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  1. I think there will bean economic boom during the summer but this confidence could lead to recovery interest rate rises and we all know what will happen to house prices then!
  2. So Rishi Sunak's property assests have rises by £110k last month! Looks like fraud to me.
  3. That was peebles, coincidental that you joined at the same time I've just checked and it looks like peebles joined in 2018 and my latest incarnation was in 2015. But it's got me thinking was I ever Hamish? Was he before your time Mr Count? Just as a balance I think its wrong that there is a VI as Chancellor. He's going to do everything in his power to keep his assets inflated! This is where its rigged atm. I don't post very often but I'd like to say he has done more damage than any of the previous idiot Chancellors. In 2005 I was predicting a massive hpc. I was so wrong. Now, I'd lov
  4. I've had more incarnations than Dr Who in the 16 years on this forum. If you're looking for another troll here, you've come to the wrong address!
  5. I bet others like me who have been on this site for 16 years and been so wrong about HPI, wished they'd taken out 40 year mortgages with zero buffer!
  6. LLT (Wales stamp duty) rise after 31 March is the cause. Check out the 2 nd home rise!
  7. I think deposits are more likely go uo to 20%+ once furlough is finished due to huge rise in unemployment?
  8. @Twenty Somethinga great post. 2005 was when I joined. You must be nearly 40 Something now?
  9. Found out the local EA's are royally pee'd off with help to buy new builds skewering the market. Advertised at 400k, houses are worth 350k but have 50k worth of 'extras' to bring the price up. This must be happening countrywide? When there is a correction there will be a huge impact on the value of these new builds? it must be bad for the EA's to be angry!
  10. Oops, I hope I haven't given the government any ideas? 80 year compulsory mortgages for 1st time buyers. That might stimulate the market?
  11. This question answers my question as to why house prices have risen in the last few years? 40 year mortgage? It would be cheaper to get an 80 year mortgage. Problem then being the 275k house will become a 350k house because of the affordability of the mortgage. To answer the op, your figures fly out of the window when interest rates rise.
  12. 15 Millars Well Ledbury. I hope whoever bought this place had a survey before they paid! I viewed it 5 years ago and was told by the agent there was a well under the lougue floor! Was on @210k at the time.
  13. I started collecting 70's and 80's tech around 10 years ago. Mint, boxed Sinclair Spectrums, James Bond edition early PC's. That kind of thing. All stuff I thought would be of interest to coming generations. My best buy so far is the 1st Sony Walkmans (1979) of which I bought 3. Paid around £50-£100 all with original boxes in unused condition. Worth quite a bit now but the secret is selling at the right time. Same as most things bought as an investment?
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