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  1. Ha. Or until somebody realises you have a pretty smart home on wheels and nicks it!!
  2. I just saw this post. Not sure if it is too late or not but I am thinking about buying some gold sovereigns. I came across a company called 'Sovereign Investments' and was thinking of buying from them because their prices are about £5 better than anyone else. Their buy back prices are also pretty good. Today you could get £194 per Elizabeth sovereign. Have a look... www.sovereigninvestments.co.uk/buy-and-sell-gold-coins.html Let me know how you get on welling them!!
  3. I'm looking to buy some gold sovereign coins. Has anyone ever heard of or used Sovereign Investments...?! They are a UK based company. I have found a few reviews about them online but not many. Their prices look very good. Or if anyone knows of any other gold dealers that sell gold sovereigns at a similar or better price, that would be great. Thank you.
  4. From an article on the Daily Mail website... "Despite the cabin weighing four tons, no planning permission was required as the structure is classed as a caravan and is sited at the end of a caravan park".
  5. This reminds me of Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home on Channel 4. I recall that was a 'temporary structure' which he declared to the nation did not require planning approval as it was technically on wheels.
  6. I have found this thread really interesting and helpful. Thanks all who posted in it
  7. Thanks Wurzel. I will certainly do so when I have the final plan ready. Thank you for taking an interest. Do you have a link to the previous person who asked about buy to let? Thanks
  8. brixnmorta - Have you paid off any mortgage you have on your buy to let property? If so, well done!! I'm looking into buying my first buy to let property.
  9. Is commodities a good area to invest generally or just for Russians...?
  10. Sounds like they must have had a really bad experience. I was a tenant once upon a time - and hopefully a good tenant! I think the only issue we ever caused was when my wife slipped in the shower one day and cracked the shower screen. I spoke to the Landlord and they were mostly concerned if my wife was ok. When we got down to the nitty gritty of it, the Landlord said he had been thinking of putting a better screen in anyway, he put a better screen in and we split the cost 50/50. He was happy, I was happy. Sounds like things have changed a lot since then... :/
  11. Thank you for the suggestion 'long time lurking'. Nice name too btw 'renting til I die' you sound like the perfect tenant Seriously though, I was renting property until I was in my mid 30's. I thought I would never be able to buy. But thankfully now I am near retirement age and there's not many places I trust putting my money these days. Despite the property price crashes of recent, it still seems like one of the safest options. I don't fancy the idea of working til I die!!
  12. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is bliss. I'm stuck in the middle...
  13. Good afternoon All, First post so go easy. I am seriously considering the possibility of buying a property to let - as an investments for the future. I have absolutely no experience in this area. I have done plenty of reading up on the subject but what I would really like to hear are the experiences and tips etc of people who have done it before. Anything you wish to share, no matter how big or small would be great. Thank you!!
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