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  1. Erm, why is this thread not on fire? UK Immigration officers are asking Abramovich to explain where his wealth comes from. ABRAMOVICH for god sake. This is huge. His assets in the UK could be seized. I doubt it would ever get there but the threat in itself will send shockwaves through oligarchical circles - not just in Russia. This is the death of London as a safe haven for dirty money.
  2. This is all shaping up rather nicely. VIX is through the roof. Dow futures down by 550. And yes, crypto-insanity it is. The new Fed guy has his work cut out. To me the the big question is whether or not they can keep the lid on a gold price explosion. Surely this is what the Russians and Chinese have been gearing up to since 2008. Both cultures are known for their patience but perhaps it's finally running out. Watch gold today. If it breaks out the game is on!!!!
  3. Dow is down by 4.60% in a single day. VIX is hitting into levels not seen for years. Cryptos are going wild. All eyes on Nikkei. This is turning into puke fest. Is IT happening?
  4. Ok everyone. Here is a good one to track. In October this year, a 1 bedroom flat in the Gibson Gardens complex in N16 sold for £410k. At 426 square feet, that translates to £962 per square foot. That is an absolutely insane price per square foot for that part of town. Either that flat was lined with gold coins or steam is evaporating from the market very quickly. Now they are advertising TWO bedrooms in that complex for £425k. At 474 square feet, that translates to £896 per square foot. That is if course still an insanely high price. Also, it's ASKING price so sold price will be quite a lot lower. Check out the property here Gibson Gardens, London http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-62203996.html Per square foot we are talking about a hefty fall of a minimum of 6.8% (pending on final sold price) in just a couple of months. I reckon early 2018 will be a bloodbath of EAs.
  5. The rate of change is so consistent and so aggressively going south that I reckon that quite a lot of people out there are, quite literally, shitting themselves.
  6. Shit is getting real in K&S. A fall of 6.5% in asking prices in a single month according to Rightmove. Average time to sell also significantly over the same time last year (68 days versus 56 days). Happy days.
  7. The proportion of properties already on the market that have reduced their price is the highest at this time of year for seven years: 43% of sellers who are still looking for a buyer have dropped their asking prices, with the average reduction of 6.7% indicating some initial over-optimism and a tougher market http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/house-price-index/
  8. London now -2.4% year on year. Check out the chart on page 14. It's beautiful. http://www.acadata.co.uk/LSL Acadata E&W HPI News Release October 17.pdf
  9. Anyone know when the next LSL Acadata report is coming out? Last time I checked the graph for year on year HPI was going negative for London.
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