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  1. Thats a gen 4 Celica 2000cc,your mate had a Supra they were 3.0 ( Im a Celica nut,have a 1990 import still going strong!!)
  2. Oh and dont forget when you hand the PCP back a man comes out with a clipboard and writes down all the little scuffs and dings on it,you then get whacked with repairing those,had a mate with a PCP car,it was cheaper for him to take it to a cash paint sprayer and hand the car back in than pay for a main dealer VAT job! If I saw someone in a 20-30k car 20 years ago Id think,hes doing well,fast forward to now I think "you dont own that, you lease it" hate smug muppets driving cars they dont own
  3. Yep agree Ive got a 2001 Yaris,had it 3 years paid £1200 for it,never costs more than £150.00 to get it MOT'ed inc the price of the ticket,if you want to buy a cheap and cheerful and be cheerful!! buy Toyota,seen some yaris;s with 180k on the clock mine has 70K so should last me.
  4. Oh and yes ive been to Leysdown, very good if your into bare knuckle fighting
  5. Know someone who ended up in one,they split up,walked away after the house sale 60K up after owning a house since the early 80's (kept mewing) !!! all he could afford or get as 59 years old,either that or a bedsit,Jeez
  6. Not over stretched at all, hate debt and the stress it causes, lucky to be 46 and started in 1991!,TBH Landlords I deal with are arrogant over levereraged twats,but I make very good money out of them as they are also lazy!
  7. I only deal with LL's really,they never do there own work,they rent a place out riddled with grumbles,the place gets rented then a long list rolls in from the tenant with the problems the owners know about,I then pop in and fix them,the worst LL are the ones who live overseas,they think its acceptable to pay me 2-4 months late for work,I now charge them an overseas LL tax (I hike the job 20%) went to a job the other week, tenant with no fridge freezer for a week as the LL was faffing,I turn up,tenant says "he lives in Hong Kong" and it takes days for the agent to get hold of him I hit him for a 20% tax and true to an overseas LL he paid me 2 months late!
  8. I know of a copper who came out of the pension so he could continue to finance a lifestyle that he cannot afford,the £300 ish quid he now does not put away is now going on the payments of a prestige car,cant wait to see what happens when he is 60!! he already got 40K of unsecured debt!!
  9. As some of you may know Im a handyman (as well as a LL grrrrrr!) and 90% of my work comes though letting agencies .Im seeing an increasing amount of landlords selling as new rules with water testing,smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are filtering down and costing them,Im doing more and more light refurbs to sell the property rather than paint one room and re let it ,the general feel is its going to get a lot harder to rent properties,the next 18 months will be interesting!
  10. Id go premium bonds 30k each, the rest in banksI just got a rate of 1.5% instant at the mo,spread it around,then look to buy,Devon is full of people from your neck of the woods,I STR in 2007 and came here from SE London, anything tasty/with potential is strong money,if your over 45 buy it doesnt really matter weather it goes up or down really if your cash, remember if you rent after 6 months your only ever on "an 8 week wonder" trust me, been there,I bought in 2012 very good year to buy everything at the moment strong,perhaps wait a year and see,who knows, when you got the Govt cooking the books who knows!! although they are aware of the growing young renters and need their votes!!
  11. All that will happen is houses will go down by the amount of the extra SD, as most landlords are in the upto the £200k bracket,they will just be a little better a getting a deal,2nd home owners are genarally minted so it may nor fuss them,in Jan I saved a grand on stamp duty cos they changed the banding,that also didnt cause a stampede to buy
  12. In 1933 they wernt killing,but making up laws/rules to inhibit the Jews runing their businesses,that was my comparison dear,Ive also been a Tenant from Feb 2008 to May 2012,with a twatt for a landlord.
  13. If you want a cheapie that will last buy Jap,Ive got a 24 year old Celica, on a classic car policy, still going strong,I used to sell cars, seem em all, Jap wins hands down.
  14. Arnt most of the cars on the road lease/HP etc,I know a car trader,all his cars are sold on credit,Il stick with my 01 yaris for a grand 2 years motoring so far and only spend £250 on service parts to date. Leave the smug Beema merc drivers chucking money down the drain every month,then after 3 years you hand the car back and the man spends an hour with a clip board and pen scrutinising every panel on it to take you for more money! My dad worked out how much he had spent on cars in his life.... £75k,and what was his last car? a crappy Vauxhall omega I sold for £600.00 he paid £6k for it 4 years prior,worst thing you can spend on.
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