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  1. Such a situation would be glorious for us pro Scottish Independence types! Scotland keeping England in the EU against its will!
  2. If you are right about the English voting to stay in the EU then I would agree with you. If they vote to leave though, all bets are off.
  3. Yeah they are happy. They just took one small step closer to Independence. They can also be proud that they didn't take any s**t from the treasury what with them wanting to screw us for billions. This does nothing however to quench the thirst for Independence. If anything it show that we can get more powers by going down that route.
  4. Your joking right. We have gained the ability to set income tax levels, airport tax and now have full control over road signs. It is good news in the regard that we are one step closer to independence but it is pretty small beer. It certainly isn't enough for the 45% who voted Yes and I am sure there are many NO voters who will look at this and compare it to the promises given during the referendum and feel very short changed. These negotiations were also like getting blood from a stone. Westminster was happy to let the Scots be billions of pounds worse off in exchange for these measly powers. If it weren't for the SNP demanding that the no detriment clause of the Smith commission report be upheld we would have gotten shafted. You just know Scottish Labour or the Scottish Tories would have allowed Westminster to give us a bum deal if they were in charge. If you think this changes anything then you will be sorely disappointed.
  5. OK maybe not forever but Labour would need to replace every Scottish MSP before they will ever have another chance. They have zero talent and they are all tainted. Labour are done in Scotland for at least a decade. Probably 20 years.
  6. Even the unionist authors of the "Vow" are able to see right through the bull that Westminster are trying to get away with!
  7. Tomorrow is the deadline for agreeing the fiscal framework in regard to implementing the Smith Commission report. Seems extremely likely that a deal won't be done. That will mean the Smith Commission recommendations and the Vow will not have been met. Congratulations No voters. I doubt this matter of importance to the Union will merit much reporting now that the English referendum has gotten into full swing.
  8. This is what happened in Scotland. Too many people scared of change.
  9. I read somewhere that if England voted 53% to leave (or stay), it wouldn't matter which way any other country in the UK votes. Hows that for democracy! The vote in England would have to be very very close for the votes from the rest of the UK to matter. Stay or leave it makes no real odds to me. If England votes to leave and Scotland votes to stay, Scottish referendum time! If England votes to stay then I get to come here and rub it in, and we will still get another independence referendum, just a little bit further down the line. It's all good in the hood!
  10. There have already been plenty opinion polls carried out. The majority put Remain in the lead although Leave has been making some ground recently.
  11. Micheal Gove seems to support independence! Either that or he is a raging hypocrite! Probably the latter. “My starting point is simple. I believe that the decisions which govern all our lives, the laws we must all obey and the taxes we must all pay should be decided by people we choose and who we can throw out if we want change. If power is to be used wisely, if we are to avoid corruption and complacency in high office, then the public must have the right to change laws and Governments at election time. But our membership of the* Union prevents us being able to change huge swathes of law and stops us being able to choose who makes critical decisions which affect all our lives. Laws which govern citizens in this country are decided by politicians from other nations who we never elected and can’t throw out. The ability to choose who governs us, and the freedom to change laws we do not like, were secured for us in the past by radicals and liberals who took power from unaccountable elites and placed it in the hands of the people. But by leaving* we can take control. Indeed we can show the rest of Europe the way to flourish. Instead of grumbling and complaining about the things we can’t change and growing resentful and bitter, we can shape an optimistic, forward-looking and genuinely internationalist alternative. We can show leadership. Like the Americans who declared their independence and never looked back, we can become an exemplar of what an inclusive, open and innovative democracy can achieve. Are we really too small, too weak and too powerless to make a success of self-rule? This chance may never come again in our lifetimes, which is why I will be true to my principles and take the opportunity* to leave* and embrace a better future.” http://wingsoverscotland.com/we-agree-with-michael-gove/
  12. Your welcome. Please convince as many people as you can to leave (so long as they are not registered to vote in Scotland!)
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