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  1. Because i can only work 60-90 days a year due to being a single parent and even if i could work more saving 50k throught manual labour is a very hard thing to do. What i wnt is priced around 250k at the moment, prior to HTB2 it was around 210k and falling, i would have bought in 2014 if prices had continued falling but in hindsight its proved to be a bad decision, though i hope this will change after May..
  2. With QE and 0.5 ones ability to get credit still seems the best way to wealth. My job as an estate agent led me to working on a drill ship in Tanzania the last few weeks, working 30 metres up in the air off a crane under the drill floor for whats deemed a lot of money certainly doesnt get me very far in life.
  3. The Japanese had been doing their own version of QE long before our crash to prop up their banking system and over indebted.
  4. Surprised one of the main posters hasn't been along to call you an estate agent for saying prices are going above asking price.
  5. My equilibrium position is i want a fckn 3 bed detached house around 90m2 to live in for around 200k in Hampshire. (which is about 50K overpriced) But my simple comment sums many on this site up, i mentioned debate with opposing views and i get the usual Estate agent nonsense.
  6. Why would i be an estate agent when my day rate doing my current job pays more in a day then they get in a week? Oh yes im so anti HPC, i just love the thought of spending 250K on a 3 bed terraced property. So much so that i've had to hold off for 10 years to do so. Sums up your inability to reason when all you want is to debate with people who cheer you on.
  7. You wont be able to see the race wars from there though.
  8. Whilst i wish that person nothing but misery, healthy debate is a good thing. As lets be honest i've read several comments from folk who didnt buy pre 2005 or in the dip due to advice on here and they wish they did. Not one person from HPC predicted the lengths the state would go to, to protect and reinflate the bubble.
  9. Trouble with this site is it doesn't allow anyone with opposing views on here. Instantly labelled an estate agent etc.. when lets be honest prices havent crashed since 2003 when they should have with the exception of a dip in 08/09 before the props went up.
  10. £9 million more than the nearest priced property in the area. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?originalIncode=&outcode=&incode=&country=england&locality=&buildType=1&propertyType=0&landRegTenureType=ANY&year=30&radius=0.0&sortOrder=descending&locationIdentifier=REGION%5E9622&referrer=detailPage&columnToSort=PRICE_DESC And £5million more than any property in the New Forest has ever sold for. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?country=england&locationIdentifier=REGION%5E91999&searchLocation=New+Forest&columnToSort=PRICE_DESC&referrer=listChangeCriteria Fck me i should be a journalist as ive a full 2 minutes to spare for my research.
  11. Surely you'll be better off waiting until after March and seeing what happens.
  12. Pathetic, a nation that lets in 250,000 people a year, where most under 40s are priced out and thats all the building the state allows. Upper echelon public sector heads on sticks is what is needed.
  13. Maybe that fine totty plays hard to get, that'd make them unhappy.
  14. Exactly i'd imagine the wealthy and corrupt of the region sleep better at night with their money in Singaporean banks and property than in their own country.
  15. They seem to have a disproportionately high amount of beautiful women there. But here are several other reason. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24428567
  16. I'm in Borehamwood for a couple of days, yesterday i walked past an estate agency and £450,000 gets you some not very nice looking semi, if this is a HPC crash i'm not too sure why i bothered signing up.
  17. What about when the corrupt murdering King of Thailand dies and the place gets ripped apart by civil war?
  18. Hyperinflation is close to writing off debt, it looks to me as if that's the goal. The MSM are today calling low inflation; deflation or negative inflation ... Orwell would be proud to see his work used as a guidebook.
  19. I'd gladly give up work the next 2 years for a HPC.
  20. I think that is very close to how it will play out in the long run.
  21. £250K for a 90m2 3 bed detached house in my search are seems well over priced, especially when i could have got it for 200K in 2011 - 2013. I know how hard it is to save well into 6 figures and having to save another 60/70/80K more to buy such a place is just too tiring for me. But when people tell me prices are crashing i am 100% sure that this isnt the case for me. Fck London its full of to55ers from the Home Counties who used to get bullied at school whom now think they're great because they've got a daft haircut and walk home in areas that frighten them.
  22. The crash involves prices rising for me, so its non existent except in the minds of a few on HPC website.
  23. At the end of the day landlords are just playing the game in accordance with the rules set by the LIBLABCON. So whilst many may be arrogant parasitic scum theyre just doing what is best for themselves. I blame the fukwits who continue to vote LIBLABCON.
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