through my expenses. I still reckon the smartphone is a bargain for the use I get out of it, including now reading and contributing to HPC
  5. "Charles himself has said we could learn a lot about housing from the slums of Mumbai." Says it all really
  6. I'm gobsmacked. I don't run a car, but as far as I'm concerned a smartphone is an essential. I wouldn't know my way around London, couldn't stay in touch with my work or friends and family at all.
  7. Are you serious? A smartphone offers amazing functionality, there's no reason not to spend money on it. On my bus ride each morning, I listen to the radio, read a PDF document for a morning meeting, have my work emails synced to my inbox, stay in touch with my ageing boomer parents and also order my food from Tesco's for the weekend.
  8. I think that's the most depressing thing. Nothing gets built.
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