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  1. It is a new paradigm, my friends! Price can rise ad aeternum. Savers will pay for it
  2. Equity market will do great with the US/UK/EU QE. It is a great time to buy stocks like Foxtons which have lost value recently and are absolutely undervalued.
  3. TheCountOfNowhere, where can I see price reductions in RightMove.co.uk? I know in Zoopla you can see them on the side.
  4. I would buy 2, but I am not a greedy person. I just want to buy one flat not only as an speculative investment but also as a place to live.
  5. Forever HPI is a natural law, like gravity. Get your facts right. Well u know... worst case scenario my £400k 1-bed flat in kennington will just increase its value to £600k in 5 years' from now. I can spend £10k in some new IKEA cabinets for the kitchen, a new shower with Hansgrohe mixers and some fancy new wood flooring for the living and bedroom, and that would easily add up another £50k to the total value... so if I end up selling it for £650k it is a £240k profit in 5 years. Not too bad, don't you think? That is the the total catastrophic scenario. Still better than renting, and endi
  6. It looks like a bargain to me. You got a convenience store next door... that would add about +£200,000 in value to the house.
  7. So if I buy my £400k 1-bed in Kennington or Clapham today... how much do you think it will be worth under the NEW PARADIGM? I was thinking to sell it for £800-£1M in 2020. Will 1 million pounds be achievable in 5 years from now? Worst case scenario it is just a +£6,000 profit per month for 5 years. I think it is not bad. And I save the rent What do you think guys?
  8. I am a visionaire, and I am already talked about this in my thread: London is the new Dubai or new Hong Kong. You better it understand it sooner than later.
  9. You named it! Absolutely, don't have any doubt! Worried1, I think we are finally in the same vibe!
  10. There are more than 100,000 secondary residences in Paris for a population of 2 million So 22,000 for London is nothing! Sorry!!! You don't need to speak French; look at the numbers in central districts: 8e (Champs-Elysees), 4e (Marais)... http://www.slate.fr/story/84525/paris-logements-vacants-residences-secondaires Well it is very funny you talk about Ile St-Louis. My studio flat (which I expect to sell to buy a flamboyant flat in SE London ) is actually on that plan (but in the "mainland"). That part of Paris (the "Iles" - the other is where Notre-Dame is -, Marais - North - and L
  11. That it is. They are wrong. Beautiful house. I bet it will be on the market for £2.5M in a couple of years. It just more than doubled in 8 months. It is a new paradigm.
  12. worried1, it is a NEW PARADIGM Prices by 2020 are likely to double.
  13. You better understand it sooner than later. Have you seen the new apartments at Centre Point? 1-bedroom starting at £3.2M. £400k in Kennington is a bargain. It is a new paradigm, my friends.
  14. It very much depend on location/type of property. Had you bought in 2004 in Hackney, now you would have a very good profit. The reality is that most properties in London in 2014 are way more expensive than the previous peak of 2007. Those that are not are the exceptions. You get a good point, but where do you invest otherwise? If we are looking to a deflationary environment in Europe (including the UK), a 3% is not that bad. There are less and less places where an average investor can get good returns. And you are forgetting that if that flat doubles its price, that is a huge return if yo
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