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  1. Thanks guys. I am aware of the fact that it is not easy. But these dodgy landlords have to be stopped. They steal money too easily. Further advice and/or similar situations are welcomed. Thanks
  2. How did the claim go? I'm in the same situation...
  3. Hi guys, how did the claim go? I am in the same situation, and about to go to court. Thanks!!
  4. Hi all, I am about to go to court to get back the last part of my deposit from my previous landlord. Moreover he did not protect it! These are few clarifications I need before proceeding: - As the claim will be about getting back the outstanding part + deposit not protected, MCOL said the online claim is not appropriate in this instance. It is true? - In my case is the N 208 the best form? Shelter says it is. I read that most of county courts accept N 1. As I am claiming firstly the outstanding part of the deposit, is the N 1 the appropriate one? - The law says there is the possibility to have up to 3 times the amount of the deposit if it is proved that the landlord has not protected the deposit using a valid TDP. What amount I should claim? £ 3,000 each anyway? The fact that we are waiting for the last part of the deposit (£ 270 only) can be an issue? Thanks!!
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