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  1. That's reassuring, hope it is a widely held view amongst the judiciary as well. The sooner this is implemented and people actually see its effects the better as I think some BTL types might not be aware of its impact on their finances until the tax actually becomes due!
  2. So this is my biggest argument with this specific site, it is a bit group-thinky, to find out why we thought wrong back in 2009 I guess we need more BTL or home counties HPI posters. This forum assumes people are educated or are prepared to research their investments. However we need to be more humble and accept that we (me included) have been wrong for at least 6 years and counting (as land registry again is showing monthly increases) and people buying use alternative evidence. And when we are wrong perhaps we should consider using other evidence. My sister in law in 2009 went all on a London
  3. Link to BBC article with the fundamentally staggering quote "Overall the proportion of sales accounted for by Help to Buy is 40% and on some building sites it is reaching 70%," said Ray Boulger of John Charcol mortgages. Now two points given this is the equity loan and therefore ends in Wales and Scotland in 2016 are we going to see as much as an 70% reduction in new build houses being started in those locations? And secondly as this is going to carry on in England until 2020 at least (I think it will never be withdrawn unless a radical government comes to power) will we see a greater diverg
  4. And yesterdays results... house price > £299950 58.06% failed/reduced sales 18/31 house price > £200000 35.48% failed/reduced sales 11/31 house price > £15000 35.48% failed/reduced sales 11/31 Total of 43.01% Rightmove listings for 'Herefordshire' over last 7 days are reductions or fails 40/93 house price > £185000 40.98% failed/reduced sales 25/61 house price > £109950 42.62% failed/reduced sales 26/61 house price > £22000 45.16% failed/reduced sales 28/62 Total of 42.93% Rightmove listings for 'Northumberland' over last 7 days are reductions or fails 79/184 house p
  5. Sorry collected data last week but forgot to publish it. Grrrr been too busy. house price > £175000 39.26% failed/reduced sales 128/326 house price > £107500 42.94% failed/reduced sales 140/326 house price > £23000 43.60% failed/reduced sales 143/328 Total of 41.94% Rightmove listings for 'West Yorkshire' over last 7 days are reductions or fails 411/980 house price > £275000 51.92% failed/reduced sales 27/52 house price > £145000 34.62% failed/reduced sales 18/52 house price > £10000 38.89% failed/reduced sales 21/54 Total of 41.77% Rightmove listings for 'Isle of Wight' o
  6. Or sellers are completely bonkers and start off at stupid prices, as my Dad tells me "if I am selling something and someone offers the asking price then I have priced it too low" and vice versa for buying so I would expect in a capitalist system for nearly every asset to be reduced some time and certainly have a sale of less than asking price as buyers and sellers try to get the best deal for themselves. So I take all those other indexes including this one I compile with a pinch of salt, It's interesting as to show that some property is being reduced. However land registry is the only solid i
  7. This weeks picked up the discounts whilst seeing a decrease in supply. Perhaps last week was a half term blip. house price > £245000 45.45% failed/reduced sales 25/55 house price > £155000 45.45% failed/reduced sales 25/55 house price > £6000 46.43% failed/reduced sales 26/56 Total of 45.78% Rightmove listings for 'Isle of Wight' over last 7 days are reductions or fails 76/166 house price > £176995 38.97% failed/reduced sales 129/331 house price > £110000 46.53% failed/reduced sales 154/331 house price > £None 44.71% failed/reduced sales 148/331 Total of 43.40% Rightm
  8. Overall new properties are down too on virtually all areas. I also ran the script 6 hours earlier than usual (don't know if estate agents discount on a friday morning) as I wanted to see if Rightmove and property bee was quicker off peak at 3 AM (it wasn't!). One swallow doesn't make a summer and neither does one week of disappointing data during half term. If this is duplicated next week and the week after then I will be disappointed.
  9. Not going to like this result but a big decrease in reduced property this week. Perhaps early indication of market pickup i see no evidence of sellers being more realistic. Particularly note the southeast. house price > £300000 55.56% failed/reduced sales 15/27 house price > £189995 59.26% failed/reduced sales 16/27 house price > £67000 51.85% failed/reduced sales 14/27 Total of 55.56% Rightmove listings for 'Herefordshire' over last 7 days are reductions or fails 45/81 house price > £180000 40.43% failed/reduced sales 133/329 house price > £115000 39.82% failed/reduced sa
  10. This weeks results. I am really going to be brutal and remove new homes next week. Some of those are obviously not the same house with prices being adjusted up and down by up to 100K each week Anyway with no commentary here are the results. house price > £219950 48.91% failed/reduced sales 67/137 house price > £118500 44.53% failed/reduced sales 61/137 house price > £None 45.26% failed/reduced sales 62/137 Total of 46.23% Rightmove listings for 'Cumbria' over last 7 days are reductions or fails 190/411 house price > £199950 38.27% failed/reduced sales 31/81 house price >
  11. I guess when the land registry release the full figures which is usually at the end of the next month. The chap is usually pretty quick so within a few hours. The release time for this info is 9:30 on the 28th October 2015
  12. I should also say I don't search by price now (it is by date added) so those high listing places like surrey are more representative and ;less screwed towards the higher end.
  13. Right Todays results were interesting Less supply and I have included a few more. One of the properties in Hartfordshire breaks Property Bee so No Hartfordshire results this month. This is the first time I have seen it and indeed it seems to mess up rightmoves formatting too. Also alot of Nones as current price. These will be excluded in the next run since these are listed as POA's so cannot get a price from RM. Further notes I now count Price rises, these actually occur more often in london towns i.e. Brighton, Reading and Guildford so if a property sales falls through AND the price is incr
  14. A good day today here in the suffolk/cambridge border (custom rightmove drawn area) my search area today gave me 17/29 failed sales/reductions that is 58.6% I have never seen it this high before.
  15. New update with further thoughts. Sorry everyone it's been a long week with lots of other work to do and my crawler took much longer to execute than usual. The reason seems to be some increased supply a lot more properties. No changes to the criteria about deciding whether something should be counted or not. Rightmove also limits the number of results in a search to 1000 so if a search has more than this results then only the first 1000 - the number of silly results i.e. commercial properties or POA properties and SSTC which still (albeit rarely) gets in to the results even when specifically e
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